Located high in the Austrian Alps, Innsbruck is the capital city of the region of Tyrol. You can fly with Austrian Airlines and explore this scenic tourist destination. Innsbruck is a beautiful city of over 100,000 residents surrounded by mountains and an amazing landscape. The city offers a variety of ski slopes such as Tulfes, Mutters, Igls and Hungerburg providing an abundance of alpine sporting opportunities. Skiers and snowboarders are attracted to Innsbruck from far and wide. The city itself also has a lot to offer to visitors. Innsbrucks attractions are mainly concentrated around the precinct of 'Altstadt' (old town) and include the home of Ferdinand II and 'Hofburg' the Imperial Palace. The large student population combined with a large number of skiers visiting Innsbruck provide for a lively and fun atmosphere.


Austrian Airlines offers the perfect connections between all of Austria’s regional airports and the rest of the world. And at our home airport it takes no more than 25 minutes to change planes.


from to dep. arr. travel duration validity
VIE INN 06:35 07:35 01:00 07.01.2017 - 25.03.2017
FRA INN 08:45 09:45 01:00 02.01.2017 - 25.03.2017
VIE INN 09:45 10:45 01:00 30.10.2016 - 25.03.2017
VIE INN 09:55 11:05 01:10 07.01.2017 - 25.03.2017
KBP INN 10:45 12:30 02:45 07.01.2017 - 18.03.2017
LGW INN 10:15 13:15 02:00 07.01.2017 - 25.03.2017
FRA INN 12:20 13:20 01:00 30.10.2016 - 25.03.2017
BHX INN 10:30 13:30 02:00 07.01.2017 - 25.03.2017
EDI INN 10:10 13:35 02:25 07.01.2017 - 11.02.2017
VIE INN 12:55 13:55 01:00 09.01.2017 - 25.03.2017
BRS INN 11:00 14:05 02:05 07.01.2017 - 25.03.2017
MAN INN 11:10 14:30 02:20 07.01.2017 - 25.03.2017
FRA INN 16:55 17:55 01:00 26.12.2016 - 25.03.2017
VIE INN 17:15 18:15 01:00 02.01.2017 - 25.03.2017
BRS INN 16:15 19:20 02:05 17.12.2016 - 25.03.2017
BLL INN 18:00 19:55 01:55 07.01.2017 - 11.02.2017
CPH INN 18:05 20:00 01:55 07.01.2017 - 25.03.2017
ARN INN 18:15 20:40 02:25 07.01.2017 - 04.02.2017
DME INN 19:35 21:05 03:30 07.01.2017 - 18.03.2017
VIE INN 20:35 21:30 00:55 02.01.2017 - 25.03.2017
VIE INN 21:25 22:25 01:00 06.01.2017 - 24.03.2017
VIE INN 21:35 22:35 01:00 06.01.2017 - 24.03.2017
VIE INN 21:45 22:40 00:55 06.01.2017 - 24.03.2017
FRA INN 21:45 22:45 01:00 02.01.2017 - 25.03.2017
VIE INN 21:50 22:50 01:00 06.01.2017 - 24.03.2017
VIE INN 21:55 22:55 01:00 06.01.2017 - 24.03.2017

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SIGHTS in Innsbruck

Sights in Innsbruck
World of Crystals

It may not be in the centre of Innsbruck, but all jewellery lovers should make the trip to Wattens: the Swarovski 'Kristallwelten' is a glittering world of its own. Those who have looked into the eye of the green giant that enchants visitors with its waterfall aren't likely to make a quick exit. The world of crystals is a kaleidoskope for the senses, an underground chest of treasures full of colours, light and magic.   Have you ever asked yourself what it's like to look out from the inside of a crystal? Then you will be at home in the crystal cathedral: 590 mirrors disperse light and convey the feeeling that you are standing in the middle of a piece of jewellery. There are thousands of crystals hanging from the branches of a polished steel tree: boontje's artistic work accomplishes a fairytale-like winterland beautiful enough to make every christmas tree jealous. The world's biggest kaleidoskope and crystal theatre round off the world of crystals and bring us to the most crucial attraction: the biggest swarovski shop in the world. A small tip: keep a firm grip on your credit card, as you will struggle to resist the temptation brought on by the glittering and twinkling wonders around you.

Regional Theatre
Viaduct Arches

STAY in Innsbruck

Stay in Innsbruck

Innsbruck isn't exactly the design centre of the world. In Tyrol, traditions are more important than the trappings. Those who are looking for that big city flair are really at the wrong address here. But the BinderS hotel attempts to change that. The art hotel has set a new accent in old Innsbruck and makes quite a splash with its 15 different designs. The Sleep Colour room contains twelve colours, the Sleep Loft provides an urban feeling with its water bed and bright, expansive rooms, not to mention the bathroom that simply screams lifestyle.   As an added extra, the Smart car fleet provides those without a car the opportunity to explore every nook and cranny of the city with the perfect city explorer on four wheels. And after an exhausting day in the mountains you can permit yourself a beer or even a schnaps in the hotel bar. No need to do this on an empty stomach however: although BinderS doesn't offer a three course meal, the snacks on offer are enough to keep you on the safe side of tipsy. Double rooms are available from ?78 per person.

Penz Hotel
Hotel Sailer

EAT in Innsbruck

Eat in Innsbruck
Papa Jolly?s

The great thing about small cities is that the public get together more and you often see a managing director at the bar with the local rastafari. All the big cities are full of little niches, which the people rarely come out of, but in Innsbruck the people come together. And that's how it is in Papa Jolly's, where families, business men and IT students from the Uni across the road all come together.   And the furnishings are as coloured and varied as the clientele. The chairs are yellow, the walls are red, photos fill the walls and there's a plastic cow right in the middle. But from the outside there is no way of telling what lurks inside - the metal and glass fassade gives no hint to the quirky gem within. The menu is similarly colourful: pizza and chicken wings meet tzatiki and classics like schnitzel with fires or cheese noodles. From the entire culinary european tour we recommend Papa Jolly's breakfast. And those who have still got some space for dessert should go for the ice-cream pancakes.

Flo Joe

SHOPPING in Innsbruck

Shopping in Innsbruck

So the words Ninja Tunes and Slow Cosmic Disco don't mean anything to you? Then you should take a look around in the Soundstation Record Store, where they serve everything that comes stamped on black gold - yes, vinyl records. The store isn't that big, but the ?1 bargain box is worth the trip alone. Here you will find the right tune for the right price.   Those who are willing to dish out a little more should entrust the specialists; Klaus, the electro-junkie is behind the counter on Wednesdays and Fridays, Albi is there for all your hip hop, reggae and break beat requests on Mondays and Saturdays, on Tuesdays Stefan is your man for all things afro & cosmic and Gregor is the guy in the know for drum'n'bass music. Along with the professional advice, there's a couple of CDs available and some equipment for DJs of all levels, not to forget snazzy Pioneer cases for the trip between the bedroom and the nightclub.

House of Tea
The Börse