Stay in Milan

Stay in Milan
Hotel Tocq
By Italian standards, The Tocq is remarkably empty. It is rare to find designers in Milan that practice a level of modesty shown here. But guests quickly realise that they have stepped into a space minimalistically moulded in the name of the avant-garde movement, and then dropped the price in shame. There's no other way to explain that a hotel, that would charge twice as much when placed in any other city, is so cheap. Maybe because scrollwork belongs to Milan like an amen belongs to a prayer?   The fact is, the Tocq is structured in a comfortably spartan way, but with warm, bright colours and couches that aren't just there to be seen. If that's not enough, then guests can swim a couple of laps in the pool at the nearby fitness centre or drop in at the hotel bar for a drink. Double rooms are available from 101 euros per night.
Townhouse 31
Grand Hotel

Sights in Milan

Sights in Milan
San Siro Stadion
You are brilliant but lazy. You let yourself fall and your a champion: We're talking about Italy's footballers. Milan is not just a fashion capital, but also the playing field of the football gods. But when AC meets FC then there's often a riot. Which doesn't happen often enough, considering that both masterful teams reside in the same city. Those who know about the bitter rivalry between Austria and Rapid, know exactly how fierce it can get. But at least the Viennesse rivals have their respective stadiums. The Milanese rivals must share San Siro stadium. Those who want to witness the true art of football must visit San Siro stadium, where stars like Lúcio, Ronaldhino and Dida hit the field. They are all so legendary that you don't even have to mention their first names. But before you pay homage to the current gods of the field, visit the San Siro Museum and let the collection of historical moments, jerseys and cups won over the decades convince you: Milan is the home of football mastery.
Garden Floor

Shopping in Milan

Shopping in Milan
Antique Market
Antiquities from A to Y: Theres a dynamic range of wares from the African Gallerie to Yayla d Bambi Giovanni being sold here on the last Sunday of each month. There are also dealers such as Fratelli Böhm Antiquariato & Design, Old England and Shangri-La. The specialties here are not just regional, but international. The location on the river canal is just perfect for this market. Since the year dot, artists and traders have been putting their wares on display along the two kilometer long market for the steady stream of people who come to examine some of the more peculiar things in life. Nothing comes from the bargain bin here, as all 400 dealers must go through stringent quality checks before bringing the goods to the table. So hone up on your haggling skills and come here to sift your way through everything from furniture to postage stamps. It's well worth it!

Eat in Milan

Eat in Milan
As usual: archways, dark tones with small tables and wooden chairs. Guests feel right at home, because there's restaurant that looks just like it at home. The classic stone-floor, well-stocked wine shelf and the long candles achieve that cliché pizzeria-look perfectly. This Osteria has loads of atmosphere, although it may not have elite design. No matter: the Osteria dell'Operetta in the Ticinese quarter is always busy. This naturally causes many to try it out for themselves. At first sight - a shrug of the shoulders. One look at the menu: Spaghetti, Tyroler dumplings and Milan escalope (apparently they were the creators). The entire menu is in four languages. Does this mean that you've landed in a tourist trap? Not at all! Forget the sense of home and go for the risotto instead of the dumplings. It's the best risotto in the entire city and an absolute must-eat for all visitors! You won't regret it. Guaranteed.
Renoir Cafe

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