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Return flight promise on European routes

Travel in times of coronavirus is associated with many uncertainties. What happens if the infection numbers in my holiday destination start to escalate, the Federal Government issues a travel warning for my destination or a relative becomes ill at home?

So that you can plan your trip without worrying, we guarantee you a return flight on all European routes.

The following products are valid for flight bookings on the websites and direct sales channels of the airlines Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa and SWISS for the booking period 25/06/2020 to 31/08/2020 and the travel period 25/06/2020 to 31/01/2021.

Free return flight promise for all customers

In addition to flexible booking options, we are offering our passengers a basic return flight promise on all European routes. The return flight promise is valid regardless of the booked fare for all customers. You will be flown home by the airlines of the Lufthansa Group to Germany, Austria or Switzerland – if necessary, even by special flight.1

1 In the event of a travel warning or a sustained worsening of the coronavirus situation in a European country, we will react accordingly and enable you, after internal assessment, flexible rebooking options, as well as deploying additional capacity.

Overview of packages and services by fare class

Return flight promiseBring Me Home worry-freeBring Me Home NOW worry-free

Included in the fares

Economy LightEconomy Classic/Business SaverEconomy Flex/Business Flex
Return flight promiseYesYesYes
Holiday guarantee (powered by AXA)NoYesYes
Medical return (powered by AXA)NoYesYes
Medical assistance (powered by AXA)NoYesYes
Telemedical assistance (powered by AXA)NoYesYes
Free and flexible rebookingNoNo1Yes
Next flight of Lufthansa GroupNoNoYes2

1 Rebooking charges

2 You will be transported on request on the next bookable Lufthansa Group flight and returned to Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

These offers are only valid after arrival at the destination and

  • if a travel warning should be issued
  • if a sustained worsening of the Covid 19 situation should occur
  • if the customer should feel unwell due to the local situation

The Lufthansa Group will not transport passengers who have tested positive for Covid 19 or show symptoms of this illness.

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