Discover the beautiful cities of Eastern Europe

Fly with Austrian Airlines to the wonders of Eastern Europe! Belgrade, Sofia or Warsaw - Austrian offers many attractive flights via its Vienna hub. There is a reason that Prague is called the “Golden City”, you will be amazed by the wealth of art and architecture the city has to show. An undiscovered gem is Krakow, one of the most beautiful cities of Poland. Medieval and renaissance style buildings dominate the city, but the population is quite young, a quarter of the locals are students at the University of Kraków. Bucharest, the „Paris of the East“, Sarajevo, one of the most beautiful cities of the Balkans, Moscow, the glittering Metropolis of Russia: The Eastern European cities are waiting to be discovered by you, Austrian Airlines will bring you there!

Looking for someplace a little outside the ordinary? Discover a brand new city - fly with Austrian Airlines to Belgrade and visit the capital city of Serbia. Rich in history and culture, visitors to Belgrade shouldn`t miss stunning St.
If you are ready for a getaway, fly with Austrian Airlines to Budapest and experience the largest and capital city of Hungary. As the capital of Hungary, Budapest is home to the countries industrial, political, and cultural center.
It is not surprising that Moscow, Russia`s capital and the largest city on the European continent, has a rich history. You will want to Book your flight on to Moscow and discover the numerous opportunities for enjoying contemporary theatre, fine art, music, and [...]
Krakow is the third largest city in Poland. However size isn't everything, Krakow attracts more visitors every year than any other Polish city. Lying southwest of the capital city of Warsaw, Krakow is packed with tourists of all shapes and sizes throughout the summer months.
Fly with Austrian to Bucharest, the capital and certainly the largest city of Romania. Most people visiting Romania want to see the great areas of Transylvania, but this part of the country is famous for one reason only: Vlad III Dracula or Vlad the Impaler, villain in the [...]
Come fly with Austrian Airlines to Prague and have the time of your life. The capitol of the Czech Republic is a melting pot for culture, history and cuisine. Located in the middle of Bohemia, you'll find everything from secluded riverside getaways to a exciting night life.
One of the fantastic things about Sarajevo is that people of all different religions live side by side and here you will find that mosques sit beside synagogues which sit beside Catholic churches and so on.
Fly with Austrian Airlines to Sofia, capital of Bulgaria and an up-and-coming tourist destination on the Balkans. Sofia is the largest city in Bulgaria and has a lot of history under its belt. Neolithic settlers lived here about 8000 b.
fly with Austrian Airlines to Warsaw and experience Poland's capital first-hand. Located on the Vistula River, Warsaw is also known as the 'phoenix city', having been rebuilt by the Polish citizens after WWII.
When you fly with Austrian to Zagreb, the capital of the Republic of Croatia, you are about to discover a hidden gem in the large collection of beautiful European cities. Go sightseeing to get a feel for the history of Zagreb.