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Located high in the Austrian Alps, Innsbruck is the capital city of the region of Tyrol. You can fly with Austrian Airlines and explore this scenic tourist destination. Innsbruck is a beautiful city of over 100,000 residents surrounded by mountains and an amazing landscape. The city offers a variety of ski slopes such as Tulfes, Mutters, Igls and Hungerburg providing an abundance of alpine sporting opportunities. Skiers and snowboarders are attracted to Innsbruck from far and wide. The city itself also has a lot to offer to visitors. Innsbrucks attractions are mainly concentrated around the precinct of 'Altstadt' (old town) and include the home of Ferdinand II and 'Hofburg' the Imperial Palace. The large student population combined with a large number of skiers visiting Innsbruck provide for a lively and fun atmosphere.


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Worth knowing

  • Currency: Euro (EUR)
  • Language: German
  • Capital: Vienna
  • Austrian flight destination: Linz, Graz, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt
  • Innsbruck Airport (INN): The airport is located 5 km (3 miles) to the west of Innsbruck.
  • Address: Fürstenweg 180, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria
  • Telephone: (43)(512) 225 250
  • Airport Innsbruck

Timetable Innsbruck

  • to INN
  • from INN

10:40 +1
1 Stop
travel duration: 11:00

Where to eat in Innsbruck

Where to eat in Innsbruck
Papa Jolly's
The great thing about small cities is that the public get together more and you often see a managing director at the bar with the local rastafari. All the big cities are full of little niches, which the people rarely come out of, but in Innsbruck the people come together. And that's how it is in Papa Jolly's, where families, business men and IT students from the Uni across the road all come together.   And the furnishings are as coloured and varied as the clientele. The chairs are yellow, the walls are red, photos fill the walls and there's a plastic cow right in the middle. But from the outside there is no way of telling what lurks inside - the metal and glass fassade gives no hint to the quirky gem within. The menu is similarly colourful: pizza and chicken wings meet tzatiki and classics like schnitzel with fires or cheese noodles. From the entire culinary european tour we recommend Papa Jolly's breakfast. And those who have still got some space for dessert should go for the ice-cream pancakes.
Chez Nico
Teppan Wok

What to see in Innsbruck

What to see in Innsbruck
Innsbruck Hafen
Is it a safe harbour or a stormy lake? This harbour can be anythin, but most of all a true work of art, in which many like to drop by. What was once the stomping grounds of Tyrol's autonomists is now the biggest convention centre in Innsbruck for all kinds of commerical purposes. There are exhibitions by the local advertisement school, country festivals and school parties along with death-metal events, classical rock concerts and goa dance events.   It's all here at the Hafen: every creature is sure to find their little pleasure at one point in time, whether it's snowboarding films, presentations about buddhism or gangster rap. In need of a party guide? We can recommend the 'Forever Young' event, which offers people 30 years of age and over a boisterous event with others of the same age. Those who go home early are really missing out on something, as the Hafen is located directly on the Inn river and is treasured for it's idyllic early morning views.
World of Crystals

Where to stay in Innsbruck

Where to stay in Innsbruck
Hotel Sailer
The Hotel Sailer is one of those typical Innsbruck hotels. It combines skillful tradition with comfort and enchants its guests with an extra dose of Tyrolean style. Those who haven't yet bought themselves a traditional Tyrolean hat will at least put one on here, simply to soak up the ambience even more. Or even a pipe, which fits like a glove in the farmer's parlour. Wooden stools, wooden tables and embroidered cushions are the perfect ingredients for a proper feast in the hotel restaurant.   Austria's best wines are also on offer and as Italy isn't that far away, the hotel has expanded its wine list across the border. But they didn't stop there - you will also find wines from Chile, California and Australia. The rooms all strictly hold to the traditional Tyrolean style and when you want to completely switch off there's always the wellness area with its sauna, steam bath and magnificent view of the Tyrolean mountainscape. Double rooms can be yours from ?110 per person.
Grand Hotel
Grauer Bär

Where to shop in Innsbruck

Where to shop in Innsbruck
Cheeky Monkey
When the boys are off to the Börse, the girls flock together at Cheeky Monkey. All the hot snow and surf brands are here, just with more curvaceous cuts. Brands like Alprausch, Zimtstern and Billabong are guaranteed to make the girls look great, whether they're surfing, snowboarding or skating. You will even find the right shoewear in Cheeky Monkey. DC and Nike will lend you the sporty look, although expect to have a heavy wallet or credit card at hand!   Late again, missed the household curfew? Before your parents get really angry, a Nixon watch will ensure that little miss is always home on time. And get there ahead of time with the Paul Frank Cruiser. The city bike with it's 'I love my bike' bell is an absolute must for all Paul Frank fans. Sound like monkey business? Nope, just cool fashion for sporty trendsetters!
House of Tea
The Golden Path

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