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Israel, one of the oldest civilized countries in human history, is surprisingly young, having been most recently organized as a country in 1948. One can fly with Austrian Airlines to Israel and see that this is no young country. Israel has been inhabited since the dawn of man, with Neanderthal remains from the region, going back as far as 50,000 years. Though mostly a peaceful nation, it's strategic location between Egypt and Saudia Arabia has made it an often conquered land. The first nation to influence Israel was Egypt. Around 1000 B.C, an independent Judean Kingdom was set up under King Saul. After a civil war, the land was conquered by Assyrians and Persians and in 330 BC it was controlled by Alexander the Great. The land was later controlled by the Maccabees and was also conquered in 63 BC by the Romans.

Austrian Flights to the Middle East

Austrian Airlines operates a large number of flights to the key economic centres in the Middle East: Tel Aviv, Cairo, Tehran.

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What costs apply when changing a booking?
What are the conditions to change my booking online?
You can rebook online if...
  • booked your ticket online at
  • ...your fare conditions allow rebooking.
  • ...the new flight has an Austrian Airlines flight number.
What booking details can I change?
  • the flight time
  • the date
  • the booking class of your ticket
What are the deadlines for rebooking?
  • fully flexible ticket up to 3 hours before departure
  • all other tickets up to 24 hours before departure
What do I need to do if my baggage is missing for more than 5 days?
In case we were unable to trace your baggage within 5 days we kindly ask you to fill in the "Baggage Questionnaire" form and send it to
Please note: It is very important for our further tracking process that you provide a detailed list of the contents of your lost bag.
What could be the problem if web check-in doesn t work for me?
Please check the data you have entered for any typing errors, and try again. If there are problems when checking in with your Miles & More number, please insert your ticketnumber or bookingcode instead.Please check here if web check-in is possible for your flight.

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