Help during flight disruptions

We will do everything to get you to your destination efficiently and on time. But sometimes changes still have to be made at short notice, whether it’s a departure gate change, your flight is delayed or has been cancelled, or you have been rebooked for other reasons. On this page you can find all the answers we are able to give you in advance.

Rebooking and alternative transport

If your flight is delayed or cancelled, you will generally be rebooked onto the next available flight. Alternatively, train or bus tickets are available for certain destinations if there is no alternative flight. We will notify you by e-mail or text if you have given us your contact details at the time of booking.

Hotel and food & drink costs

If onward transport is no longer possible on the same day, we or the airline operating the cancelled flight will cover the costs of an overnight stay. At Vienna Airport you will be given vouchers for this at our service centres.


In the event of a rebooking, we will automatically ensure that your bags are carried on the same flight as you. If you are put up at a hotel, we will provide you with an overnight kit with all your essential needs such as a T-shirt, toothbrush and shower gel. You can get these from ourservice centres.

Would you like to have your bags available due to a lengthy delay? Please note that unloading your bags in this situation may take several hours.

Finding your way at the airport

Do you require assistance at the airport? Our colleagues at the Austrian Service Centers will be happy to assist you further.

You will find the Austrian Service Centers here:

At the G gates on G4 level
(05:00 to 23:00)

Site plan of the Austrian Service Center at the G-Gates at Vienna Airport

At the F gates on F2 level
(05:00 to 21:00)

Site plan of the Austrian Service Center at the F-Gates at Vienna Airport

In the check-in area in Terminal 3
(05:00 to 23:00)

Site plan of the Austrian Service Center at the check-in desks at Vienna Airport

At Arrival Services opposite baggage carousel 2
(05:00 to 00:00)

Site plan of the Austrian Service Center on the baggage carousels at Vienna Airport

Refunds for the cost of the flight ticket and compensation

If your flight is cancelled or delayed for more than five hours, you can get a refund for the purchase price of the leg(s) you have not yet flown. Since a range of factors have to be considered when evaluating your claim, we recommend that you contact our service centres for assistance.

Passenger rights and confirmation of flight disruptions

You can find all the legal information regarding your rights on our passenger rights page in the event of various instances of disruptions. If you require confirmation of a flight disruption for your employer or your travel insurer, please contact one of our service centres for assistance.