Doctor Please!

Travel plans often change unexpectedly – especially at times of coronavirus. From increasing infection numbers at your holiday destination to emergency situations at home – at the moment travel is associated with many uncertainties.

Travel with total peace of mind with Austrian and AXA partners

With the right promise, you can plan your trip free from worry. Austrian makes this promise to you. And together with AXA Partners offers you a service package for most fares which protects you and those travelling with you before, during and after your trip.

Direct to AXA Partners

Please contact the hotline below if you have any questions before your journey or need local assistance: +43 1 581 5187

Doctor Please!

Your package from AXA Partners now gives you round-the-clock access to a German or English-speaking doctor while you are abroad by telephone or via the “Doctor Please!” app.

If you need a doctor, you are only one call or one click away by contacting Doctor Please! Download the app or telephone +43 1 581 5187.

A doctor’s appointment can be booked flexibly at any time of day or night by telephone or app, depending on your preference.

This way you do not have to spend your holiday in a waiting room and you will quickly receive an initial assessment or clarification of your medical problem by a qualified physician.

Quick and easy to set up

Please download the "Doctor Please" app via the Apple App Store or Google Play to use this service. We recommend that you do this before your holiday.

You will need an access code to register and you can obtain this via the AXA hotline. Call +49 221 80247 1869 to do so and have your booking confirmation ready.

This is how it works using the app

  1. Download the application.
  2. Register and enter the access code.
  3. Enter your personal details.
  4. You can request a call back by telephone from a German doctor or a call back by video call from an English-speaking doctor using the easy-to-find menu.
  5. You will receive an email with the details of your appointment.
  6. The doctor will then call you back. You do not have to do anything further.
  7. You will be given access to the consultation notes and prescription afterwards.

This is how it works by telephone

  1. Telephone ​+43 1 581 5187.
  2. In the language menu item 3 select “Questions about insurance benefits or the travel assistance service” and then menu item “Immediate medical assistance abroad or other assistance services”.
  3. Decide whether you wish to speak to a German or English-speaking doctor.
  4. State your access code and ticket number.
  5. Name a suitable date and time for the consultation.
  6. Confirmation of the appointment by email or telephone call.
  7. The doctor will call you at the agreed time.
  8. The doctor’s report and prescription will be sent to the patient by email, as required. 

Please note

The telemedicine service is not an emergency service and does not always replace a personal visit to the doctor.