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Visit Stockholm the capital city of Sweden and the official residence of the current Swedish monarch. If it's museums you are after, then Stockholm is the right place for you with over 100 museums alone in the city centre. The most famous of these is Nationalmuseum which hosts a collection of over 16,000 paintings and 30,000 handcraft objects! If you enjoy the outdoors then why not try the island-hoping boat trip between the 14 islands in the archipelago which makes up Stockholm, or discover the beautiful islands at your own pace in a kayak. As the city is built on water there are many opportunities to relax in nature. You can also indulge in a famous Swedish massage if you want a more relaxing break. So why not fly with Austrian Airlines today and visit the majestic town of Stockholm!

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Worth knowing

  • Currency: Swedish krone(SEK)
  • Language: Swedish
  • Capital: Stockholm
  • Austrian flight destination: Stockholm, Gothenburg
  • Stockholm Arlanda (ARN): The airport is located 43 km (27 miles) north of Stockholm.
  • Address: Swedavia Arlanda Airport, 190 45 Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden
  • Telephone: +46 1 0109 1000
  • Airport Stockholm You will be directed to a possibly non-accessible site. Take care. Be careful.

Where to stay in Stockholm

Where to stay in Stockholm
Hotel Birger Jarl
Birger Jarl was the founder of Stockholm. His hotel also took on a pioneering role when it opened, banking on modern design instead of classical style. The result is round, colourful and innovative. Every room is devoted to a different designer and is therefore different. So if Sanna Nathannson does not rock your boat, you should change your booking to room 377 and enjoy the theatrical atmosphere created by Tim Hedqvist. The list goes on and on, from playful to business-like, from minimalist to colourful, from retro to futuristic. There is a key to fit every taste. If you find this changing of rooms too tedious however, you can relax in the Lobby Bar. We can highly recommend the designer drinks. Double room from 290 euro.
Nordic Light
The Rival Hotel

Where to eat in Stockholm

Where to eat in Stockholm
The Swedish value tradition. The restaurant Stallmästaregården has been the dining location of former Queen Kristina hundreds of years ago - when it used to be a farm. Today the venerable building is a guest-house, the oldest in the bay of the Brunnsviken lake. There's a charcoal grill in the kitchen of Stallmästaregården. And the restaurant even owns a smokebox - absolutely necessary for the mixture of traditionally Swedish and international dishes. That's why the Swedish restaurant guide White Guide and the Michelin Guide list Stallmästaregården in their rankings. The restaurant is surrounded by the royal Haga park with the eponymous castle, the residence of Princess Victoria. Stockholm's city centre is not far away, and the chic bobo district Vasastan is right around the corner.

Where to shop in Stockholm

Where to shop in Stockholm
Picture this,you walk into a shop, pick up an item and you do not have the slightest idea what it is meant to be. This could easily happen to you at Designtorget. Well, thankfully a doormat is still a doormat even here, but not all items are as easy to recognize. The hanging drink's holder, for instance - or this red, banana-shaped, plastic item whatever it may be. Particularly well disguised is the doorstopper that looks distinctly like a bottle opener. Nonetheless, if you want to have a piece of design that's in tomorrow, you should go shopping at Designtorget today. Be assured that anything you get your hands on will be seriously trendy - and all the other shoppers are just as confused as you are about some of the items, just look around you. The Swedish are just better at pretending to be in the know. That banana - well, it turns out to be a snack box to fit, well, a banana.
Svenskt Tenn

What to see in Stockholm

What to see in Stockholm
It's hard to believe but Auktionsverk has been auctioning items off since 1647, when baroque was actually still contemporary art. Welcome to the oldest auctioneers in the world, which has even seen a circus go under the hammer. If you are after that kind of investment be aware of your weight allowance - and know that customs don't like clowns! But maybe you would like to bid on one of the other 2,500 items that are for auction every week - a teddy like your grandma's, an antique pocket watch or the original manuscript of Pippi's story. You can also get a bargain as long as you can manage to keep your hands under control.
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