Discover the magic of Asia with Austrian Airlines

Asia is the biggest continent on earth, so you can expect a great variety of destinations, each with their distinctive charm. The dream island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean offers the best beaches in the world, according to beach enthusiast. It also offers a unique landscape and very rare animals. Visit the harbor town of Colombo, capital of Sri Lanka, the great Island south of India. Tradition and modern times collide in Hong Kong. The former British Crown Colony has a hypermodern skyline of glittering skyscrapers, but Chinese traditions like the yearly dragon boat race take place within the modern city’s harbor. Bangkok, capital of Thailand, is worth a visit all by itself, but it also the starting point to the great beaches on the coast. Whatever you want to see in Asia, Austrian Airlines will bring you there.

Your comfortable Austrian flight to Bangkok will bring you into a very intense climate zone, hot and humid, with monsoon rains from May to October. The capital of Thailand on the River Chao Phraya is the seat of the Royal Family since Rama I, founder of the current dynasty, made [...]
Since being discovered by Arab sailors in the 9th century, Mauritius went through periods of desolation and inhabitance with empires like the Dutch exploring what the island has to offer and disturbing the native Dodo population at the same time.
In Beijing one can experience a rapidly changing city that blends historic grandeur and modern architectural feats. An absolute must is Beijing´s Forbidden City, a UNESCO world heritage site that takes us back in time to the Ming and Qing dynasties while exploring its stunning [...]
A trade, transport and financial center of the world, Shanghai is one of the busiest and largest cities anywhere on the globe. With a population of 15 million permanent residents, there are also endless cultural sights and adventures to be considered in this megacity.