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How big/heavy is the carry-on baggage allowed to be?
How can I check-in online with Austrian Airlines?
You can use the web check-in online via or the Austrian Airlines App. You need your last name in combination with the booking code, an e-ticket number or a frequent flyer program number.
How can I make a seat reservation?
You can make a seat reservation during the booking process or up to 48 hours before the planned departure time under “My Bookings”. You may also contact the Austrian Airlines Service Center and selected travel agencies.
How can I reverse a ticket?
Whether your ticket can be rebooked or reimbursed is dependent on the tariff you booked and its tariff provisions. You will get more information during tariff selection in your online booking and on your booking confirmation. You can reverse your ticket by phone with our Guest Service Team: Mo-Su: + 43 5 1766 1001 (in Austria) 08:00-20:00, or by using the contact form. Cancelling your ticket online is not possible.

Where to eat in Milan

Where to eat in Milan
Too many cooks spoil the broth, as the saying goes. This strangely doesn't ring true at L' Elephante, even though the mishmash of styles should hurt the eyes. Not by far! There is no stool that matches the next and cous cous is a bit out of place next to bruschetta, but it is exactly this open approach to the world and style that makes this venue so unique. Minimalistic deco with tunes from the 80's, Africa meets Barbarella and zucchini meets corriander. And it sets the scene: the clientele are colourfully mixed. Manolos and Doc Martens, along with feather boas can all be seen in a single view. The barkeeper even mixes everything together in the one glass. What results will either knock you out or could well be the best aperitif in the city. You can't say exactly. But it is definitely exciting!
Le Banque
Il Luogo

What to see in Milan

What to see in Milan
Nights at the Mus
The dinosaurs come alive in the middle of the night. Well, maybe at the movies. Despite the absence of Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, Milan's Nights at the Museum still has lots to offer! The concept is: during the day everyone goes shopping. At night, theres still plenty of time for culture. To drum up demand for the cultural gems of the city, the local government has complimented the opening times of Gucci and Co. and takes on the responsibility for the evening program. There are plenty of concerts, performances and workshops on offer, along with discussions and workshops. For those that aren't full of pasta and Prada, should head straight for one of the following venues, Castello Sfozesco, Acquario Civico, Museo del Risorgimento, the Planetarium or the Museum of Natural History. Maybe it's wise to bring a large bone with you, just in case you encounter a live dinosaur...
Museo del Cinema

Where to shop in Milan

Where to shop in Milan
10 Corso Como
Let's retrospect: Carla Sozzani opens her Galleria Carla Sozzani at  Corso Como 10 in the inner yard of a former factory building in Milan. Back then you wouldn't have been able to find a photo gallery in the city, as photos were not regarded as art. Sozzani wanted to change this. More than twenty years later the busy Milanese is still communicating the art that's near and dear to her. Her Corso Como 10 has by now grown immensely. Helmut Newton, Annie Leibovitz and Bruce Weber have already been here with their photographs. Nowadays the gallery owner is working beside a design and fashion store, takes her lunch at the restaurant next door and grabs an espresso from the café right beside it. Corso Como 10 is a multifunctional space for networking, enjoyment and shopping: art, books, designer pieces, perfumes and lots of glitter. That might make you sleepy, but don't worry: one of the three 3Rooms apartments at Corso Como can accommodate you for a night or two.
The GoldenQuarter
Excelsior Milano

Where to stay in Milan

Where to stay in Milan
Hotel Tocq
By Italian standards, The Tocq is remarkably empty. It is rare to find designers in Milan that practice a level of modesty shown here. But guests quickly realise that they have stepped into a space minimalistically moulded in the name of the avant-garde movement, and then dropped the price in shame. There's no other way to explain that a hotel, that would charge twice as much when placed in any other city, is so cheap. Maybe because scrollwork belongs to Milan like an amen belongs to a prayer? The fact is, the Tocq is structured in a comfortably spartan way, but with warm, bright colours and couches that aren't just there to be seen. If that's not enough, then guests can swim a couple of laps in the pool at the nearby fitness centre or drop in at the hotel bar for a drink. Double rooms are available from 101 euros per night.
Grand Hotel
Hotel Straf