Sports baggage

Do you like to take your own equipment with you when travelling? We will carry your equipment for snowboarding, surfing or golf, with or without a surcharge depending on the fare.

Sports bags with no surcharge

A young passenger carrying his sports baggage at the airport

Sports bags as free baggage

We will carry your sports bags with no surcharge, providing it does not exceed the number of bags and weight of the free baggage allowance on your ticket. Please note that this does not apply to hang gliders, long boards and tandems.

 A man walking through the forest with snowshoes

Skis & snowboards

One item of skiing or snowboarding equipment per person can be taken free of charge. This excludes European routes on the Economy Light fare and routes from/to/via the USA.

Sports bags with a surcharge

If your sports bag exceeds your baggage allowance, fees will be charged depending on the type of sport. You will also be charged a ticket service fee, which is calculated depending on the departure location. The fee is between EUR 10 and EUR 20. Only previously registered sports bags are accepted at check-in up to a maximum weight of 32 kg and a maximum length of 3.15 m. Transport must be confirmed in advance in the booking. The normal excess baggage charges apply to sports items that are not included in the following list or their contents are outside the specified definition.

Domestic = flights within Austria
European = flights within Europe
Near and Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia = between Europe and Jordan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq and Israel
Medium intercontinental routes = between Europe and Chicago, Maldives, Miami, Canada, New York and Washington D.C.
Long intercontinental routes = between Europe and Thailand, South Africa, Los Angeles, Mauritius, China and Japan

Restrictions at London Heathrow Airport

It is no longer possible to book large sports bags from / to / via London Heathrow due to infrastructure restrictions at London Heathrow Airport (LHR). Bulky sports baggage includes: Canoes/kayaks, hang gliders, riding equipment, long boards, rubber dinghies, tandems, pole-vaulting equipment and windsurfing equipment.

This is how to take your sports baggage with you

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