Special meals

We have the right meal for you regardless of whether you are following a particular diet for health reasons or religious conviction. If a meal is included in the flight you have booked, you can order a special menu instead.

A chef serves passengers a special menu on board

This is how to order your special menu

You can order your chosen meal with the respective meal code immediately during booking or later up to 24 hours before departure, online under "My Bookings" or by calling the Austrian Service Center. Because all meals are freshly prepared, a later booking is not possible.

  • At time of booking your flight
    Select the meal you would like from the "Menu selection" list.
  • After booking your flight
    Online via​ My Bookings or by telephone via the ​Austrian Service Center on +43 5 1766 1000 (Monday to Sunday from 08:00 to 20:00)
  • Via your travel agent
    Providing you also booked your flight there.

Dietary menus

Type of menu Description of menu Meal code

Gluten-free menu

A menu free from conventional grains and largely also lactose-free.


Low fat and low cholesterol menu

A delicious meal with low-fat ingredients, lots of fresh vegetables, salad and fruit.


Low salt menu

A low-salt meal, especially for people who eat a diet low in salt due to high blood pressure or kidney disease.


Lactose-free menu

A menu free from dairy produce prepared with soya products.


In view of the situation as a result of Regulation (EC) No. 1924/2006 of the European Parliament and the Council dated 20 December 2006 concerning nutritional value and health information in food, the Lufthansa Group has decided no longer to provide diabetic, low calorie and light dietary meals for bookings after 4 December 2019. Bookings made up until this date of course remain unaffected by this. Thank you for your understanding.

Vegetarian menus

Type of menu Description of menu Meal code

Asian, vegetarian menu

A menu inspired by Asian, vegetarian cuisine with Indian cream cheese (“shahi paneer”). The menu is completely free from fish, meat or poultry.


Strict vegetarian menu

Light vegetarian and free from egg and dairy products.


Vegetarian lacto-ovo menu

A vegetarian menu prepared with dairy products and eggs.


Religious and cultural menus

Type of menu Description of menu Meal code

Hindu-conforming menu

A well seasoned meal with chicken and lamb, but free from pork, beef or veal.


Kosher menu 

This menu is freshly prepared by an authorised Kosher caterer according to the rules of the Talmud. Please book by no later than 48 hours before departure.


Islamic-conforming menu

A meal free from pork or pork-based products. The menu is of course prepared without any alcoholic ingredients.


Jain menu

Vegan cuisine free from root vegetables, according to the rules of Jainism.


For our small guests

Type of menu Description of menu Meal code
Children’s menu Our younger passengers will be delighted with our children’s menu, which is suitable for children from two years of age. CHML

A limited number of meals for infants and babies under two years old are included in the standard in-flight service on all Austrian flights. You therefore do not have to order a special menu, but simply ask our crew on board.

Special requests

Type of menu Description of menu Meal code
Special requests If your preferred menu is not yet included, you can provide more information about your preferences using the free text field. SPML

Please note

Austrian Airlines does not accept any responsibility for allergic reactions to food ingredients that might occur on board our flights. We recommend you consult your doctor to discuss any allergies and food intolerances before commencing your flight.