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How big/heavy is the carry-on baggage allowed to be?
How can I check-in online with Austrian Airlines?
You can use the web check-in online via or the Austrian Airlines App. You need your last name in combination with the booking code, an e-ticket number or a frequent flyer program number.
How can I make a seat reservation?
You can make a seat reservation during the booking process or up to 48 hours before the planned departure time under “My Bookings”. You may also contact the Austrian Airlines Service Center and selected travel agencies.
How can I reverse a ticket?
Whether your ticket can be rebooked or reimbursed is dependent on the tariff you booked and its tariff provisions. You will get more information during tariff selection in your online booking and on your booking confirmation. You can reverse your ticket by phone with our Guest Service Team: Mo-Su: + 43 5 1766 1001 (in Austria) 08:00-20:00, or by using the contact form. Cancelling your ticket online is not possible.

What to see in Milan

What to see in Milan
Campari Museum
Pieplant, gentian, bitter orange and herbs. These ingredients might not knock our socks off in isolation, but taken together they become Aperol. Its big brother, the Campari is said to include 80 ingredients, all of them top secret of course. This knowledge and much more about the in-house beverages can be explored in the Campari Museum with adjoined shop, north of Milan. In former times, the brick building used to be the production site of the red bitter. After a reconstruction supervised by architect Mario Botta from Ticino there have now been permanent and temporary exhibitions on the history of the Campari marketing on 400 square metres for a couple of years. For example on a 32 metre long video installation, or dozens of posters, advertisements and promotional films (some of them childishly naïve).  They point out that Campari has always put emphasis on inventive and artistically sophisticated realisations of their campaigns. Pop art artist Ugo Nespolo or director Federico Fellini have helped. The exhibits are ordered chronologically and thematically for a better understanding - and techies use the touch screens to surf through the multimedia archive.  
Fashion Café
San Siro Stadion

Where to stay in Milan

Where to stay in Milan
Hotel Delizia
Those that have it, spend a night at Hotel Bulgari. Those that don't have it mustn't necessarily wrinkle up their nose, because great quality can also be found at reasonable prices in Milan. Warm colours, dark wood and stone tiles exude a typical mediterranean flair. Breakfast delivered at your door comes at no extra charge - the service makes up for the lack of space. This hotel is well suited to couples who love to cuddle up, but is also worth recommending to singles who hope to find that perfect Italian lover. The right one might be waiting at the Rolling Stone, a great live music venue that is only a stone's throw away from the hotel. Double rooms are available from 70 euro per night.
Hotel Tocq
Bulgari Hotel

Where to shop in Milan

Where to shop in Milan
Santoni stands for almost forty years of qualitative footgear. Men, women and children from all over the world are walking around in the shoes of the Italian family company. In order to represent the business with its 400 employees which was founded by Andrea Santoni and is now run by son Guiseppe they have recently opened a new flagship store in Milan - and no less a figure than Patricia Urquiola has designed the store. The Spanish designer who was responsible for the Stue hotel in Berlin and the mosaic museum in Vicenza once again bets on geometry - the store on Via Montenapoleone is formed by straight lines, triangles, and trapezia on the wall, warm bronze colours, walnut wood boarding and lots of copper. The handmade shoes by Santoni seem to seamlessly blend into their environment. Once again Urquiola has proven - she has a knack for good design.

Where to eat in Milan

Where to eat in Milan
Sans Egal
If your head starts to spin thanks to all the designer stores, them you should drop in for a drink. Theres a cocktail that fits to the new shoes bought in Quad d'Oro at Sans Egal. Ambience is the main attraction here: Stools in leopard-print, ruffled fabrics on the ceiling and bamboo look suspiciously African, and actually are. The expectations are accordingly high - cous cous or tajine. So what's on the menu? Then comes the disappointment. Instead of finger-food, spaghetti appears on the cards. Tyroler speck acts as if it fits to the decor and sits snugly in between gnocchi and steak on a menu that is out of touch with it's surroundings. Not to worry however, as the warm service and the cute terrace with a great view make it all worthwhile. Apropos the view: the fantastic shopping paradise of Brera doesn't leave you much time to sit down. Your credit-limit was hard earnt, so go and spend it!
Radetzky Café
Il Luogo