Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates(UAE), a country located on the East coast of the Arabian peninsula. Dubai made its fortune over the last decade through its vast oil reserves, and more recently is trying to diversify its economic activity. Finance and tourism are two industries in which Dubai is investing heavily, especially through various projects that made headlines around the World. Numerous world class hotels have been built, and entire new islands are being created to provide real estate opportunities. Some of them are truly spectacular. Dubai is also aggressively trying to become a major tourist destination, for example by providing a world class airport-hub for travel among various continents. You can fly to Dubai airport with Austrian Airlines.

Sights in Dubai

Sights in Dubai
VU's Bar
VU's Bar. Sounds cool, and actually it is. Not only because of the amazing view that is offered on the 51st floor of the Jumeirah Emirates Towers in Dubai's Commercial District.   Already in the elevator on your way up you could feel a little dizzy. Because the elevator is made of glass so that you don't miss any second of your view. Having reached the top you immediately think of chocolate with strawberry flavour. That's probably due to the brown furniture and the futuristic window rows. And the candy-red, cube-shaped chairs.   But pay attention! Not everybody is granted access to the VU's Bar. Teenagers under 21 may not enter, and the same applies to shorts and sneakers. What a pity, because the Martino  Houshmand duo with Latin American Cuban rhythms and its jazz tango bossa nova repertoire would probably please a younger crowd as well - and so would the pool on top of the tower with direct view into the starry sky.
Hindi Lane
Heritage Village

Eat in Dubai

Eat in Dubai
Exchange Grill
Only one step into this noble restaurant is enough and you will immediately see that it is one of the most exclusive restaurants in Dubai. Noble design, stately nod of the maitre, works of art on the walls, intimate lighting and soft background music radiate the elegant understatement of the Fairmont Hotel, in which the Exchange Grill resides.   The menu contains everything one can expect from a high-end steakhouse (lobster, Wagyu beef, Angus beef). The best choice is a steak. Along with it various mustard types and sauces are served on a tablet. One can even choose between a selection of several hand-made steak knives.   Who doesn't eat beef, can order fish, chicken filled with pistachios, ravioli with ricotta filling or lamb with honey crust. In addition, there is an elegant wine list to round of the delicious meal.
The Gem Garden
Rivington Grill

Shopping in Dubai

Shopping in Dubai
Boulevard Dubai
The Towers Boulevard doesn't range among the biggest shopping malls in the city. It's rather addressed to those with the really big wallets. But also those who don't possess the really big bank notes should come by once.   The glass and steel architecture forms two uniform triangle structures, the 350-metre tall office tower and a 305-metre tall hotel complex. The connection of the two colossi is the 13,050-square-metre big boulevard.   On the shopping area international luxury brans offer their latest collections from Milan, Paris and New York. On the main floor you find fashion by Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent and leather accessories by Bottega Veneta. In the upper spheres Prada, Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney await their customers. After business hours the fun is not over yet. Then the credit cards keep on burning at the cash points of the restaurants and bars.
Wafi City

Stay in Dubai

Stay in Dubai
Atlantis The Palm
Atlantis The Palm is a superlative hotel complex. The numbers speak for themselves: The 1,539 rooms and suites are located in two Royal-Towers-Wings which are connected by an Arabic archway. The 18-hectare-large Aqua amusement park has water slides, lagoons and a lot of other recreational facilities. 25,000 m3 of water are necessary and about 65,000 fish and sea animals are found in the spectacular aquaria.   In the Dolphin Bay, guests can even swim with dolphins. The myth of Atlantis is revived in The Lost Chambers with tunnels, underground corridors and sunken streets and places. The beach is about 1.5 km long. In addition, high-class names such as the Japanese Nobu or the two-star chef Michel Rostang's Rostang can be found among the 17 restaurants, bars and lounges. Rooms starting from 170 Euros.
Palm hotel
Park Hyatt

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