Airbus A321-111

The Airbus A321 is the longest aircraft in the A320 family and gets you safely to your destination with a maximum speed of 840 km/h.

Side view of the Airbus 321-211 in Austrian design


With a length of 44.5 metres, the Airbus A321-111 is the biggest brother in the A320 family. Austrian flies it on short and medium-haul routes, such as to Germany, Finland and Tenerife.

Your benefits as a passenger

As a passenger in the A321, you will enjoy a cabin with less noise, a wide single aisle as well as leather seat covers.


On selected flights we have WiFi packages with different transmission options available

Enjoy your DO & CO menu on flights longer than 2 hours 45 minutes

Extra legroom seats can also be reserved

In Business Class you can take advantage of having a seat free adjacent to you


Aircraft type Short and medium-haul passenger aircraft
Number in the fleet 3
Seats 200
Maximum seat pitch Business Class: 32 (81.2 cm)
Economy Class: 29 (73.6 cm)
Wingspan 34.1 m
Length 44.5 m
Height 11.8 m
Maximum speed 840 km/h
Maximum cruise altitude 11,900 m
Maximum range when loaded 2,360 km

Technical information

Manufacturer Airbus Industrie, France
Names - Austrian Airlines painting Salzkammergut (OE-LBA), Pinzgau (OE-LBB), Südtirol (OE-LBC)
Engine CFM International
Maximum thrust 2 x 30,000 lbs
Total fuel 19,000 kg
Maximum weight 21,100 kg
Maximum take-off weight 83,000 kg
Maximum landing weight 75,000 kg