Check-in at the airport

Check yourself in quickly at Vienna Airport with our automatic check-in machines. Frequent flyers enjoy special benefits in the priority check-in zone. You also have the option of checking your bags on the evening before your trip.

A woman uses the check-in machine at the airport

Check-in and baggage drop-off machines

Vienna Airport has numerous automatic machines where you can check in and drop your bags.
A Special Assistance counter is available for all unaccompanied children as well as passengers with limited mobility.

How to check in at the automatic machines

Man uses business class priority check in

Priority check-in zone at Vienna Airport

Our loyal frequent flyers and passengers with special needs, such as wheelchair users, enjoy special priority when checking in. Our passengers can access boarding pass and security control within the shortest possible distances with exclusive and direct access to the Fast Lanes at Vienna Airport by using the priority check-in zone.
HON Circle members can expect a separate check-in area at Vienna Airport.

Late night check-in

Our day-before check-in service allows you to check in your bags the previous day.
For flights to the USA, bags can only be checked 24 hours before departure.

Opening hours of the check-in counters

AirportdaysOpening times
Viennadaily2:00∘p.m. to 4:00∘p.m. and 8:00∘p.m. to 10:00∘p.m.

At regional airports in Austria

In addition to the usual check-in service, additional services such as sports baggage or excess baggage can be paid for directly at check-in counters by credit card.