Shopping in Milan

Shopping in Milan
The Cool Hunters think that it's time to wake up for high-end jewellery stores all around the world. Similar to banks they tend to stick to rather traditional store designs. Their cosmopolitan clients ask for an upgrade.   On Via Montenapoleone, Milan's luxury shopping street, the long-established jeweller's family Faraone hired architect Massimo Iosa Ghini for the purpose of such an upgrade. He has already furnished stores for Maserati and Ferrari. The two-storey jewellery salon got an equally elegant look: beige chairs with soft nappa leather and a matching carpet. You won't lose the impression to be in a jewellery box.   Talking of jewellery. Faraone also adapted their products to modern times: orange, purple and yellow semiprecious stones on pink gold. Stone the crows! Also surprising: Faraone was the first Italian luxury jeweller with thought-out web concept and own facebook page.
Coppola Atelier

Stay in Milan

Stay in Milan
Enterprise Hotel
The name is slightly misleading: The Enterprise Hotel is not as futuristic as it sounds. The search for laser cannons will only end in vain. The designers were nonetheless quite creative in the execution of this hotel: this innovative boutique hotel occupies what was formerly an industrial building. The structure of the former radio factory has been widely kept intact. Well placed accents mean that this hotel is a real eyecatcher.   The advantage of the industrial design - ample space and high ceilings. The restaurant employs bright colours, without piercing the eyes and the two stylish bars are the place for an exquisite cocktail. Of course there is also a fitness centre, but the rooms are a real surprise here.   Breaking the style, all rooms are nostalgically furnished with heavy wooden boxes and furniture that look suspiciously Biedermeier. Altogether, it works a treat! Double rooms are available from 90 euros per night.
Townhouse 31
Grand Hotel

Sights in Milan

Sights in Milan
The old canal quarter is not like the rest of Milan at all. When the fog hangs over the water, when it's dark and quiet, it appears more like London, reminiscent of Jack the Ripper of Jekyll and Hyde. But not to worry: This quarter is much better lit. And when the fog passes, there's a whole host of querky antique shops, excellent restaurants and small arteliers to be found. No wonder it's the hot-spot for the eccentric types and hip artists.   You don't have to fear a knife in the back either, just too much beer in the belly as theres a range of pubs that line the canal banks. And the tansformation a lá Jekyll and Hyde is also possible in Navigli: The small boutique stores in the area could transform you from a nobody into a superstar.   Reserving a table in this district is an absolute must and take some time out from the standard fare of big fashion labels and espressos in Milan!
Fashion Café
La Triennale

Eat in Milan

Eat in Milan
He already owns a fish restaurant in Via Pasquale Sottocorno. Not long ago Giacomo Arengario opened another venue with his name in Milan, right next to the cathedral in the top floor of a museum. This restaurant obviously addresses another clientele than his regular haunt with its sedate ambience, stucco and yellow and green shades. In his new restaurant the guests especially see red and lots of glass. Furthermore they do not sit on cushioned chairs but on basket chairs or bar stools and due to the restaurant's small surface area they have to move closely together. In return they can directly view onto the cathedral which is simply unbeatable.   The typically Italian cuisine tastes outstanding - special recommendations are the Pacchini in fresh and aromatic tomato sauce, and the first class beef carpaccio. And all served dishes are garnished beautifully. The somewhat distanced service might be common courtesy.
Radetzky Café
Nobu Armani

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