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Take a vacation and fly with Austrian Airlines to Stuttgart and have an experience you will never forget! The iconic South-German city of Stuttgart has an amazing assortment of activities and places to see. The city defines the whole urban region, and in such a center, you are sure to find plenty of activities to spend your vacation. The city has many museums and buildings chronicling the rich history of the region. Visit the Stiftskirche church, and Schillerplatz square. Take a stroll in one of many beautiful parks or in the Wilhelma Zoo or enjoy the cultural experience of the State Opera house, or visit the vineyards on the steep banks of the Neckar river flowing through Stuttgart. Whether you are young or old, single or with a family, Stuttgart is the destination for you!

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Worth knowing

  • Currency: Euro(EUR)
  • Language: German
  • Capital: Berlin
  • Austrian flight destination: Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich, Stuttgart, Usedom
  • Stuttgart Airport (STR): The airport is located 13 km (8 miles) south of Stuttgart.
  • Address: Flughafenstr. 43, 70629 Stuttgart, Germany
  • Telephone: (49) (01805) 948 444
  • Airport Stuttgart You will be directed to a possibly non-accessible site. Take care. Be careful.

Where to eat in Stuttgart

Where to eat in Stuttgart
Wine tavern
The Bohnenviertel (beans district) is the oldest and perhaps most charming neighbourhood of Stuttgart. Although some things have changed here, you'll still find three very original wine taverns - in the rustic restaurant "Zur Kiste" (At the box). Whence the name? We don't know. Maybe because almost everything here is made of wood, because the three little taverns are stacked like boxes onto one another, or because there is so little space that you almost feel like you are stuck in a box. Never mind, it only makes it more cosy. As a base for the wine you get Maultaschen (Swabian ravioli), meat fritters or briskets of beef. The wine is slightly overpriced, in order to sell more of the beer from the in-house brewery. However, if you come for the traditional Viertelesschlotzen (Swabian vernacular for drinking quarters of wine), you might have to bite the bullet. In any event, you are not alone: There are artisans, politicians, professors, directors, artists, the talkative and the quiet.
Irma la Douce
Punto fisso

What to see in Stuttgart

What to see in Stuttgart
Flea market
If you come here you'll hit two fleas at one blow, because not only the flea market is great, the Karlsplatz, too, is worth a trip. In the middle of the square, which is lined by trees, you find a mighty stone lion. On Saturdays, however, the beast seems to disappear behind the immense accumulation of antiques, trinkets, useful and beautiful stuff. If you look for it you'll really find anything on this market. The quality is variable, you do have to push aside a lot of rubbish to find true gems. Yet this is part of the game, and locals have been enjoying it for 25 years now. Two things that are absolutely part of a visit to the flea market: Dedicated haggling - something is always possible - and a small beer at the takeaway. Maybe a sausage to go with it and you've made your day.
City library

Where to stay in Stuttgart

Where to stay in Stuttgart
Zum Hexenhäusle
You don't care about a central location? Then the Hexenhäusle (witch house) is a charming and authentic alternative to the hotels in the city centre. It's hardly possible to get a cheaper place - which is why you can take the liberty to hire one or the other taxi. The rooms are bright, decorated in a sunny yellow and spotlessly clean. The hotel was last renovated in 2007, and since then everything has been shining in a warm glow. There are sinks in the rooms, yet no showers - those are on the floors for common use. If you want to save even more, you can bring your own towels and bed linen, otherwise you have to rent them. And if you don't feel like making your way into the city centre at night, you can settle down in the hostel garden or play table football with the other guests. Doubles start at 16 euros a night per person, and for longer-term residents (one month stay) there is a special tariff of 11 euros per person.
Le Meridien
Waldhotel Stuttga

Where to shop in Stuttgart

Where to shop in Stuttgart
Mrs. Opatril has probably never heard of the word subtle, and if she has, she has forgotten it immediately. She designs bags, hats, coats and shoes. Nothing more and nothing less. Yet she draws from an exclusive pool of ideas and puts at least a piece of fur, leather, gold or silver onto every single piece. Sounds frumpy? Only in the rarest of cases. Most of her fashion is striking, colourful and tailor-made for extravagant customers. Of course, PETA activists would not be amused, they would find more than one reason to protest. The raccoon fur bag is only suited for ladies who don't lose much sleep over living animals. The furs of Antelopes, foxes, calves, minks and rabbits are all available. The most interesting creation is the silver leather hat aviator-style. It's padded with coloured rabbit fur, and is not only warm but also an absolute looker.

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