Stay in Milan

Stay in Milan
Hotel Straf
Overnight stay in a holding cell? Not quite? The scratched concrete walls and the dark rooms are part of the design concept of the stylish Hotel Straf. Vincenzo De Cotiis was responsible for the work of art that is Hotel Straf, and if he doesn't know what the in-crowd of Milan need, then who does? The rooms on offer here can be a bit oppressive for some guests. But the imminent panic-attack can be surpressed in one of the many wellbeing rooms available. Claustrophobics can relax in a massage chair or in the chromotherapy chambers. And for those that can't stand it anymore can workout in the 24-hour gym, which is frequented by fashion mavens. Apropros fashion, here you are only a Gucci-dress from the golden district away. So for a break from the slate, you can grab yourself a small black number from Dolce. A must-sleep for fashionistas! Double rooms from ?200 a night.
Bulgari Hotel
Hotel Gray

Shopping in Milan

Shopping in Milan
The GoldenQuarter
To get lost on the golden path in Milan is no difficult task. Well, not literally, but you may be swept away in the golden quarter, which is bordered by the Piazza della Scala, the Via Montenapoleone, the Via Sant Andrea and the Via della Spiga. Everything inside this illustrious quarter has been turned into gold. Fashion gems from Dolce, Armani, Prada, Kenzo, Valentino and Louis Vuitton, just to name a few, are all here to be found! This is the definitive mecca for shoppers, designers and fashionistas. What you don't see here is junk. The flea-market of the vanities has a price range from the pain barrier to private insolvency. Which means that the golden credit card is your best bet to survival here. Those who can't afford to take part in the festivities here should nonetheless take a stoll through and press their nose against the display windows and marvel at the exquisite items inside. For those that are lucky, you might just catch the end of summer sales. A pair of shoes from Roestti may still cost a fortune, but it won't hurt so much.
Il Salvagente

Sights in Milan

Sights in Milan
The designers were in a state of despair: All the hotels were already styled. The people in the city as well. What was left to do? Take the day off and go home? Then they came up with the brilliant idea: Add the designer's touch to the cemeteries! Out came the sketchbook and voila! The Grim Reaper was given a new look! The black cloak was so out anyway! The Cimiterio Monumentale is no longer just a tale from the crypt, but a masterpiece of symbolism and realism. Visitor's jaws will drop when confronted with decorated tombs that would otherwise only be found in Egypt; crypts in pyramid forms, giant angels with spread wings and eternal expressions of anguish that so vivid that they are startling. Carlo Maciachini was responsible for establishing the cemetery in 1863 as he recognised the beauty in death. Luca Beltrami, Adolfo Wildt, Francesco Messina and other artists also had the same morbid motives and gave their very best to tastefully style eternal rest. A must see, not just for goths.

Eat in Milan

Eat in Milan
He already owns a fish restaurant in Via Pasquale Sottocorno. Not long ago Giacomo Arengario opened another venue with his name in Milan, right next to the cathedral in the top floor of a museum. This restaurant obviously addresses another clientele than his regular haunt with its sedate ambience, stucco and yellow and green shades. In his new restaurant the guests especially see red and lots of glass. Furthermore they do not sit on cushioned chairs but on basket chairs or bar stools and due to the restaurant's small surface area they have to move closely together. In return they can directly view onto the cathedral which is simply unbeatable.   The typically Italian cuisine tastes outstanding - special recommendations are the Pacchini in fresh and aromatic tomato sauce, and the first class beef carpaccio. And all served dishes are garnished beautifully. The somewhat distanced service might be common courtesy.
Nobu Armani
Renoir Cafe

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