Premium Economy fares

Discover a new travel experience on long-haul routes with our Premium Economy Class. A wide range of extras such as an especially comfortable seat, a three or four course menu and cabin-height divisions allow you to travel in even greater comfort and arrive more relaxed at your destination.

Fare variants

Our Premium Economy Class is only available on long-haul flights operated with a Boeing 777 or 767.

  Premium Economy Saver Premium Economy Basic Premium Economy Flex
Three to four course menu Yes Yes Yes
Carry-on baggage (max. 8 kg per piece) 1x 1x 1x
Free baggage allowance (max. 23 kg per piece) 2x 2x 2x
Standard seating (reservation during booking) From EUR 35 From EUR 35 From EUR 35
Seating in online check-in free free free
Premium Economy seat Yes Yes Yes
eJournals Yes Yes Yes
Onboard entertainment Yes Yes Yes
Rebooking fee¹ Yes Yes Yes
Refund fee¹ No Yes Yes

1 = You will find detailed information during booking on

Travel even more relaxed in Premium Economy Class

In Premium Economy Class you sit especially comfortably thanks to a wider seat with a greater reclining angle and individual foot and neck rests. You will also be well looked after gastronomically as our crew will greet you with a welcome drink and serve you a three or four course menu. You can enjoy our onboard audio and video entertainment programme with noise-cancelling headphones or you can use the time to work and charge your personal electronic devices using the USB and power connections. An increased baggage allowance with two free bags is also included in the fare.

A woman holds an amenity kit from Premium Economy Class

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