Doctor on Board

If medical assistance is needed on board, we are helped by doctors who have joined our “Doctor on Board” programme.

An experienced doctor with colleagues in the hospital

Your benefits

For the participants we offer the following rewards:

  • 5,000 Miles & More award miles on your next flight
  • A copy of “Handbook of Aviation Medicine and Inflight Medical Emergencies”
  • A “Doctor on Board” luggage label designed exclusively for those taking part in the programme
  • A one-off promotion code worth EUR 50 for the next flight booking as well as regular special promotions
  • The option of paying to attend a course run by Lufthansa’s Medical Service and to acquire CME points while doing so

Doctor on Board courses

The next Doctor on Board courses take place in Frankfurt at Lufthansa. Interested parties who are already registered for the Doctor on Board programme can register by email at

Register for the programme

When you register, your specialist field will be saved with Miles & More so that the flight attendant can come to you in a medical emergency situation. If there are several doctors on board, a consultation with various disciplines will be possible.

Register with Miles & More

If you have not registered with Miles & More, please register with them first. You will immediately receive your Miles & More card number, which you can then enter on your registration form.

Send us your documents

Download the registration form for the “Doctor on Board” programme, print it out and upload it, together with a copy of your licence to practice medicine or your specialist certification, on to the Miles & More Website in the section Help & Contact.

Identify yourself during flight bookings

When you make reservations in future, simply quote your Miles & More card number as usual. That way we will know that we can depend on your medical assistance on board.

Liability and Insurance

The legal situation for the treating doctor is covered: Within the framework of the third-party insurance that we have taken out for such cases, doctors on board are covered against possible compensation claims from the passenger they have treated. Intent is of course excluded. This liability disclaimer applies to doctors and skilled lay assistants.


Do you have any queries concerning our programme or registration? We look forward to hearing from you!