Discover Europe with Austrian Airlines

Fly with Austria Airlines to the most beautiful cities of Europe! Austrian offers many attractive connections to the better- and lesser-known centers of European culture. Paris, London or Zurich – These are cities that always are worth a week to enjoy them. Milan in Italy lures the visitors with the Fashion Weeks and a great cultural live: Here you find La Scala, the most famous Opera in the world. A romantic visit to nearby Venice is a great idea. After that, compare the original with the “Venice of the North”, Amsterdam. Here you find the famous Van Gogh Museum, the world-famous Red Light District and a relaxed population with a tendency to party all night. Whatever your favorite destination is, Austrian Airlines will bring you there and back home again!

Austrian Airlines flies to Amsterdam, the capital and largest city in the Netherlands. If you plan to fly with Austrian Airlines to Amsterdam, there are several discount ticket options available. The city of Amsterdam is a popular tourist destination.
Enjoy your Austrian flight to Paris, which will bring you to the capital of France in a comfortable and relaxing flight. Exploring Paris means a lot of world-famous sights are waiting to be seen with your own eyes: the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, Panthéon, Pont [...]
To most, Frankfurt is an airport, because here many flights connect from north to south, east to west and continent to continent. To other people it is the destination of business flights, because here the biggest banks in Germany have their headquarters, overshadowed by the [...]
Why not Book your flight on to London? London is located in the United Kingdom, and is the capital of Europe. It is also the largest urban zone in the European Union. This place offers a great night life and plenty of fun family-oriented activities to do during the [...]
Milan is the Italian capital of fashion, and the second largest city in the country. Located South of the Alps, in the Po river valley, the capital of the Lombardy region is also a center of Italian culture and business.
With your comfortable Austrian flight to Vienna you will land at the airport Vienna-Schwechat, the home and hub of Austrian Airlines. The City Airport train, a regional train or a bus will bring you to downtown Vienna in a very short time.
Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. It is located in the German-speaking North of the country, on the banks of lake Zurich. Kloten airport is the major hub for the entire country, and serves numerous locations domestically, within Europe, and overseas.