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New York

New York

Come fly with Austrian Airlines to New York and discover New York City. The Big Apple is still the greatest city in the world so plan on having an enjoyable time here. One of the best ways to discover the city is to take a tour bus. You will experience a guided tour that will be very informative as well as fun. Have you ever wanted to take a stroll in Central Park, visit the Rockefeller Center, or tour the Chrysler Building? Well now is your chance. The dining in New York City is second to none. Take your pick of any of the new Italian restaurants opening all over town. For the greatest entertainment anywhere, be sure to get your tickets for a Broadway show. Enjoy your stay in New York City. NYC is one of the most visited cities in the United States of America, frequently attracting tourists due to its fame and amazing city skylines. It is one of the largest economic hubs in the world, powered by the world-famous Wall Street. It is surprisingly racially and culturally diverse, and can be a cornucopia of experiences for even the most seasoned traveller or tourist. The city does not seem to run out of sightseeing sights; from the Statue of Liberty to Times Square to the Empire State Building, the city has numerous icons that are known to almost any tourist in the world. The city also serves as a good base for visiting nearby destinations such as Toronto, Philadelphia or Connecticut. Driving can be a nightmare in the city so taking public transport is advisable. The buses and subway trains require you to use a "MetroCard", which you can purchase at subway stations or even online. The subway is perhaps the quickest way to get around the city as it is well connected and will most definitely bring you to all sightseeing destinations. With flights to New York at a low rate, there is no reason not to visit. The city is iconic and the people are wildly diverse. You will experience nothing but wonder as you walk the streets of the Big Apple and marvel at how far the most famous city on Earth has come. With its upbeat life and constant vibe, this city is like no other. Visit today.

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Eat in New York

Eat in New York
Some of the most sough-after tables are to be found in New York. And since the beginning of 2013 the city got even hotter: Richie Notar and Jim Pallotta have opened the Harlow on East 56th Street.   Richie - who was born in Queens - knows what the New Yorkers want. He began his career as a busboy in Ian Schrager and Steve Rubell's Studio 54 where he skinned potatoes and chopped onions on a daily basis. This changed when he became chef and from that point on worked in the city's top restaurants. At Nobu he was appointed General Manager. Eventually he became Managing Partner. In 2011 he founded his own gastro group and hired Meyer Davis Studio for his first own business, the restaurant/salon/café project named Harlow in Midtown Manhattan.   His designers created an oyster-shaped marble bar and an ivy wall in the winter garden. In the reception area you'll spot an original Andy Warhol and the dining tables are lighted by chandeliers from the 30s. What a hot spot!
Spice Market
Pearl & Ash

Stay in New York

Stay in New York
The Ritz-Carlton
Rising the curtains and looking into the green. Amidst Manhattan. That's possible in the Ritz-Carlton New York Central Park. The elegant five star luxury hotel with 259 rooms and suites ranges among the classics of Manhattan's upscale hotel cosmos.   The hotel does not only offer a - sometimes also spectacular - view on the Central Park. It's situated within spitting distance of 5th Avenue, the Broadway and the Rockefeller Center and houses the multi awarded BLT Market restaurant by Laurent Tourondel and - together with La Prairie at The Ritz-Carlton Spa - one of the city's first luxury spas (opened in 2002). Guests admire the French satin bed linen (Pratesi in the royal suites and Egyptian in the Cantral Park suite) and the selection of seven different cushions, marmoreal bathrooms, an exquisitely filled mini bar and of course all modern conveniences like WLAN or B&O systems in some of the suites.   Both Travel + Leisure and Condé Nast Traveler put the Ritz 2001 on their high score lists. Rooms starting from 795 dollars without, 895 dollars with view on the Central Park.
Gramercy P. Hotel

Sights in New York

Sights in New York
Chelsea Galleries
Every Thursday the city-stroller in Chelsea on Manhattan's West Side meets contemporary art in concentrated form - because Thursday is vernissage day. The area between 10th Avenue and Hudson River at the level of 20th to 28th Street changes into a single art and culture zone where artists and those interested in the arts come together in the street in front of the gallery to carry on conversations over a glass of wine.   The selection of the galleries in Chelsea, characteristic for its low buildings, ranges from prestigious galleries such as the Gagosian Gallery, which has two branches in the 21st West and the 24th West Street and represents established names such as carver Richard Serra, to smaller galleries such as Susan Inglett, who displays aspiring talents like Hope Gangloff (picture). They are, like most of the galleries in Chelsea, open from Tuesday to Saturday.   Chelsea has developed into a gallery-district over the last 20 years. Driven by increasing housing-prices in SoHo, the scene translocated its site to the West Side. The Chelsea Gallery Map gives an overview. 
9/11 Memorial
Whitney Museum

Shopping in New York

Shopping in New York
Century 21
Versace, Jil Sanders, Giorgio Armani - the fashion stars of the world are peacefully united at one place: at Century 21, the mega outlet at the Ground Zero which sells clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, lingerie, sun glasses and fragrances by international designers at discount prices for almost 50 years.   In the five storeys of the outlet you have to be ruthless sometimes in a rummage table manner, which stands in contrast to the serious business conduct of the Financial District people in front of the shop's doors. But the scuffles for the pullover or the bag - which the housewife, baseball star and model in the same engaging way participate in - are not surprising as the pieces are cheaper between 40 and 65 per cent.   It's cosier in the morning hours or in the Century 21 subsidiary in Brooklyn. The outlet in Manhattan opens its doors to shopaholics and bargain hunters at 7.45, on weekends at 10 o'clock or 11 o'clock, respectively. The store in Brooklyn opens at 10 on weekdays.
Haute Hippie
Bergdorf Goodman

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