Home Tag baggage label

Print the tag for your baggage at home and attach it to your case. This saves you valuable time at the airport and allows you to take your baggage directly to the Bag Drop counter.

Your benefits

Prepare at home

Print your tag conveniently at home. You can get the appropriate holder at the Austrian check-in counters. If you save it, you can re-use it on your next flight.

Save time

Skip the queues at baggage check-in and take your case directly to the Baggage Drop-Off counter. Please do not hesitate to contact our employees if you have any questions.

Bypass peak times

There is increased activity at the airport during holiday periods. With the HomeTag you save valuable time that you would otherwise have to spend at baggage check-in.

Please note

Currently, the HomeTag is only offered on flights from the USA and Switzerland and to Zurich and Miami. This service is due to be extended to further routes.
If the option is available for your trip, the HomeTag option appears automatically during online check-in.

If your starting airport is in the European Union (EU), the applicable EU regulations require that your HomeTag must be printed in colour. Please understand that we are unfortunately not allowed to accept baggage in the EU with a HomeTag that is not printed in colour.

How to check in your bag with the HomeTag

Check in online

Check in online at austrian.com and enter the number of bags during the check-in process.

Print HomeTag

After receiving your mobile or printed boarding card, you can print the HomeTag for your case. For departure airports in the EU, please be sure to print the HomeTag in colour.

Attach tag

Now fold the HomeTag in accordance with the instructions on the printout. Insert the folded HomeTag into the holder provided and attach it to your bag so that your travel details are visible from both sides.

Drop case

Once at the airport, take your bag with the HomeTag attached directly to the Bag Drop counter. You can simply skip the queue at baggage check-in.

Frequently asked questions