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Take a vacation and fly with Austrian Airlines to Stuttgart and have an experience you will never forget! The iconic South-German city of Stuttgart has an amazing assortment of activities and places to see. The city defines the whole urban region, and in such a center, you are sure to find plenty of activities to spend your vacation. The city has many museums and buildings chronicling the rich history of the region. Visit the Stiftskirche church, and Schillerplatz square. Take a stroll in one of many beautiful parks or in the Wilhelma Zoo or enjoy the cultural experience of the State Opera house, or visit the vineyards on the steep banks of the Neckar river flowing through Stuttgart. Whether you are young or old, single or with a family, Stuttgart is the destination for you!

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Worth knowing

  • Currency: Euro (EUR)
  • Language: German
  • Capital: Berlin
  • Austrian flight destination: Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich, Stuttgart, Usedom
  • Stuttgart Airport (STR): The airport is located 13 km (8 miles) south of Stuttgart.
  • Address: Flughafenstr. 43, 70629 Stuttgart, Germany
  • Telephone: (49) (01805) 948 444
  • Airport Stuttgart

What to see in Stuttgart

What to see in Stuttgart
Flea market
If you come here you'll hit two fleas at one blow, because not only the flea market is great, the Karlsplatz, too, is worth a trip. In the middle of the square, which is lined by trees, you find a mighty stone lion. On Saturdays, however, the beast seems to disappear behind the immense accumulation of antiques, trinkets, useful and beautiful stuff. If you look for it you'll really find anything on this market. The quality is variable, you do have to push aside a lot of rubbish to find true gems. Yet this is part of the game, and locals have been enjoying it for 25 years now.   Two things that are absolutely part of a visit to the flea market: Dedicated haggling - something is always possible - and a small beer at the takeaway. Maybe a sausage to go with it and you've made your day.
City library

Where to shop in Stuttgart

Where to shop in Stuttgart
Breuninger is known in Stuttgart as a fashion and lifestyle brand. Since last autumn the long-established company can be proud of additional 2,000 square metres for shoes in the flagship store on the Marktstraße. But let's take one at a time!   In 1881 Eduard Breuninger opened his first store on the Münzstraße in Stuttgart. With a little sensation: he begins with a clearance sale. Eight years later the next surprise: the employees are allowed to take off Sundays - quite unusual for that time. Also holidays are to be introduced. 70 years later the next Breuninger vision follows: the Stuttgart company is the first company in Europe who would allow cashless payments via debit card. In addition, Heinz Breuninger installs a kindergarten for his customers as well as a garage and several restaurants. In 2006 the above-mentioned flagship store opens in order to display - six years later on the lower ground - high heels, flats and sneakers - 250 brands altogether. That's lived innovation that we like!
Night Delight

Where to stay in Stuttgart

Where to stay in Stuttgart
Hotel Riehle
Don't feel like too many knick-knacks? Welcome to the Pension Riehle. Here you live in one of the 32 rooms that can safely describe as functional but comfortable. A bed, a table, a chair, wooden floor, skylights, airy curtains. The inn is perfect for guests who appreciate a cosy and down-to-earth environment and don't need any extravagances to have a nice holiday. The location is great for culture lovers, since it's only a brush stroke away from the Stuttgart State Gallery. This can be very handy, because if you want to really do justice to the collections of paintings, sculptures, and graphic design, you'll have to visit the museum several times. Attention: Not all rooms have an en-suite bathroom. Doubles start at about 48 euros a night.
Hotel Seybold
Graf Zeppelin

Where to eat in Stuttgart

Where to eat in Stuttgart
Irma la Douce
Is this a nightclub? Or an escort agency? Don't be fooled by the velveteen name of the restaurant. It's a restaurant offering Haute Cuisine of the finest kind. Until not long ago, the chef, Matthias Herrmann. has cooked for the star-rated Zirebnstube. Now he has ended up in the red-light district of Stuttgart. Not because he fell from his glory, but because he can realize his own culinary ideas in the restaurant of Remo Heine.   The menu changes daily and is just as short as it is creative. Rarely do you find more than six dishes, but all of them are so delicious that the gourmet will have a hard time deciding. The interior is, just like the name, reminiscent of Paris: Slightly luxurious, but not overly so. Very stylish and also comfortable.
Épicerie fine
Cube Restaurant

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