Shopping in Milan

Shopping in Milan
Il Salvagente
A garage sale in designer fashion-clothing. The reverred Il Salvagante outlet store offers smashing fashion at knock-out prices. Shoppers here will need sharp elbows as you won't get those sought-after Helmut Lang jeans without a bit of push and shove! You will have to bring your boxing gloves if you're aiming for anything Prada and extend your claws if you're set on a Gucci outfit. The clientele here is a bit like the big brands on offer: from the past, but still in top-form. Daggers will be drawn if you get in the way of the bargain-hunting fine ladies. And the more money they have, the more they insist on their discounts. It may sound strange, but it is well worth participating the bustle and tussle. Although you may come away with a few bruises, both your wardrobe and your purse will thank you for it. If you make it here, then you can make it anywhere!
The GoldenQuarter

Stay in Milan

Stay in Milan
Townhouse 31
For those who don't want to be mothered, the Townhouse 31 is the perfect place. You will have to venture outside if you don't want to starve. Although there is an excellent breakfast servie, there is no restaurant. This shouldn't be a problem for individualists as Milan's restaurant strips are overflowing this culinary wonders.   Before you hit the pasta bowl, let's take a look at the hotel once more. Ettore Mocchetti, the publisher of the Architectural Digest, designed this hotel, and the majority of the guests stem from the same discipline. But not that you think of it as a piece of art. Although the Townhouse boasts a modern interior it comse across as unmistakably conservative. Earthly tones, dark furniture and the almost obligatory marble bath dominate the furnishing.   Breakfasts here are quite cosy and you will get to know the other guests on the shared breakfast table rather quickly. The owner is also to be seen at breakfast, and is always happy to have a chat. The setting is also very familiar and peaceful as the building is found in a quiet residential area established in the 19th century - the hustle and bustle of the city centre plays no role here. Double rooms are available from 170 euros per night.
Hotel Malpensa
Grand Hotel

Eat in Milan

Eat in Milan
Ricerca Alimentar
Maybe he discovered the truth in wine. Maybe he simply doesn't speak any English. Maybe he doesn't care about his customers. Whatever the case, the old man behind the counter of the Ricerca Alimentari seldomly speaks and when he does, it's only in Italian. Nonetheless, he knows what he is doing. He is Bacchus, he is Dionysos, he has a command of the grape like none other and he serves everything from Ageno to Zubebi, from Argentina to Hungary, from 1932 to 2009, from bone-dry to Südhang Spätlese. One thing is sure - this man has an immense wine knowledge collected over the decades, along with wines that have aged for just as long. There's also a fantastic selection of fine cheese and ham to boot. Would you like to know exactly? How about Parmigiano Reggiano? Or Prosciutto iberico Pata Negra Bellota? In summary: Everything here fits wonderfully well together - The wine, the cheese, the old man behind the counter. You can't help but ask yourself - is he serious about it, or does he just do it for the tourists?
Radetzky Café
Renoir Cafe

Sights in Milan

Sights in Milan
Garden Floor
Milan and its rooftop bars: these are few and far between. Different to cities like Bangkok or New York, the Italians do not use their hotel roofs for relaxed after hours or endless panorama views. The hotel Milano Scala, close to the opera, the cathedral and the Parco Sempione has now taken up the role of the pioneer and pleases the Milanese society with its Brera Garden Floor.   And the new garden terrace on the eight floor of the boutique hotel has cult potential. Between lemon trees and vine branches there are artworks by aspiring artists that are exchanged on a regular basis. In between, there's lavender, rosemary and a picnic basket. In the latter, you'll find - how eco-chic - the antipasti. In the background lounge music and the view on the Lombardic capital which at the moment prepares itself for the Expo 2015. Because of the chilly temperature in these dizzy heights, the doors to the Garden Floor remain closed throughout the autumn and winter season and will reopen in spring.
Scala di Milano
La Triennale

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