Austrian Flight Value Voucher application form

For tickets with departure from the EU1, Switzerland, the United Kingdom or the USA, you can request your Flight Value Voucher for the original ticket value on this page. You will receive confirmation by email and can then convert your ticket into a Flight Value Voucher.

1 Except Greece, Bulgaria and Slovakia

Please note:

Would you like to convert more than one ticket?

Please complete one form for each ticket. Always use the same email address for this. You can then combine several tickets into one Flight Value Voucher on our portal.

Do you already have an Austrian or Miles & More customer profile?

Please use the email address linked with that profile.

Did you book your flight after 15 May 2020 or was your place of departure in Greece, Bulgaria, Slovakia or outside the EU, Switzerland, the United Kingdom or the USA?

Do you have a ticket from an airline other than Austrian?

Please convert your ticket on the website of the airline that issued it.