A man checks the size of his hand luggage at the airport

Hand Luggage

How big and how heavy can your hand luggage be? What items are allowed in the hand luggage? We answer these and many more questions.

Passengers who drop off their luggage at the check-in counter

Baggage allowance

Find out how many bags in what size are included in your fare. Please also find out about prams, pushchairs and special cases.

Baggage drop off at the check-in counter

Excess baggage

We have the right solution for you if you would like to take more bags than included in your free baggage allowance.

A young passenger carrying his sports baggage at the airport

Sports baggage

Ski equipment, surfboard or golf bag: take your sports luggage with you. We transport it either within the free baggage allowance or for a surcharge.

Two Austrian flight attendants on the airplane

Dangerous personal belongings

We inform you which items are allowed or prohibited in the cabin and in your checked baggage. This information can save you some unpleasant surprises.

A woman uses her tablet in an Austrian plane

Electronic devices

If you would like to take notebooks, a power bank or other electronic devices with you, there are some things you need to know.

Austrian luggage tag

HomeTag baggage tag

On selected routes, you can prepare your baggage at home for the trip and save valuable time at the airport.

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