Have you made all travel arrangements? Don’t forget to download our free eJournals. Choose your favourites from a large range of German-speaking and international daily newspapers as well as current magazines.

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Download our eJournals

Simply enter your name and booking code and you can load your desired title onto your mobile device before your flight.

Please note that eJournals are available three days before your scheduled departure.

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Enjoy lots of benefits

You can simply store the eJournals on your smartphone, tablet or laptop before departure. That way you always have your newspapers and magazines with you before, during and after your flight. Reading online is an important contribution to environmental protection, as many tons of paper can be saved annually. Has this stirred your curiosity? Take a look in advance at the entire range of newspapers and magazines without logging in.

Additional access to eJournals

The Media Box can also be accessed in the following ways:

Directly after flight bookingUnder "My bookings" on our website or via the Austrian app

Log in and select the desired flight.

  • Online: In the eJournals area, click on "Download eJournals".
  • Via app: Under the flight overview, click on "To overview of eJournals".
Several days before departureVia your personal pre-flight emailA few days before departure, we will send you an email with useful information and links. Simply click on the link to the eJournals.
From 47 hours before departure

In Online check-in on our website or via the Austrian app

  • Online: From the overview of additional options, select "eJournals" to access the Media Box after creating your boarding pass.
  • Via app: You will be offered the option "Download eJournals" after creating your boarding pass.

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