Austrian Chatbot Maria

Maria is our new chatbot for Facebook Messenger to answer your questions around the clock. This customer tool, named after Austrian Airlines’ first fight attendant, makes rebooking a cancelled flight or a missed connecting flight as easy as it gets.

Young woman using cellphone in waiting area at the airport

Austrian gives you the option to rebook to a suitable flight using Messenger.
In addition, you get the answers to frequently asked questions, such as departure times, baggage allowance and special meals.

Maria’s functionality is under constant development. At the moment, the Maria chatbot is only available in English.

The benefits are obvious: you can get answers to your questions outside the opening hours of our service centre and don’t have to wait in a queue if you have an urgent query. And in the event that Maria can’t answer your question, we provide the option to contact one of our live agents in the same chat window.

This service is offered to you exclusively by Austrian, Lufthansa and SWISS and is now available for all three airlines.

These functions are already available

Existing bookings

Check the flight status of the flight you have booked and ask Maria to remind you when it’s time for check-in. Rebook free of charge when your flight has been cancelled or delayed.

Baggage allowance

Ask Maria for detailed information about the general baggage allowance for a particular flight. You will also get help when your baggage doesn’t arrive.

General flight status

With this function, Maria displays the flight status of all flights. Simply enter the corresponding flight number.

Information about service-relevant queries

Ask Maria for more information about your flight or for general information such as: “Can I travel with my dog?”

Live agent

And if the chatbot can’t help you, we give you the option to start a conversation with one of our live agents in the same chat window.

Maria is learning all the time

We are continually improving our customer service chatbot. New functions such as push notifications and a German version will be available shortly. We are also planning to make this service available via other apps, WhatsApp for example.

This is how to start a chat with Maria

Click on the link to be taken directly to Facebook Messenger. To start chatting, simply click the “Get started” button, or enter “Austrian Airlines Chatbot” in the Facebook Messenger search bar and then click on the button “Get started” to begin the conversation.

Data protection

You can find out how your personal data is handled when using the chatbot function on our Data Protection page.