Austrian Flight Value Voucher

Has your flight been cancelled or do you wish to travel at a later date? Transfer the value of your ticket into a Flight Value Voucher, redeemable until 31 December 2021, and you will receive an additional Discount Voucher worth 50 euros.

Enter your booking code or ticket number of the original flight for each passenger.

Download your Flight Value Voucher online and receive an additional Discount Voucher worth 50 euros1.

Book your new trip online on

Please note

When converting your ticket value into an Austrian Flight Value Voucher you will also receive an additional Discount Voucher worth 50 euros1. The fare of your unused booking is irrelevant for this. The trip that you originally booked is automatically cancelled free of charge.

Register for the Flight Value Voucher by entering your booking code or ticket number in our enquiry form. Afterwards you can download your personal Flight Value Voucher on our website and redeem it online with your next booking.

All customers with unused Austrian tickets issued up to and including 15 May 2020 with a travel date until 30 April 2021 are entitled to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1 You will only receive the Discount Voucher worth 50 euros if you convert your ticket value into a Flight Value Voucher by 31 August 2020. The Discount Voucher cannot be combined with the Flight Value Voucher when booking a flight. It can be redeemed until 31 January 2021 if you start your journey before 31 December 2021.