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When you fly with Austrian Airlines to Washington and the surrounding areas, be prepared for a wonderful lesson in American history, as well as a glimpse of modern politics and diplomacy in action. At its center is the Capitol Building, where the business of running this country is done. Stretching west is the National Mall, ending at the Lincoln Memorial. In between there are monuments, memorials and museums, honoring those who have served this country in wartime and in peace, and documenting great events that have shaped our entire world. Aside from monuments to the past, a visitor to Washington will find opportunities to enjoy the modern world in the city's other neighborhoods, such as in Georgetown, with its many restaurants and nightlife. With a diverse array of attractions available to the general public, the Evergreen State embodies serenity and allows the public to experience nature's beauty and awe. At the Olympic National Park or the Mount Rainier National Park, nature is preserved in such a way that allows us to observe wildlife as they go about their natural lives. Feeling adventurous? Plan camping trips or trail hiking as part of your itinerary to the Evergreen State. Love wildlife? The Woodland Park Zoo hosts exotic animals rarely found elsewhere, and makes for an eye-opening experience to the avid explorer. Another destination of interest is the Seattle Aquarium, home to a multitude of aquatic life. The Evergreen State does not just cater to the adventurous, however. Found within the Pike Place Market is the freshest produce one will find, from one of the oldest public farmer's markets in the United States. No trip here is ever complete without a trip to the Space Needle, a symbol of Seattle. Built in 1962, it stands at 605 feet tall, and a landmark of the Pacific Northwest. This is not just about nature or history, however. Check out the Wild Waves Theme Park at Federal Way! The largest theme park in its area, it will surely be an amazing time for families to enjoy and to relax and lay back. All this can be experienced with the purchase of cheap flights to Washington.

Worth knowing

  • Currency: United States dollar (USD)
  • Language: English
  • Capital: Washington D. C.
  • Austrian flight destination: Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Washington D. C.
  • Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD): The airport is located 42 km (26 miles) west of Washington.
  • Address: 1 Saarinen Cir, Dulles, VA, United States
  • Telephone: (1) (703) 572 2700
  • Airport Washington

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What are the conditions to change my booking online?
You can rebook online if...
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  • the flight time
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  • fully flexible ticket up to 3 hours before departure
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In case we were unable to trace your baggage within 5 days we kindly ask you to fill in the "Baggage Questionnaire" form and send it to
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