Enjoy the beauty of Austria, home of Austrian Airlines

Austria can satisfy a great many tastes when it comes to how to spend your holidays. The Alps are the majestic backdrop for hiking the Tyrolian valleys and mountaintops, the romantic lakes, the beautiful valley of the Danube River: nature lovers will fall in love at once with Austria. Arts and culture are here in abundance; whether in Vienna with its great architecture and central role in classical music, or Salzburg, home of W. A. Mozart and the yearly Salzburg Festival. If you want to delve into the rich history of Austria, see Hallstatt, where Celtic tribes worked the salt mines of the area from 800 to 450 b.C. Walk a mile in the sandals of a Roman legionnaire in the archeological park of Carnuntum, where a part of the Roman town has been restored by scientists. There are many reasons to be happy in Austria, you should try them all!

When you fly with Austrian Airlines to Graz, you will discover the most delicious culinary delights Europe can offer. Everything locally grown and harvested, from wild game, to lamb and fruits and vegetables.
Located high in the Austrian Alps, Innsbruck is the capital city of the region of Tyrol. You can fly with Austrian Airlines and explore this scenic tourist destination. Innsbruck is a beautiful city of over 100,000 residents surrounded by mountains and an amazing landscape.
Klagenfurt, the capital of Carinthia in Austria, is a city of 90,000 with something to offer for everyone. It has many sites of interest, including the many Renaissance buildings in the Old City with charming arcaded courtyards, the beautiful Lindwurm Fountain depicting the [...]
The third-largest city in Austria, Linz is an interesting and important city in historical Europe. Once a part of the Holy Roman Empire, this area was later under the rule of Adolf Hitler and used as an important border point on the Danube River in World War II.
After Austria’s capital Vienna the beautiful town of Salzburg (SZG) is the second biggest tourist magnet in the country. For most travelers coming here, it is the music that lures them, especially the Salzburg Festival.
With your comfortable Austrian flight to Vienna you will land at the airport Vienna-Schwechat, the home and hub of Austrian Airlines. The City Airport train, a regional train or a bus will bring you to downtown Vienna in a very short time.