Terms & Conditions of Use of the austrian.com profile / (AirManager)

Terms & Conditions of Use for the austrian.com profile, including information on cancellation and consent to the use of data (referred to individually or jointly as "Terms & Conditions").

Version dated May 2018

For reasons of better legibility, the present Terms & Conditions of Use do not make a distinction between male and female persons. The relevant terms apply in all cases to both sexes, in line with gender equality.

These Terms & Conditions govern the use of the online profile service "austrian.com profile" offered by Austrian Airlines AG ("Austrian") and provide information about how the associated data is used.

The "austrian.com profile" service can be found at book.austrian.com/app/pr.fly and allows Austrian customers to store personal data ("austrian.com profile") so that they can then arrange flight bookings quickly and more easily. In addition, as part of the "austrian.com profile", users have the option of subsequently amending their personal data, booking services and flights, making changes to bookings and checking in.

By registering with an "austrian.com profile", users also agree to these Terms & Conditions of Use. Users decide themselves whether to register in the "austrian.com profile"; users may be a private individual as well as a company.

In the case of flight bookings, prior registration with an "austrian.com profile" is only required for special flight purchase terms, namely ABO and CNR.

ABO refers to coupons which are purchased and used for a specific flight route at a specific price and is only available in selected countries. CNR refers to special fares used for corporate clients.

If you have any questions and/or complaints, please contact us at any time at:

Austrian Airlines AG
Legal Office
Office Park 2, PO Box 100

Telephone: +43 5 1766 1001
Email: webmaster@austrian.com
FN 111000k, in the Companies’ Register of the Commercial Court of Vienna
Supervisory authority: Aviation authority
VAT registration number: ATU15416707
DVR number: 0091740
Chamber membership: Aviation Trade Association WKO

1. Scope

These Terms & Conditions of Use govern the use of the austrian.com profile which allows Austrian Airlines AG customers to store data at book.austrian.com/app/pr.fly. Other profiles or registrations, even those in relation to Austrian, are not covered by these Terms & Conditions of Use and their use is regulated elsewhere.

2. Registration and membership

Registration and use of the "austrian.com profile" is free of charge for users.

The following steps lead to the agreement for the use of the "austrian.com profile": Users can set up their austrian.com profile under the menu item "Register". Users are approved for use of their austrian.com profile once they have set up their austrian.com profile successfully, have agreed to these Terms & Conditions of Use and have clicked on "Register".

3. Profile data

Austrian will only use the data provided by users in their austrian.com profile to fulfil the (free) austrian.com Profile User Agreement. Austrian uses a service provider to fulfil this User Agreement. Austrian guarantees that users’ personal data will always be processed and used in accordance with the provisions of Austrian data protection law.

You can find further information on the use of data in our Privacy Policy for the AirManager.

4. Liability

Users are responsible for ensuring that their personal data is correct, complete and up to date. Users may adapt and change the data in their austrian.com profile at any time. Users must keep the password they have specified in a safe place. Users are entirely responsible themselves for the use of their password.

It is not possible to guarantee uninterrupted availability of the profile and booking services. Similarly, Austrian Airlines AG does not accept any liability for the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information published on the website, in particular the status and flight times of flight bookings.

5. Changes to the Terms & Conditions of Use

Austrian Airlines AG reviews this website and the services it offers on a regular basis. For this reason, the Terms & Conditions of Use, including the Privacy Policy, may change more than once. Changes to the Terms & Conditions of Use or Privacy Policy of this kind will be notified to users immediately.

Further use of the austrian.com profile after the changes to the Terms & Conditions of Use have been published, also means acceptance of the changed Terms & Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy. No separate consent is required in this respect. If users do not agree to the changed Terms & Conditions of Use or Privacy Policy, they are free to delete their austrian.com profile at any time.

Please find more information on deleting or deactivating your austrian.com profile in our Privacy Policy.

6. Miscellaneous

When users access their austrian.com profile, the information that the users’ browser transmits when they visit a website is stored. This information may include the following data: Web request, IP address, browser type and language, as well as one or more cookies. In the event of infringement of these Terms & Conditions of Use, Austrian reserves the right to use the stored IP address to pursue claims under civil law and for the investigation of criminal offences. You can find more details on the use of cookies in our Cookie Policy.

The current provisions on use and data protection are available for download in the austrian.com profile at any time.

In addition, our other provisions on the Use of personal data and our Terms & Conditions of Carriage apply.

If one or more provisions of these Terms & Conditions of Use is or becomes invalid in full or in part, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

7. Special provisions for users registered as administrators

Only administrators are entitled to set up and delete individual sub-profiles. The Terms & Conditions of Use stated here must be accepted by each user separately. Administrators are not authorised to accept these Terms & Conditions in the name of the company or to accept all the profiles stored in the austrian.com profile. These must be accepted by each individual user of a profile personally. The administrator warrants that the data he/she has administered is correct and that the corresponding use of the administrator profile conforms to the law and the Terms & Conditions of Use.

For comparison, you can view the previous Terms & Conditions of Use for the austrian.com profile here.