Airbus A320-200

The Airbus A320 belongs to one of the most successful aircraft families in the world. Our type A320-200 aircraft are at the forefront when it comes to environmental protection, thanks to their CFM56 engines.

Side view of the Airbus 320-200 in Austrian design


In 1987, the Airbus A320 became the first passenger aircraft in the world to be completely controlled by the then revolutionary fly-by-wire system. This digital control technology is now standard. The short and medium-haul aircraft is used on flights with a range of up to 3,600 kilometres. For example, it takes you to Brussels, Dubrovnik or Cairo, with the flight destinations changing depending on the season.

Your benefits as a passenger

Enjoy the feeling of space: Travel in comfort and safely on the Airbus A320. The compact continental jet impresses with its surprising feeling of space and it’s reliable technology.


On selected flights, WiFi packages with different transmission rates are available

Enjoy your DO & CO menu on flights longer than 2 hours 45 minutes

Extra legroom seats can also be reserved

In Business Class you can take advantage of having a seat free adjacent to you


Aircraft typeShort and medium-haul passenger aircraft
Number in the fleet29
SeatsTotal: 174
Exception OE-LBY, OE-LBZ (total: 168); OE-LXA, OE-LXB, OE-LXC, OE-LXD, OE-LXE, OE-LZA, OE-LZB, OE-LZC, OE-LZD, OE-LZD, OE-LZE, OE-LZF (total: 180)
Maximum seat pitchBusiness Class: min. 30” (76.2 cm)
Economy Class: min. 28” (71.1 cm)
Wingspan34.1 m
Length37.6 m
Height11.8 m
Maximum speed980 km/h
Maximum cruise altitude11,920 m
Maximum range when loaded4,300 km

Technical information

ManufacturerAirbus Industrie, France
Names - Austrian Airlines paintingMarchfeld (OE-LBI), Hohe Tauern (OE-LBJ), Steirisches Thermenland (OE-LBK), Ausseerland (OE-LBL), Arlberg (OE-LBM), Osttirol (OE-LBN), Pyhrn-Eisenwurzen (OE-LBO), Neusiedlersee (OE-LBP with retro painting), Wienerwald (OE-LBQ), Bregenzer Wald (OE-LBR), Waldviertel (OE-LBS), Wörthersee (OE-LBT), Mühlviertel (OE-LBU), Weinviertel (OE-LBV), Innviertel (OE-LBW), Mostviertel (OE-LBX with Star Alliance painting), Carnuntum (OE-LBY), Obertauern (OE-LBZ), OE-LXA, OE-LXB, OE-LXC, OE-LXD, OE-LXE
EngineCFM International, CFM 56-5B6
Maximum thrust2 x 27,000 lbs
2 x 23,500 lbs

Total fuel19,100 kg
Maximum weight17,000-19,000 kg
Maximum take-off weight73,500 kg / 75,500 kg / 77,000 kg
Maximum landing weight64,500 kg / 66,000 kg