Stay in Milan

Stay in Milan
Hotel Malpensa
Airport hotels are nothing more than they've ever been, even in the fashion metropolis of Milan. Instead of the usual dreariness, modern minimalism sets the scene here and waiting times are shortened by satellite TV and internet access.   Did you expect anything else? Maybe a fitness centre and conference rooms? It's all here in one luxurious package. This hotel comes across more like the Burj al-Arab than a shabby waiting room. Design connoisseurs won't be disappointed. The theme of movement flows through all floors like a reg flag. Swept lines and shapes set the stylish accent in the lobby and gracefully extend into the bar and restaurant. Those who need to escape to their ornate room.   In summary: In other hotels, you stay there to move on. In the Malpensa, you come to stay.
Grand Hotel
Enterprise Hotel

Shopping in Milan

Shopping in Milan
The history: Once upon a time, Spalding designed everything that was round. Today, the company is still on the leather ball. The company created the baseball, designed the first-ever basketball, as well as the american tennis and golf balls. Spalding balls have become the standard, but they also make leather products of all types. In their shop, shoppers can find watches with leather bands, leather bags, leather wallets, leather helmets and diaries, with (you guessed it) leather bindings. Are these the only leather products to be found at Spalding in Milan? How about a pair of leather shoes and a leather belt! All leather products here are unquestionably fashionable and without doubt, a classic. So stay on the ball and visit Spalding!

Eat in Milan

Eat in Milan
La Belle Aurore
Authentic Italy! As you walk in the door you will realise that you have stepped into the homely realm of a traditional Italian family. Mama is there, donning her red glasses from the 80's. The sister masters the kitchen, whilst the brother serves the guests and the Don manages the bar. It is all so familiar, that visitors quickly suspec that it is all a show. Maybe. Maybe not. The fact is, La Belle Aurore has been the meeting point for students, intellectuals and authors for over 15 years.   And if they don't know, then who? They all come because of the great food on offer, but saty because of the art nouveau atmosphere and enjoy a dry martini whilst reading the newspaper. Although the restaurant is relatively unknown in tourist circles, it is well-known amongst locals. Long waiting times are to be expected - but it is well worth it!
Il Luogo
Le Banque

Sights in Milan

Sights in Milan
Fashion Café
Attentione! If you think of going to Fashion Café, it'd be best to think about your outfit the day before. Otherwise you might feel uncomfortable among all these models, business people and trendsetters. And the designation 'café' also doesn't really suit this venue: from breakfast to lunch, aperitif and dinner - everything's served here! Thursdays to Sundays international DJs put on some tunes at the turntables after dinner.   The area - Brera - is a former art district and given its many bars and restaurants has a lot of nightlife potential. The Fashion Café is located here for thirty years by now. But it doesn't look old, quite the contrary - the owners have spiced up the historic location with fifties furniture and groovy lighting effects. Don't miss: Sunday's Vintage Brunch, the design market and regular exhibitions of young artists!
San Siro Stadion

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