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What costs apply when changing a booking?
What are the conditions to change my booking online?
You can rebook online if...
  • booked your ticket online at
  • ...your fare conditions allow rebooking.
  • ...the new flight has an Austrian Airlines flight number.
What booking details can I change?
  • the flight time
  • the date
  • the booking class of your ticket
What are the deadlines for rebooking?
  • fully flexible ticket up to 3 hours before departure
  • all other tickets up to 24 hours before departure
What do I need to do if my baggage is missing for more than 5 days?
In case we were unable to trace your baggage within 5 days we kindly ask you to fill in the "Baggage Questionnaire" form and send it to
Please note: It is very important for our further tracking process that you provide a detailed list of the contents of your lost bag.
What could be the problem if web check-in doesn t work for me?
Please check the data you have entered for any typing errors, and try again. If there are problems when checking in with your Miles & More number, please insert your ticketnumber or bookingcode instead.Please check here if web check-in is possible for your flight.

Where to eat in Milan

Where to eat in Milan
Ricerca Alimentar
Maybe he discovered the truth in wine. Maybe he simply doesn't speak any English. Maybe he doesn't care about his customers. Whatever the case, the old man behind the counter of the Ricerca Alimentari seldomly speaks and when he does, it's only in Italian. Nonetheless, he knows what he is doing. He is Bacchus, he is Dionysos, he has a command of the grape like none other and he serves everything from Ageno to Zubebi, from Argentina to Hungary, from 1932 to 2009, from bone-dry to Südhang Spätlese. One thing is sure - this man has an immense wine knowledge collected over the decades, along with wines that have aged for just as long. There's also a fantastic selection of fine cheese and ham to boot. Would you like to know exactly? How about Parmigiano Reggiano? Or Prosciutto iberico Pata Negra Bellota? In summary: Everything here fits wonderfully well together - The wine, the cheese, the old man behind the counter. You can't help but ask yourself - is he serious about it, or does he just do it for the tourists?
Nobu Armani

What to see in Milan

What to see in Milan
Museo del Cinema
It was the beginning of the end: The black eye make-up, the exaggerated spectacle and the jittery images. The Milan film museum takes you back to the origins of the moving picture and offers nostalgics all they need to know about the camera technology used in the era of Chaplin. As projectors were invented, digital beta, bluescreens and scenes of armageddon recreated on computers were totally unimaginable. Back then, people were shocked by stunts, that would evoke a simple shrug of the shoulders in today's world of film. The film museum follows the progression of cinema throughout the decades, and showcases the exponents of the Lumiére amongst stage settings, posters, documents and gimmicks from the world of film. And for those that summon a real passion for the film of yesteryear can visit the small cinema in the museum and watch a classic in full length.
Scala di Milano
Nights at the Mus

Where to shop in Milan

Where to shop in Milan
Butteros are the cowboys from Tuscany. Some of them still pursue their profession in the area of Maremma. Since the beginning of the 1970s the Sani family is in charge of their footwear. To be more precisely, the three brothers, their father Mauro - the owner - and the family team.   The Buttero boots, sandals and sneakers can be found in well-lit shelves in the flagship store at Corso Garibaldi in Milan. They are all hand-crafted and made of naturally tanned Maremma leather. And they are waiting for the right foot, both male and female. The shoes are framed by Texas brown wood panels. A rustic chair and leather footstool are ready for a fitting. That's how you picture the perfect cowboy dressing environment.   But a cowboy needs more than shoes. That's why the Buttero store also offers bags, belts and further leather accessories. If you cannot find the necessary change you can have a look into the basement. There you'll find the outlet with pieces from previous seasons.
Excelsior Milano
Coppola Atelier

Where to stay in Milan

Where to stay in Milan
Hotel Delizia
Those that have it, spend a night at Hotel Bulgari. Those that don't have it mustn't necessarily wrinkle up their nose, because great quality can also be found at reasonable prices in Milan. Warm colours, dark wood and stone tiles exude a typical mediterranean flair. Breakfast delivered at your door comes at no extra charge - the service makes up for the lack of space. This hotel is well suited to couples who love to cuddle up, but is also worth recommending to singles who hope to find that perfect Italian lover. The right one might be waiting at the Rolling Stone, a great live music venue that is only a stone's throw away from the hotel. Double rooms are available from ?70 per night.
Hotel Manzoni
Hotel Gray