Upload your documents before you travel

Many countries currently require a valid negative Covid-19 test, an online entry declaration or a Passenger Locator Form to enter the country.
We check these documents before your departure at the airport and ensure that they are complete and correct. This takes time. To save you this time at the airport, you can now upload your documents before commencement of travel and enjoy a relaxed start to your journey.

Fast, easy, digital

At times like these we want to keep your time at the airport as short as possible. We can achieve that together with good preparation: you can upload your corona-related documents such as your Covid-19 test results or entry form online before your departure. We will check whether everything is complete and inform you accordingly. We are offering online document verification on Austrian flights to/from Belgium, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Iran, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland  and Ukraine. 

Participation in the online verification of entry documents in accordance with the respective coronavirus regulations of your destination country is voluntary. You can also continue to have your documents checked at the airport. 

The benefits for you

  • You have the certainty of knowing that you are complying with entry requirements before you even arrive at the airport
  • We will inform you quickly and in plenty of time if something is missing or incomplete
  • You save time at the document check at the airport
  • You can start your journey feeling relaxed

Different regulations apply depending on your destination and itinerary. So please give yourself plenty of time to find out about the entry requirements and the necessary documents.

Information on this can be found at the authorities of the respective country and on the entry requirements web page.

Upload your entry documents: It works like this


Using the form, please upload all the required entry documents up to twelve hours before departure (you can check what’s required via the link above).


We check the documents you have uploaded for completeness and accuracy.


You will receive confirmation that your documents are valid for entry or notification that the documents submitted are either incomplete or invalid.

Check-in and boarding

You check in online as usual. Digital document checking allows you to reach your flight faster and reduces personal contacts at the airport.

IMPORTANT: please take all the uploaded and verified documents with you on your journey so that they can be presented if required.

Upload your documents now*

Please note, that you can upload your documents up to 12 hours before departure of your flight.

You can recognise our scheduled flights by the three-digit flight number - for example OS561 from Vienna to Zurich.

You can recognise our Austrian Holidays flights by the four-digit flight number beginning with 2, 4 or 9 - for example OS9103 to Rhodes.

*Technical difficulties: Email confirmation

Dear passenger,

We are pleased that you would like to use our digital document upload service. 

Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing technical difficulties: At the moment, you will not receive an e-mail reply regarding the status of the check. 

We are working hard to correct the error and hope to be able to offer you our digital service again very soon.

Should your flight already take place in the next few days, we kindly ask you to check the Corona entry regulations of your destination country, to take the necessary documents with you and to have them ready at the airport.

Thank you for your cooperation..

We wish you a pleasant journey and look forward to welcoming you on board.

Your Austrian Team

Information about data protection and the processing of your data

Important: the upload of your travel-related booking data, as well as the entry documents mentioned above, is performed via an encrypted online form. This data is processed by our Health Entry Support Centre solely for the purpose of verifying compliance with the entry requirements of the respective destination country. We will send you the result of the verification by email. The data and documents that you provide will be deleted immediately after processing by us or our processor.

You can withdraw your consent at any time without any formal requirement and without giving any reasons by informing us of the withdrawal of your consent to the processing of your data by email to healthentry@austrian.com (Subject: Withdraw Consent). Any withdrawal of consent exercised does not affect the legality of the data processing carried out up to that point. You can find further information and guidance in the information about data protection.