Accessible travel

We have compiled all the essential information about accessible travel with Austrian on the pages below. Find out more about our services for passengers with restricted mobility or sensory perception.

Woman in a wheelchair with Austrian flight attendant at the airport

Mobility is a fundamental right

We have developed a range of special services for people with disabilities and passengers requiring assistance to comply with EU Regulation 1107/06 regarding the rights of disabled passengers and those with restricted mobility when travelling by air.
Our service package for passengers with restricted mobility or sensory perception on direct flights to or from the USA has also been designed to be compatible with regulation 14 CFR DOT382.

This is how to book your flight

Please book your flight no later than 48 hours before departure and let us know what type of support you require so that we can tailor your individual service package to you.
Passengers with impaired sensory perception or physical impairment cannot select any seat in some rows for flight safety reasons (for example next to the emergency exit). Some aisle seats are equipped with foldable armrests – please inquire about these seats when booking.

In writing by email or fax

Download and complete our form, and arrange for it to be signed by your doctor, where necessary.
Then send it by fax to +43 5 1766 51043 or by email.

By telephone

Book via the Service Centre. Please inform our call centre staff about any special needs.

Passengers with a wheelchair

When taking your own wheelchair please specify its dimensions, weight and any special features (for example is it foldable, not foldable, a sports wheelchair, e-wheelchair, etc.). Carrying up to two mobility aids per passenger with restricted mobility (wheelchair, crutches or any other type of walking aid) is free of charge with Austrian Airlines.

You can use your foldable wheelchair right up to the departure gate. Your wheelchair will be given a “Delivery at aircraft” bag tag at check-in. It is loaded directly at the aircraft.
Electric or battery-powered wheelchairs are excluded from this regulation for safety reasons.

There are different carriage options for passengers with restricted mobility – depending on local conditions. You may have to change wheelchair to get from the airport to the aircraft.
Please note that step-free boarding/exit from the aircraft cannot be guaranteed at all airports that we serve.

When you arrive at your destination airport, you will receive your wheelchair immediately after disembarkation or on the baggage carousel.
There may be a slight wait in retrieving your wheelchair at busy times. The local airport wheelchair service will be waiting for you on arrival of the aircraft and will assist you on your way.

Please note

In order to guarantee a smooth process, we require the following information in particular when you apply by telephone:

Degree of mobility restriction

Please let us know in advance to what degree you are restricted in your freedom of movement. Three international wheelchair classifications will help you classify the level of your disability correctly.

Wheelchair categoryDescription
WCHS – wheelchair stepsThe passenger cannot climb stairs, but can walk short distances on foot.
WCHR – wheelchair rampThe passenger only needs the wheelchair to cover longer distances on foot; he/she can climb stairs independently.
WCHC – wheelchair cabin seatThe passenger always needs a wheelchair and cannot move in the cabin without external help – passenger will bring their own wheelchair.

Weight and dimensions

There are maximum dimensions and weights on some short and medium-haul flights. If your wheelchair exceeds the following figures, please inform our staff in the Service Centre of your exact flight connection.

  • Dimensions: max. 130 x 85 x 70 cm
  • Weight: max. 80 kg

Type of battery with battery-powered wheelchairs

If you are travelling with a battery-powered wheelchair, please send us information about the battery type used no later than 48 hours before departure. We will check whether it complies with the regulations for hazardous goods.

Battery typeProcedure
Leak-proof gel and dry batteriesThe batteries can remain in the wheelchair, but must be packed securely to prevent short circuits.
Leak-proof wet batteriesSpecial packaging criteria apply here for safety reasons. Always agree carriage with us in good time.
Lithium ion batteriesPlease send us the relevant safety data sheet from the battery manufacturer.

Passengers with impaired sensory perception

There are no restrictions on our flights for passengers with impaired hearing or sight. You can travel without a medical certificate.
The assistance service for blind and partially sighted passengers is provided free of charge.
If you need help at the airport, our ground staff will be happy to help you.

Passengers with hearing impairment or loss of hearing

Please provide us with this information during booking so that we can pass on the information – in particular to our staff on board.

Assistance dogs and therapy animals

We carry assistance dogs in the passenger cabin free of charge. For treatment purposes, we also carry dogs in the passenger cabin on our direct flights from/to the USA, including feeder and onward flights free of charge.

Handicapped equipment on board

The majority of our long-distance aircraft and our Airbus fleet are equipped with disabled toilets. On Boeing 777 and 767 aircraft an onboard wheelchair is available as standard so that you can visit the toilet easily.

If you let us know at least 48 hours before departure, we can also provide you with an onboard wheelchair on our other aircraft.

Our cabin staff will be happy to help:

  • when preparing food
  • when using the "onboard wheelchair" to access the toilet
  • for people with restricted mobility to access the toilet
  • when stowing hand luggage and aids
  • with communication for passengers who have restricted sight or hearing

Do you need further support in addition to this? You then need a companion who must be at least 18 years old.

Accompanying persons

In some cases, it will be necessary to take a companion with you on your flight.

You need a companion:

  • if you do not understand the safety instructions from our cabin crew.
  • if you cannot help yourself in the event of evacuation.
  • if you need assistance such as eating or using the toilet.


Do you have any questions or require support? You can contact our Special Cases Desk by email to or by fax to +43 5 1766 51043.

Do you have any questions?