Upgrade for a fixed price

Which conditions apply to an upgrade for a fixed price?

An upgrade for a fixed price can be obtained under the following conditions:

  • availability in the next applicable upgrade booking class
  • confirmed reservations (not waiting list bookings)
  • tickets which have already been issued
  • flights operated by Austrian Airlines
    A flight is operated by Austrian Airlines when the flight is indicated in the booking system as being “operated by Austrian Airlines”.
  • Upgrades made via austrian.com can only be carried out for all passengers travelling in the booking. If you would like to carry out upgrades only for selected passengers in the booking, please contact our call centre.

It is not possible to upgrade under the following circumstances:

  • for flights which have already been checked in
  • for train and bus connections
  • for flights where extra services have already been booked but no payment has been made, and the relevant documents for the service have not been issued
  • for flights where additional services have already been booked which would prevent an upgrade being made (for example, where a pet is to be taken on board the aircraft)

General information concerning your upgrade

Ticket amendments

Unfortunately, for technical reasons, flights which have already been booked with an upgrade cannot be amended on austrian.com. Please contact our call centre, to carry out the relevant rebooking. The terms and conditions of the originally booked fare apply.

If you would like to amend a journey, you must request the upgrade again, even if the flight that was upgraded to the higher booking class is unaffected.

  • A rebooking takes place in the original service class (Economy or Premium Economy Class), applying the fare conditions of your ticket
    If the original booking class is no longer available on the new flight, the price difference with the next available booking class must be paid, as well as any possible additional rebooking fee.
  • Once you have successfully amended and exchanged your ticket, you can then make a new request for an upgrade, e.g. at austrian.com
    Availability at the time of your new request is definitive.

Ticket cancellation and refunds

If you cancel this journey, an existing upgrade is not refunded. It is not possible to refund an upgrade separately (when still taking the flight).

Services and entitlements in case of flight irregularities

In the event of disruptions to flights prior to two days before departure, a rebooking is made for the original travel class under the pricing conditions of the ticket, and the price paid for the upgrade is refunded in full.

In the event of disruptions occurring one day prior to departure as well as on the day of departure, passengers enjoy a rebooking that includes the full services and entitlements in the new travel class. (with confirmed and paid-for upgrades).