Stay in Milan

Stay in Milan
Hotel Malpensa
Airport hotels are nothing more than they've ever been, even in the fashion metropolis of Milan. Instead of the usual dreariness, modern minimalism sets the scene here and waiting times are shortened by satellite TV and internet access.   Did you expect anything else? Maybe a fitness centre and conference rooms? It's all here in one luxurious package. This hotel comes across more like the Burj al-Arab than a shabby waiting room. Design connoisseurs won't be disappointed. The theme of movement flows through all floors like a reg flag. Swept lines and shapes set the stylish accent in the lobby and gracefully extend into the bar and restaurant. Those who need to escape to their ornate room.   In summary: In other hotels, you stay there to move on. In the Malpensa, you come to stay.
Hotel Spadari
Townhouse 31

Sights in Milan

Sights in Milan
Garden Floor
Milan and its rooftop bars: these are few and far between. Different to cities like Bangkok or New York, the Italians do not use their hotel roofs for relaxed after hours or endless panorama views. The hotel Milano Scala, close to the opera, the cathedral and the Parco Sempione has now taken up the role of the pioneer and pleases the Milanese society with its Brera Garden Floor.   And the new garden terrace on the eight floor of the boutique hotel has cult potential. Between lemon trees and vine branches there are artworks by aspiring artists that are exchanged on a regular basis. In between, there's lavender, rosemary and a picnic basket. In the latter, you'll find - how eco-chic - the antipasti. In the background lounge music and the view on the Lombardic capital which at the moment prepares itself for the Expo 2015. Because of the chilly temperature in these dizzy heights, the doors to the Garden Floor remain closed throughout the autumn and winter season and will reopen in spring.
San Siro Stadion
Nights at the Mus

Eat in Milan

Eat in Milan
Radetzky Café
Do you know that feeling? You arrive in a restaurant and instantly feel inadequate. In Milan, you will get used to it. But Radetsky isn't your average Milan Café. From outside, it looks like a normal street-café. But once inside, it quickly becomes apparent that you should have changed clothes yesterday. It appears that the entire Milan architecture scene dines here. And they haven't found their clothes in the bargain bin. Those indifferent to fashion will be given the marching orders, and it's even worse for the few that have a couple of kilos too many on their hips.   Across the board, the Radetsky clientele is young, thin and beautiful. So if you have already changed clothes, do up you belt a notch tighter! It is actually a shame, since this café has quite remarkable cakes. And where the catwalk-beauties hide the brunch, lunch and evening offerings is also a puzzle.
Il Luogo

Shopping in Milan

Shopping in Milan
10 Corso Como
Let's retrospect: Carla Sozzani opens her Galleria Carla Sozzani at  Corso Como 10 in the inner yard of a former factory building in Milan. Back then you wouldn't have been able to find a photo gallery in the city, as photos were not regarded as art. Sozzani wanted to change this.   More than twenty years later the busy Milanese is still communicating the art that's near and dear to her. Her Corso Como 10 has by now grown immensely. Helmut Newton, Annie Leibovitz and Bruce Weber have already been here with their photographs. Nowadays the gallery owner is working beside a design and fashion store, takes her lunch at the restaurant next door and grabs an espresso from the café right beside it. Corso Como 10 is a multifunctional space for networking, enjoyment and shopping: art, books, designer pieces, perfumes and lots of glitter. That might make you sleepy, but don't worry: one of the three 3Rooms apartments at Corso Como can accommodate you for a night or two.
Excelsior Milano

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