Why not fly with Austrian Airlines to London? London is located in the United Kingdom, and is the capital of Europe. It is also the largest urban zone in the European Union. This place offers a great night life and plenty of fun family-oriented activities to do during the day. London hosts many different world famous restaurants and great places to grab a drink. More than 300 languages are spoken in London. Obviously, this place is culturally diverse, which makes it perfect for vacation. Transportation varies from the bus system to the underground railway, which is the world's oldest. The town's urban part offers a beautiful cityscape and plenty of history. If you enjoy the finer things in life, perhaps London should be your next stop.

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STAY in London

Stay in London
No. 11 London

What's the Private Members Club all about? Come on in and find out. The No.11 is not only a luxurious boutique hotel but also a private club. That, of course, leads to questions. Private, after all, can mean a lot: Escape from a nagging wife or sherry in front of the fireplace, or both.   If you are curious now you won't be disappointed at the entrance: While the red heavy velvet curtains and the matching wallpapers are suspicious in the beginning, you will soon find out that visitors who register here will not be offered pole-dancing but limitless admission to the spa and gym. The club also stages wine tastings regularly here, or you can just hang out the noble way - so it's sherry in front of the fireside anyway and none of the notorious establishments. That would be strange anyway as rooms cost more than the usual hourly hotel.   Exquisite fabrics, noble canopy beds and luxury toiletries add up to create an unparalleled all-out Victorian atmosphere. Ancient English charm reigns supreme here everywhere: You get the noble variants of sausage, bacon and eggs in the morning, Earl Grey at the salon in the afternoon and a sandwich at the bar in the evening. But they will offer the private variant as well: If you feel like it you can also book a Private Dining. Double rooms from approx. 200 Euros per night.

The Stafford
Durley House

EAT in London

Eat in London

The former showroom for luxury limousines runs smoothly again today. In 2003 the Wolseley opened its doors to illustrious guests with a blend of high ceilings and expensive food. If you are keen on silver tableware and arrogant waitresses, they send you to Vienna - or to the Wolseley, where the goulash comes from Hungary, the salad from Nice and the guests from Planet Young and Beautiful.   If you are lucky, you are rubbing shoulders with some London celeb. If you are not so lucky, you might be underdressed and they seat you at a corner table close to the toilet. As compensation the menu is overpriced. Even when called Arnold Bennet, an omelette should not cost 10 pounds. Salad for 16 pounds is not made of gold (but fitting the price for gold) and Beluga Caviar for 125 pounds is still only made from fish eggs.   If you, however, don't mind the exaggerated prices, you should come here for the ambience's sake in any case. The chandeliers, the black pillars and golden ornaments perfectly match breakfast with croissant and coffee à la Mozart. If you miss what is typically English, you should stay until 5 o'clock tea is served.

Harwood Arms

SIGHTS in London

Sights in London

A cold period, a lot of dirt and a Giant Ferris Wheel: the Thames has seen a lot. In the 17th century the Thames was frozen most of the time and people went ice-curling and sledging on it. With the onset of the thaw period the focus shifted onto coal: The 18th century marked the era of trade ships, providing the Empire with coal and wealth. But doom was inevitable: The biggest maritime disaster in English history happened here as well, when a pleasure boat collided with a cargo ship and 640 people died. The river was in a bad shape back then: Due to misrouted sewage even the Parliament hat to move out because Westminster - and the whole town - was reeking. Today, when sewers and filter systems get rid of the dirt, the Thames is one of the cleanest rivers once again.   And probably the whale that got lost in it in 2006 thought the same - even if he didn't find the way back to the sea again anyway. You see: A walk along the Thames is worthwhile. It's not just any river but one that defied the cold, the dirt and an inconvincible whale. And the buildings on its banks - Big Ben, the Palace of Westminster or London Eye - are quite nice as well.

Tower of London
Buckingham Palace

SHOPPING in London

Shopping in London
Other Criteria

We recommend the Other Criteria to all those that get hysterical when hearing the word "limited edition": The store is a bonanza for limits, something in between gallery plus fashion or design store plus photos. You'll find works by Damien Hirst and Phillip Allen on the walls, and T-shirts with prints by Ghada Amer or Tracey Emin on the coat hooks. And what can't be printed on a T-shirt or hung on a wall you'll find in between two book covers: You can also buy books on art.   Many items are unique and autographed which pushes up prices quite a bit. Vases by Eduardo Sarabia cost more than 7,000 pounds and are too fragile as a souvenir. But you can wear the bracelet by Damien Hirst for 17,000 pounds on your wrist - it won't cause excess luggage when you are departing. Bath towels by Peter Doig or Jeff Koons for 60 pounds are somewhat cheaper. True art connoisseurs won't do without them on the beach.   One thing for sure: You need to pop in here soon again because new limited editions, new unique items and other autographs are waiting to make your collection complete.

Camden Markets