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Visit Stockholm the capital city of Sweden and the official residence of the current Swedish monarch. If it's museums you are after, then Stockholm is the right place for you with over 100 museums alone in the city centre. The most famous of these is Nationalmuseum which hosts a collection of over 16,000 paintings and 30,000 handcraft objects! If you enjoy the outdoors then why not try the island-hoping boat trip between the 14 islands in the archipelago which makes up Stockholm, or discover the beautiful islands at your own pace in a kayak. As the city is built on water there are many opportunities to relax in nature. You can also indulge in a famous Swedish massage if you want a more relaxing break. So why not fly with Austrian Airlines today and visit the majestic town of Stockholm!

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  • Stockholm Arlanda (ARN): The airport is located 43 km (27 miles) north of Stockholm.
  • Address: Swedavia Arlanda Airport, 190 45 Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden
  • Telephone: +46 1 0109 1000
  • Airport Stockholm

Where to stay in Stockholm

Where to stay in Stockholm
Ett Hem
This is the story of a Stockholm administration officer and his wife around 1900. The two of them loved art and Swedish interior design by their fellow countrymen Carl and Karin Larrsson. They built a townhouse in a quite residential area - Ett Hem. Today Ett Hem is still a treasure full of designer furniture and antiquities - and likewise a recently opened hotel. But not in the conventional sense. Typical hotel atmosphere won't arise, walking the dog will rather make you feel like staying with friends. No car? No problem, you can borrow one from the hotel. The fridge is filled with wine and organic groceries and you can switch on the television in the large living room whenever you feel like it. There is no restaurant, but you can order from a small menu around the clock and snack in the glass house, the library or the green inner courtyard. The twelve rooms are individually furnished - with sheep skins, oak furniture or open fire.
Lydmar Hotel
Clarion Hotel

What to see in Stockholm

What to see in Stockholm
Magasin 3
Magasin 3 covers every topic of modernity: photographs, videos, installations and artwork by artists that aren't known well enough to be boring, but are known well enough for their art to make a difference. Always of interest is James Turell, an American light artist and experimentalist, as well as Truls Melin, whose sculpture "mental toughness" requires just that from those who look at it. Apart from beautiful art, Magasin 3 offers regular debates with the artists, performances and a variety of different exhibitions by artists such as Tom Friedman or Sol Lewitt. If you are a fan of still life, you will be disappointed, but if you have your finger on the pulse of the artworld and think outside the box, this is the place for you.
Rådhuset Museum

Where to eat in Stockholm

Where to eat in Stockholm
Your mouth is numb, your teeth are sore. This is not the aftermath of your visit to the dentist, but a souvenir from Godislagret. This is a piece of heaven for all of you who have a sweet tooth and dream of a place that serves sugar in 200 different shapes and forms, from caramel to lollipops to noble chocolate. There is plenty to stick back together a broken heart and for dentists to have dollar signs in their eyes. If you want to be particularly adventurous try the salty liquorice. Otherwise start bagging. But be warned! Don't go in with an empty stomach - you pay by weight.
Il caffè

Where to shop in Stockholm

Where to shop in Stockholm
Filippa K.
Timeless elegance, minimalist shapes, no big fuss. Filippa K is one of the hippest labels on the international catwalk. Since 1993, Filippa Knutsson has stayed well clear of the pretentious glamour that her competition are designing and has instead focused on simple, wearable fashion paired with just the right amount of urban style. 14 concept stores await the next fashion prone victim - and they will be tempted to buy. The clothes are a feast for the eye, they draw attention- if you leave empty-handed, you don't quite get fashion.
Monkey Bizz

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