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What costs apply when changing a booking?
What are the conditions to change my booking online?
You can rebook online if...
  • booked your ticket online at
  • ...your fare conditions allow rebooking.
  • ...the new flight has an Austrian Airlines flight number.
What booking details can I change?
  • the flight time
  • the date
  • the booking class of your ticket
What are the deadlines for rebooking?
  • fully flexible ticket up to 3 hours before departure
  • all other tickets up to 24 hours before departure
What do I need to do if my baggage is missing for more than 5 days?
In case we were unable to trace your baggage within 5 days we kindly ask you to fill in the "Baggage Questionnaire" form and send it to
Please note: It is very important for our further tracking process that you provide a detailed list of the contents of your lost bag.
What could be the problem if web check-in doesn t work for me?
Please check the data you have entered for any typing errors, and try again. If there are problems when checking in with your Miles & More number, please insert your ticketnumber or bookingcode instead.Please check here if web check-in is possible for your flight.

Where to shop in Milan

Where to shop in Milan
The history: Once upon a time, Spalding designed everything that was round. Today, the company is still on the leather ball. The company created the baseball, designed the first-ever basketball, as well as the american tennis and golf balls. Spalding balls have become the standard, but they also make leather products of all types. In their shop, shoppers can find watches with leather bands, leather bags, leather wallets, leather helmets and diaries, with (you guessed it) leather bindings. Are these the only leather products to be found at Spalding in Milan? How about a pair of leather shoes and a leather belt! All leather products here are unquestionably fashionable and without doubt, a classic. So stay on the ball and visit Spalding!

What to see in Milan

What to see in Milan
Show off your vinyl! Music brings people together, if not on the dance floor, then here at Vinilmania. Three times a year, people from all over the world flock here to trade in the coveted black plastic medium. The '85 hit for the '87 chart-topper, the original golden oldie for the rare one-off pressing - At this exhibition, it all revolves around the vinyl record. Limited editions or bestsellers are not the drawcard of the show, but rather the search for that beloved release and first-person contact with original covers. Collectors here don't just offer Vinyl: avid music fans will find books, CD's and sought-after memorabilia. There are press conferences, presentations and concerts that accompany the trading floor. It's a bit like a Sci-Fi convention, but it's all about the disco here, rather than Darth Vader. The community here is truly commited to 'real' music, so if Britney Spears is your ultimate artist, then maybe you should visit a Virgin store instead.
Garden Floor

Where to eat in Milan

Where to eat in Milan
Nobu Armani
It was just a question of time, until Armani teamed up with Nobu. The other Nobu restaurants are only to be found at the most exclusive addresses throughout the world. There's a Nobu in New York, one in Aspen and another in Beverly Hills. Do you recognise the red flags? The furnishings are just as aristocratic. Traditional Japanese with the typical Armani style translates to subtle elegance with indirect lighting and lots of glass. The cuisine spans the continent and stylishly brings east and west together. On the one plate there's traditional Japanese delicacies and the best that South America has to offer on the other. Tacos feature on the menu alongside sushi, jalapeno dressing compliments sushimi and yaki accompanies Argeninian beef. The clientele is more straightforward than the menu: Noble, noble, noble! You should wear Armani, to eat at Armani!
Sans Egal
Radetzky Café

Where to stay in Milan

Where to stay in Milan
Hotel Spadari
Back to the golden quarter. The Spardari hotel is found in close proximity to big names such as Bulgari, Prada an Co. But guests at this hotel aren't here for surrounding fashion stores, but rather the glorious collection of furniture amassed here. The Spardi is the lovechild of Milan designers and editors.   No wonder: the dominating blue tones would help even the biggest hot-heads find their inner peace. The view of the dome from the suites on the seventh floor and the custom furniture soothe the nerves. There's also modern art fitting of every price range: the bigger the suite, the bigger the paintings of the wall.   For those that opt for the cheaper variants will not be disappointed however: theres a large Fresko from Valentino Vago in the American Bar. As with most Italian hotels, you will be left searching for the restaurant menu. A few light snacks and breakfast are on offer, but you are left up to your own laurels for dinner. Some of Milan's best restaurants are just a walk away. Double rooms from 198 euros per night.
Hotel Delizia
Nhow Milano