On board with the family

We give you tips on how to make the flight a journey of discovery for your children and also a relaxing holiday for you.

A father sits on the plane with his baby and kisses him on the cheek

During the flight, we will make the time pass quickly for children with toys, games and puzzles and on long distances with a special entertainment programme. However, in your hand luggage, you can also take your favourite cuddly toy, good reading material and an exciting game.

As preparation for the flight, we recommend that you pack the right clothes. Don’t forget the temperature differences between the airport, plane and destination. The most suitable option is to wear several layers, so that your child can add or remove items of clothing as needed. Since your feet can swell in the plane, you may wish to take off your shoes. Be prepared and pack a couple of thick pairs of socks.

Entertainment on board

On board, your child receives our Austrian onboard magazine with funny puzzles, exciting comics and great travel reports. In addition, children’s films and games will be available on longer routes through our inflight entertainment programme.

Toy Story 4

The story of Woody the cowboy and Buzz Lightyear the astronaut goes on. They now live with little Bonnie - until one day she brings home a new, exciting toy.

Farm Chase

Chuckles farm has been destroyed by evil sheep. Now you have to collect beans and superpowers in order to help clear up.

Disney hits

A playlist for young and old – full of hits and popular musical highlights from the Disney universe.

Prams and pushchairs

It is possible to keep a collapsible pram or pushchair under ten kilograms at most airports until boarding. Immediately after landing, it will be handed back to you.

Flying with babies

You can fly seven days after birth with healthy infants. Please note that there is an increased risk of thrombosis in postpartum mothers. Please contact your treating doctor.

It is important to us that our very small passengers also feel good on board. There is always ample water for your baby bottle. You can also find changing tables in the washrooms. We always have spare nappies for emergencies.

To help your baby with pressure equalization during climb and descent flight, offer your baby a dummy or a bottle. For longer flights, we recommend night flights, since your baby can sleep during the trip and not deviate from his or her sleep rhythm. For babies from six to eight months, you will receive a free baby basket on long distances when you reserve a seat with extra legroom.

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