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The Kingdom of Thailand, formally known as Siam until 1939, is the 50th largest country in the world, almost equal to that of Spain. The climate here is generally associated with that of the tropics, making it hot and humid all year round. The main language spoken is Thai, although there are many regional dialects. English however is spoken and understood around most of Thailand. Traveling around Thailand is made easy by means of air, bus, and rail to beautiful locations such as Phuket or even the capital Bangkok. One famous location is that of Phi Phi Ley, featured in the blockbuster movie "The Beach". Here you will find pristine beaches with white sand and crystal blue waters, surrounded by limestone cliffs. A definite must see, and what better way to get there than to fly with Austrian Airlines to Thailand and explore the many treasures they have to show.

Stay in Thailand

Stay in Thailand
Phranakorn Hotel
No matter what time you arrive in the Phranakorn Nornlen - and be it in the middle of the night; a welcome with a nice smile is always there. The big plus of this little boutique hotel are the many green areas, terraces and wells as well as the staff which will become a second family in no time.   The rooms are simple and in some cases small (starting from 36 Euros), but they are decorated lovingly and with much creativity - and the breakfast tastes fantastic, especially the traditional Thai-tea. On the small roof there is a little terrace with a vegetable garden (the crop serves for the breakfast) where one can relax. The little tables of the comfortable bar on the first floor look directly at a big Buddha statue.   Overall, the Phranakorn Nornlen is a low-priced and heartwarming alternative to anonymous hotel chains. Five-star comfort, however, should not be expected. The beds, for instance, are relatively hard as is usual in Thailand, but the staff provides the guests gladly with additional blankets. Besides, there is always a masseuse at service.
The Chakrabongse
Old Bangkok Inn

Shopping in Thailand

Shopping in Thailand
Flower Market
One can already smell it when the boat stops at the Memorial Bridge. The Pak Khlong Talat flower market is located on the Chao Phraya and has existed since the reign of Rama I. However, back then the flowers, fruits and vegetables were sold out of the boats. Today the salesmen have solid ground under their feet and probably one of the most beautiful working places in the city.   The market is overwhelming with all its exotic magnificence, the intense scent and the rich diversity of flowers and tends to let the visitor almost forget that the temperature is about 35° C in the shade at a humidity of around 90 per cent. Even though the Pak Khlong Talat is open continuously - a visit is possible anytime - one should try to be there at sunrise. At this time the boats land with a fresh delivery from the province and the retailers of the city stock up with the daily requirement.   And don't forget the camera! By the way: One bunch of 50 roses, rolled up in newspaper, costs only one Euro, orchids a bit more. And the salesmen can also pack the flowers suitably for a flight.
Pantip Plaza
Victory Shopping

Sights in Thailand

Sights in Thailand
Floating Market
The Taling Chan Floating Market is one of the three floating markets in Bangkok and the one that is most easily accessible from the city. Every weekend it's all about grilling, chatting and bargaining - on the water. You can easily imagine how life in Bangkok used to take place mostly on the Chao Praya and the many klongs in former times. The Taling Chan was established in 1987 to remind of these almost forgotten times - and on the occasion of king Bhumibol's 60th birthday.   Already on the country way to the market there is one stall next to the other and the closer you get to the klong the more intensively the delightful smell of grilled fish and meat tickles your nose. You can hardly deny yourself from picking marinated shrimps on a spit at the first stall.   Most restaurants contain a dining area on a wooden jetty and a longboat where the dishes are prepared. Most of the times you take your seat on the wavering floor at one of the low tables.   If you have some time left you can book a boat tour at the small information desk at the entrance. A tour to the orchid farm costs approx. four euros for adults.
Khao San Road
Grand Palace

Eat in Thailand

Eat in Thailand
The rundown buildings along the grey and bumpy road that leads to the restaurant abandon any hope of a romantic evening in a relaxed atmosphere. But then the Spring appears between a row of houses.   A warm light shimmers through the large windows and a group of stylish expats and Asians are lounging  in huge pillows in the garden in front of the restaurant. Authentically Thai? Probably not, but it's quiet and green for sure - and the best place for leaving the busy city behind and cuddling with your date while watching the stars.   The Western touch is also reflected in the bill. The international dishes are good, but no extraordinarily gustatory explosion. The spring is especially a location for urban people who want to ease up and then stop by the popular Enchanted Bar (Sukhumvit Soi 55/J Avenue). You have to make a reservation there as well, otherwise you may face the same situation as facebook-founder Marc Zuckerberg, who stopped by the bar but didn't get a seat anymore.
Ruen Urai
Central Food

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