Shopping in Milan

Shopping in Milan
The Cool Hunters think that it's time to wake up for high-end jewellery stores all around the world. Similar to banks they tend to stick to rather traditional store designs. Their cosmopolitan clients ask for an upgrade.   On Via Montenapoleone, Milan's luxury shopping street, the long-established jeweller's family Faraone hired architect Massimo Iosa Ghini for the purpose of such an upgrade. He has already furnished stores for Maserati and Ferrari. The two-storey jewellery salon got an equally elegant look: beige chairs with soft nappa leather and a matching carpet. You won't lose the impression to be in a jewellery box.   Talking of jewellery. Faraone also adapted their products to modern times: orange, purple and yellow semiprecious stones on pink gold. Stone the crows! Also surprising: Faraone was the first Italian luxury jeweller with thought-out web concept and own facebook page.
Coppola Atelier
Antique Market

Sights in Milan

Sights in Milan
Fashion Café
Attentione! If you think of going to Fashion Café, it'd be best to think about your outfit the day before. Otherwise you might feel uncomfortable among all these models, business people and trendsetters. And the designation 'café' also doesn't really suit this venue: from breakfast to lunch, aperitif and dinner - everything's served here! Thursdays to Sundays international DJs put on some tunes at the turntables after dinner.   The area - Brera - is a former art district and given its many bars and restaurants has a lot of nightlife potential. The Fashion Café is located here for thirty years by now. But it doesn't look old, quite the contrary - the owners have spiced up the historic location with fifties furniture and groovy lighting effects. Don't miss: Sunday's Vintage Brunch, the design market and regular exhibitions of young artists!
Campari Museum
San Siro Stadion

Eat in Milan

Eat in Milan
Renoir Cafe
Does everyone travel to Venice on Valentine's day? Not any more! Milan also has its romantic side, to be found in Renoir Cafe. As kitsch as kitsch can be is the motto of the playful restaurant dressed in pink. This doesn't disturb the lovebirds that flock here however.   Personalised service is the key to true love at Renoir Cafe, where couple's love songs are played on the piano. Or the monumental individual cakes, that no couple could possible finish off, no matter how deep in love they are. Honeypie and Sugarplum can also adopt the victorian furnishings and ignite the romance by dressing up in medieval customes available for rent. And to make it even easier, rings, roses or gifts can be brought to the table at the right moment. Love is in the air!
Ricerca Alimentar
Radetzky Café

Stay in Milan

Stay in Milan
Grand Hotel
The Grand Hotel would never boast about it, but it does modestly point out that Guiseppe Verdi once lived here for over 20 years. Pictures and sketches of him, along with other hommages are inconspicuously scattered throughout the hotel, just in case you wanted to ask.   The close proximity to the Milano Skala means that the hotel may be full of the who's who of the opera scene. Considered as Milan's oldest hotel, the Grand Hotel has lots to offer and tastefully features many artefacts from it's 150-year history. A Chiase lounge from the 19th century and stucco work on the high ceilings compliment the granite flooring and oriental carpet. Art-decó meets Art Nouveau and impresses with the noble furnishings from a time where compartments were still in.   The wallpaper in every room exudes charm, but the modern touch has been lent to a few areas after the latest renovation: the fitness centre hosts the latest in high-tech machines and the conference rooms, named after Ruccini and Verdi, boast all the latest mod-cons. And whilsts we are on the topic, the uncountable pieces of art and vases placed in the suites are, you guessed it, dedicated to Verdi. Double rooms are available from 315 euros per night.
Hotel Gray
Hotel Delizia

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