Eat in Milan

Eat in Milan
Sans Egal
If your head starts to spin thanks to all the designer stores, them you should drop in for a drink. Theres a cocktail that fits to the new shoes bought in Quad d'Oro at Sans Egal. Ambience is the main attraction here: Stools in leopard-print, ruffled fabrics on the ceiling and bamboo look suspiciously African, and actually are.   The expectations are accordingly high - cous cous or tajine. So what's on the menu? Then comes the disappointment. Instead of finger-food, spaghetti appears on the cards. Tyroler speck acts as if it fits to the decor and sits snugly in between gnocchi and steak on a menu that is out of touch with it's surroundings. Not to worry however, as the warm service and the cute terrace with a great view make it all worthwhile.   Apropos the view: the fantastic shopping paradise of Brera doesn't leave you much time to sit down. Your credit-limit was hard earnt, so go and spend it!
La Belle Aurore
Il Luogo

Stay in Milan

Stay in Milan
Townhouse 31
For those who don't want to be mothered, the Townhouse 31 is the perfect place. You will have to venture outside if you don't want to starve. Although there is an excellent breakfast servie, there is no restaurant. This shouldn't be a problem for individualists as Milan's restaurant strips are overflowing this culinary wonders.   Before you hit the pasta bowl, let's take a look at the hotel once more. Ettore Mocchetti, the publisher of the Architectural Digest, designed this hotel, and the majority of the guests stem from the same discipline. But not that you think of it as a piece of art. Although the Townhouse boasts a modern interior it comse across as unmistakably conservative. Earthly tones, dark furniture and the almost obligatory marble bath dominate the furnishing.   Breakfasts here are quite cosy and you will get to know the other guests on the shared breakfast table rather quickly. The owner is also to be seen at breakfast, and is always happy to have a chat. The setting is also very familiar and peaceful as the building is found in a quiet residential area established in the 19th century - the hustle and bustle of the city centre plays no role here. Double rooms are available from 170 euros per night.
Hotel Straf
Hotel Delizia

Sights in Milan

Sights in Milan
The old canal quarter is not like the rest of Milan at all. When the fog hangs over the water, when it's dark and quiet, it appears more like London, reminiscent of Jack the Ripper of Jekyll and Hyde. But not to worry: This quarter is much better lit. And when the fog passes, there's a whole host of querky antique shops, excellent restaurants and small arteliers to be found. No wonder it's the hot-spot for the eccentric types and hip artists.   You don't have to fear a knife in the back either, just too much beer in the belly as theres a range of pubs that line the canal banks. And the tansformation a lá Jekyll and Hyde is also possible in Navigli: The small boutique stores in the area could transform you from a nobody into a superstar.   Reserving a table in this district is an absolute must and take some time out from the standard fare of big fashion labels and espressos in Milan!
Garden Floor
Nights at the Mus

Shopping in Milan

Shopping in Milan
10 Corso Como
Let's retrospect: Carla Sozzani opens her Galleria Carla Sozzani at  Corso Como 10 in the inner yard of a former factory building in Milan. Back then you wouldn't have been able to find a photo gallery in the city, as photos were not regarded as art. Sozzani wanted to change this.   More than twenty years later the busy Milanese is still communicating the art that's near and dear to her. Her Corso Como 10 has by now grown immensely. Helmut Newton, Annie Leibovitz and Bruce Weber have already been here with their photographs. Nowadays the gallery owner is working beside a design and fashion store, takes her lunch at the restaurant next door and grabs an espresso from the café right beside it. Corso Como 10 is a multifunctional space for networking, enjoyment and shopping: art, books, designer pieces, perfumes and lots of glitter. That might make you sleepy, but don't worry: one of the three 3Rooms apartments at Corso Como can accommodate you for a night or two.

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