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Premium Economy Class


Fly with Austrian Airlines to Sofia, capital of Bulgaria and an up-and-coming tourist destination on the Balkans. Sofia is the largest city in Bulgaria and has a lot of history under its belt. Neolithic settlers lived here about 8000 b.c., the Greek and the Romans conquered the Thracian city Serdica, the ancient predecessor of Sofia. The oldest building of Sofia today is a Roman church from the 4th century. In stark contrast, the National Palace of Culture is a great example for socialist era architecture. The mighty Saint Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is the second biggest Eastern Orthodox Church in the world and certainly worth a visit. Sofia is surrounded by mountains, where hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter is possible. The Vitosha Mountain, a national park and great snow resort, is a favourite destination for the locals.

The city itself boast great parks and gardens to get a rest from the daily hustle, like the grand Borisova gradina, the oldest park in Sofia, or the Sofia University%s Botanic Garden. Try the unique Bulgarian cuisine, a blend of Greek, Balkan and Turkish traditions. The hearty food will give you the lining for a night out in the lively club and music scene of Sofia. Dance to the fast and folky Bulgarian version of the Balkan Beat and party with the locals until the sun comes up over the mountains around Sofia.

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Worth knowing

Worth knowing

  • Currency: Bulgarian lev(BGN)
  • Language: Bulgarian
  • Capital: Sofia
  • Austrian flight destination: Sofia, Varna
  • Sofia Airport (SOF): The airport is located 10 km (6 miles) east of Sofia.
  • Address: 1 Hristofor Columb Blvd, Sofia 1540, Bulgaria
  • Telephone: (359) (02) 937 2211
  • Airport Sofia You will be directed to a possibly non-accessible site. Take care. Be careful.

Where to shop in Sofia

Where to shop in Sofia
If you take a walk through the shopping malls in Sofia you may doubt that Bulgaria once had anything to do with communism. Here capitalism reigns, and the Bulgarians who own the necessary capital enjoy every bit of it. The City Centre Sofia at the Arsenalski Boulevard is an impressive mall that extends over six floors. Included in the entertainment programme are bars, restaurants and an imposing IMAX cinema. Fashion lovers can buy French fashion at SInequanon and Turkish glass ware such as vases, drinking glasses and bowls. Highlights are the Nolita Shop, with unique fashion for unique women, and the Ra-Re Store, which not only offers clothes but also history and way of life along with it. Morover, there are Kookai, Energie, Fornarina, Stefanel, Missoni and other international brands. Kenvelo is a kind of Czech H&M and a Mecca for Bulgarian youth.
Maxido Shop
Andrews Fashion

Where to eat in Sofia

Where to eat in Sofia
Tiffany Club
In the fast-paced club scene you can almost call the Tiffany Club an oldy - for five years now it's been one of the top places to party all night long. The restaurant offers a broad spectrum of European dishes, as well as creative and tasty sushi. The furnishing appears to be very retro at first glance, and ultramodern at the second: Crystal on the ceiling, cushioned benches, different easy chairs and stools, leather on the walls. One tends to order a Martini and feel like James Bond, yes, even as a woman. If you want to enjoy the bar at your ease, you should come for lunch. It offers the right framework for a business meeting or a nice chat with friends. At night it's getting louder, when the DJ starts to make everybody dance. Special parties and events keep people from getting bored. 
Dream House

Where to stay in Sofia

Where to stay in Sofia
Sheraton Sofia
The Sheraton is one of the best hotels in town and deserves every single one of its five stars. It`s located at a prominent spot, in the centre of the city. Even travellers with limited time on their hands get a chance to explore the city and plunge into city life. The motto? Luxury of the finest kind. It starts in the hotel lobby, which welcomes you with sophisticated stucco, columns reaching to the ceiling and marble floors. It goes on with spacious rooms with ceilings so high that the chandeliers almost seem to get lost. Not enough? Enjoy the comprehensive programme in the fitness centre, the sauna or the beauty parlour. If you don`t want to go outside after a tiring day, you don`t have to get bored: You can lose your money in the casino or invest it in an elegant evening in the Stardust Restaurant or the Lobby Bar Pliska. The terrace is particularly beautiful, from there you`ll have a great view of the city centre - and this is really an unforgettable experience, especially at night.
Scotty`s Hotel
Radisson Blu

What to see in Sofia

What to see in Sofia
Banja Baschi
The Banja Baschi Mosque is an impressive monument to the Ottoman Era, one of the very few in Sofia. It was built in the 16th century under the Turkish master builder Hadshi Mimar Sinan, who was also responsible for the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. The mosque has two floors - the upper one is reserved for female visitors. The mosque is the only active one in Sofia: Every day the muezzin calls to the believers from the 15-metre high minaret. Visitors are welcome outside of prayer times. The neighbouring baths are also worth a visit. They were built in 1908 and harbour a big pool. Behind two separate entryways for men and women there are several small mineral pools.
Slaveykov Square
Sveta Sofija

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