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What costs apply when changing a booking?
What are the conditions to change my booking online?
You can rebook online if...
  • booked your ticket online at
  • ...your fare conditions allow rebooking.
  • ...the new flight has an Austrian Airlines flight number.
What booking details can I change?
  • the flight time
  • the date
  • the booking class of your ticket
What are the deadlines for rebooking?
  • fully flexible ticket up to 3 hours before departure
  • all other tickets up to 24 hours before departure
What do I need to do if my baggage is missing for more than 5 days?
In case we were unable to trace your baggage within 5 days we kindly ask you to fill in the "Baggage Questionnaire" form and send it to
Please note: It is very important for our further tracking process that you provide a detailed list of the contents of your lost bag.
What could be the problem if web check-in doesn t work for me?
Please check the data you have entered for any typing errors, and try again. If there are problems when checking in with your Miles & More number, please insert your ticketnumber or bookingcode instead.Please check here if web check-in is possible for your flight.

What to see in Milan

What to see in Milan
Scala di Milano
Those who haven't yet seen the Milan Skala have simply not yet seen Milan. There are two types of tourists; those who come outside the six-month opera season, enjoy cheaper tickets and accomodation in the hotels surrounding the Skala. On the other hand; in the season, the entire city is full of music. As a bonus, you can always cross it off your list: been there, done that! For those that miss the magical acoustics of the Skala, theres also a museum that offers behind-the-scenes look into the world of the Milan Skala. Here you will learn everything worth knowing about the history of the music cathedral and the big names that have stood on stage or conducted an orchestra: Verdi, Callas, Toscanini and the other greats. Visitors will be left absolutely astounded.
Fashion Café
Nights at the Mus

Where to eat in Milan

Where to eat in Milan
Too many cooks spoil the broth, as the saying goes. This strangely doesn't ring true at L' Elephante, even though the mishmash of styles should hurt the eyes. Not by far! There is no stool that matches the next and cous cous is a bit out of place next to bruschetta, but it is exactly this open approach to the world and style that makes this venue so unique.   Minimalistic deco with tunes from the 80's, Africa meets Barbarella and zucchini meets corriander. And it sets the scene: the clientele are colourfully mixed. Manolos and Doc Martens, along with feather boas can all be seen in a single view. The barkeeper even mixes everything together in the one glass. What results will either knock you out or could well be the best aperitif in the city. You can't say exactly. But it is definitely exciting!
La Belle Aurore
Sans Egal

Where to stay in Milan

Where to stay in Milan
Hotel Spadari
Back to the golden quarter. The Spardari hotel is found in close proximity to big names such as Bulgari, Prada an Co. But guests at this hotel aren't here for surrounding fashion stores, but rather the glorious collection of furniture amassed here. The Spardi is the lovechild of Milan designers and editors.   No wonder: the dominating blue tones would help even the biggest hot-heads find their inner peace. The view of the dome from the suites on the seventh floor and the custom furniture soothe the nerves. There's also modern art fitting of every price range: the bigger the suite, the bigger the paintings of the wall.   For those that opt for the cheaper variants will not be disappointed however: theres a large Fresko from Valentino Vago in the American Bar. As with most Italian hotels, you will be left searching for the restaurant menu. A few light snacks and breakfast are on offer, but you are left up to your own laurels for dinner. Some of Milan's best restaurants are just a walk away. Double rooms from 198 euros per night.
Hotel Tocq
Hotel Manzoni

Where to shop in Milan

Where to shop in Milan
The GoldenQuarter
To get lost on the golden path in Milan is no difficult task. Well, not literally, but you may be swept away in the golden quarter, which is bordered by the Piazza della Scala, the Via Montenapoleone, the Via Sant Andrea and the Via della Spiga. Everything inside this illustrious quarter has been turned into gold. Fashion gems from Dolce, Armani, Prada, Kenzo, Valentino and Louis Vuitton, just to name a few, are all here to be found! This is the definitive mecca for shoppers, designers and fashionistas. What you don't see here is junk. The flea-market of the vanities has a price range from the pain barrier to private insolvency. Which means that the golden credit card is your best bet to survival here. Those who can't afford to take part in the festivities here should nonetheless take a stoll through and press their nose against the display windows and marvel at the exquisite items inside. For those that are lucky, you might just catch the end of summer sales. A pair of shoes from Roestti may still cost a fortune, but it won't hurt so much.
10 Corso Como