Why not fly with Austrian Airlines to London? London is located in the United Kingdom, and is the capital of Europe. It is also the largest urban zone in the European Union. This place offers a great night life and plenty of fun family-oriented activities to do during the day. London hosts many different world famous restaurants and great places to grab a drink. More than 300 languages are spoken in London. Obviously, this place is culturally diverse, which makes it perfect for vacation. Transportation varies from the bus system to the underground railway, which is the world's oldest. The town's urban part offers a beautiful cityscape and plenty of history. If you enjoy the finer things in life, perhaps London should be your next stop.

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Sights in London
Tower of London
Here's a short who's who of noble prisoners: Edward V was here because his uncle wanted the throne. Anne Boleyn was here because of high treason, just as Catherine Howard. Jane Grey and Maria I. fought for the throne - Jane Grey lost the fight, was imprisoned and lost her head on the scaffold. Elisabeth I was also accused of high treason, however, got free and took over the throne.   Later, Henry Oldenbrug was imprisoned here for dangerous endeavours; and also the only American - Henry Laurens - was here, and much later on Josef Jakobs as well. Accused of espionage, the latter was the last candidate on death row in 1941. However, the nobles were not only killed in the Tower of London. Many lived there as well, at least up to the 17th century. Later, the kings and queens moved out and the armoury, the crown jewels and a few lions moved in - a birthday gift, so to speak, with warmest wishes. Conclusion: The Tower of London is a neat potpourri of what life is made up: life, death and diamonds.
Marble Hill Park


Stay in London
The American Thompson Hotels expand into Europe. Their first overseas subsidiary, the Belgraves, landed at the beginning of February in London - with 85 rooms in the heart of Knightsbridge and adapted to the sedate British ambience. But the boutique hotel doesn't go completely without Bohemian style - given its parent company. Purple sofas and walk-in showers give hope. Like the LCD flat screens and iHome docking stations.   By tradition you bath in marble bath tubs and cover yourself with custom-made linen from luxury provider Sferra. Responsible for these exclusivities were interior designer Tara Bernerd and EPR Architects.   In the kitchen the Brit Mark Hix takes the reins. His Hix restaurant and his Mark's Bar already range among the fashion hotspots in town. That proves quite convenient since it's only a short hop to Kings Road and Sloane Street.
Hazlitt?s Hotel
The Soho Hotel


Eat in London
For your orientation: Samarkand is located to the right of the Caspian Sea, to the left of China and right in the middle of the Silk Road.  The surroundings of the city are teeming with "stans", namely Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tadzhikistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan - and Uzbekistan, the country to which the city of Samarkand belongs.   If you are looking for the right "end" in London, you should in any case pop in the brand-new Samarqand, the branch of a recently opened Russian restaurant chain highly acclaimed by critics. Why? Because it is different: not quite Chinese and noodles, not quite Russian and heavy, but somewhere in between, on the Silk Road to be exact. If you are hungry and not keen on experiments, rely on the old friends: There is lamb and Borscht - you can't do anything wrong with it.   And if you still haven't found the right pasta, we recommend ravioli - same name for it from Europe to Korea and same taste, too. Uzbekistan calls them Samsa and at the Samarqand Samsa is served with mint, lamb and tsatsiki. Just one more word to how the restaurant works: Business is up front, Karaoke in the backroom. If you combine both, you have earned yourself a water pipe in the lounge.
The Collection


Shopping in London
Vivienne Westwood
Vivienne Westwood has always been keen on what is contrary: When the hippies were in, she dedicated her designs to Elvis Presley. When shoulder pads were in, she highlighted the hip. When the heroin chic was in, she revived the rococo. Even today she still doesn't give a damn about traditions, designing fashion that is as opulent as it is eccentric, as unusual as unwearable.   Vivienne Westwood's credo is anti: anti-establishment, non-conformism and anti-fashion. Despite or because of it she has been nominated one of the six major fashion designers of our time. And justly so, because her fashion is art and statement at the same time, a political manifesto, so to speak, to be hung in your wardrobe.   Her numerous shops all over the world display her radical chic. You can also touch it at Mayfair's, her flagship store. There, the shop assistants are as cynical as Westwood's style, but the shop is worth a visit anyway for the sake of its dramatic interior, its exclusive clientele and of course, for its couture. While you won't be able to afford or wear it, you can at least have a close look at it.
Camden Markets
My Sugarland

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