Preparing for your trip with the family

While your children look forward to the family holiday, you usually spend a lot of time on planning. With our tips, you can also relax as you start your holiday.

Father and daughter choose entertainment on board

Checklist for a relaxing start

Planning a family holiday can pose new challenges even for experienced travellers. In order to make you and your children more relaxed before departure, we have compiled a checklist of travel preparation tips:

  • Check all passports for their validity. Babies and toddlers also need their own passports.
  • Check in conveniently online about 47 hours before departure at
  • Book seats - the earlier the better.
  • Children’s menus can be booked directly during booking at

Seat reservation

In order to be able to sit together on board, we recommend making a seat reservation at an early stage. You can make it directly during the booking process at or subsequently under “My Bookings”.

Please note that infants have no right to their own seat. If you would like your infant to have their own seat, please contact our Service Center before booking.

In compliance with ENAC’s regulation we inform you that are entitled to receive a free seat reservation for flights from and to Italy if you meet the following conditions:

  • Travelling with a child between two and 12 years and/or
  • you are a passenger with disabilities or accompanying a passenger with disabilities.

In this case Lufthansa Group grants you adjacent seating free of charge at time of check-in.

Mother with son playing cards in an Austrian airplane

Children’s menus

On flights lasting longer than 3 hours and 45 minutes, our small guests are served children’s meals such as pasta or schnitzel free of charge. As we always prepare our menus fresh, please order directly when booking your flight or up to 24 hours before departure.

Mother with son sit in front of the children's menu

Prams and pushchairs

At most airports, you can keep your foldable prams or pushchairs up to a maximum of ten kilograms with you until shortly before boarding.
After arrival, you will receive your pram or pushchair from the ground staff at a terminal position in the passenger bridge, or upon arrival of the bus directly upon exiting the aircraft steps.

At Vienna Airport, prams and pushchairs must be handed over to the large baggage desk.

Our bag drop staff will provide you with information about whether you can take them with you on the plane or not. Please inform us beforehand if you have booked a flight with a transfer and you need your pram or pushchair there.
Our ground staff at the departure gate will ensure that your pram or pushchair is properly loaded.

If you do not receive your pram or pushchair upon arrival, please contact the gate staff or the nearest service center. Please note that the delivery can take a few minutes.

If your pram or pushchair weighs more than ten kilograms, then it must be checked as baggage. Please note: If you exceed your free baggage allowance, an excess baggage fee will be charged.
You can take so-called "pocket buggies" on board within the scope of your permitted baggage allowance if they are packed accordingly and are no longer identifiable as a pushchair.

Child car seats

You can take your own child car seat on board. For this you need to book a separate seat in good time at the applicable child’s fare.

The child seat must be certified for air travel and fit on the aircraft seat (43 cm × 43 cm). Please ensure that you are familiar with the manufacturer’s operating instructions for the use and attachment in the aircraft, since this is solely your responsibility. Please understand that our cabin staff cannot help when attaching the seat. If the child seat cannot be properly attached, it must be checked in as baggage.

For safety reasons, so-called "Comfort devices" with integrated locking devices or inflatable foot supports may not be used on board.

Choosing suitable seats

  • If your child uses a child seat, the window seat is the best location.
  • Accompanying persons should sit next to the child.
  • Seats in emergency exit rows and after cabin partitions are not suitable for child seats.
  • Other passengers must not be impaired in their travel comfort by the use of a child seat and the emergency exit must not be blocked in case of any emergency evacuation.

Country-specific travel regulations

Please note that a separate travel permit is necessary in many countries if your child is travelling alone or with just one parent. Without the required travel documents, local authorities can refuse permission for the child to travel in or out. Therefore, please find out in good time about the valid entry/exit regulations of the respective country. Examples of countries for which special regulations for children and adolescents travelling in and out apply:

Age limits for infants and children

Infants (INF)

We define infants as children under two years of age. Infants usually pay ten percent of the adult fare (infant fare) at Austrian Airlines.

Please note that there may be country-specific (based on the country of ticket purchase), tariff-specific or seasonal deviations.

On board, infants have no entitlement to their own seat. However, for adults who are travelling with an infant we try to keep the adjacent seat free for as long as possible. If you are travelling with an infant and want your infant to have their own seat, you can choose to pay the child fare. In this case, please contact ourService Center.

For safety reasons, only one infant may fly per adult. The accompanying person must be over 18 years old – or over 16 years if the trip takes place as a family with adult persons.

For safety reasons, infants who will turn two years of age during the travel period must be booked as children (with their own seat). Example: You travel from 1 to 20 November 2019 with your child who was born on 15 November 2017.

Children (CHD)

By children, we mean travellers between two and eleven years of age – so children who have not yet reached their twelfth birthday. Infants who turn two between the outbound and return flight must be booked as children (with their own seat) for safety reasons. For Austrian Airlines, children usually pay 75 percent of the adult fare (child fare).

Please note that there may be country-specific (based on the country of ticket purchase), tariff-specific or seasonal deviations.

Unlike infants, children have their own seat on board. Children who are not yet five years old must always be accompanied by an adult. This accompanying person must be at least 18 years old, except for a sibling who is over 16 years old. Children between five and eleven years of age must be accompanied by a person over twelve years of age. If this is not the case, the conditions for unaccompanied minors apply.

Children who turn twelve during the trip pay the children fare. In this case, please contact ourService Center.