Sights in Milan

Sights in Milan
Museo del Cinema
It was the beginning of the end: The black eye make-up, the exaggerated spectacle and the jittery images. The Milan film museum takes you back to the origins of the moving picture and offers nostalgics all they need to know about the camera technology used in the era of Chaplin. As projectors were invented, digital beta, bluescreens and scenes of armageddon recreated on computers were totally unimaginable. Back then, people were shocked by stunts, that would evoke a simple shrug of the shoulders in today's world of film. The film museum follows the progression of cinema throughout the decades, and showcases the exponents of the Lumiére amongst stage settings, posters, documents and gimmicks from the world of film. And for those that summon a real passion for the film of yesteryear can visit the small cinema in the museum and watch a classic in full length.
La Triennale
Garden Floor

Stay in Milan

Stay in Milan
Hotel Gray
True to it's name? Not at the Gray, which is not gray at all, but actually white like the bar or black like the restaurant a floor above. And everything that lies in-between is ivory, brown, red and violet. They only colour that does not appear in the Grey, is grey. Is your head swimming yet? No wonder: the pink swing awakes exactly this association. But we can guarantee that you won't be short-changed here: for your money you will be treated to daring design which is truly fascinating. All 21 rooms are individually styled and the jacuzzi, Turkish bath and fitness centre all contribute to a perfect overnight stay in this wonderful designer hotel. The location here is superb. Only a contrabass away from the Milano Scala and right in the middle of the lively shopping quarter: what more could you ask for? Double rooms are available from ?252 per night.
Grand Hotel
Hotel Straf

Shopping in Milan

Shopping in Milan
Coppola Atelier
A new haircut sometimes means a new sense of life - every woman and (by now every) man knows that. Aldo Coppola extends this philosophy of life with its new Aldo Coppola Atelier on Via Solari in Milan.   Not only your hair will be shown to advantage in the 500 square metre atelier with white colours and red chairs. On the Coppola menu you'll find natural medicine, massages, posture exercises, girotonic hours and personal Pilates lessons.   Coppola is known to be an expert in his field - at the age of twelve he has already experimented in his dad's hair salon. When he was fifteen he won an Italian competition for women's hairstyles. Missoni, Armani and Versace range among his business clients. He is represented in Russia, Great Britain, Monaco - and obviously in his city of origin Milan. In his new atelier you can be sure of being in good hands and the new sense of well-being is just around the corner! 
Antique Market

Eat in Milan

Eat in Milan
Ricerca Alimentar
Maybe he discovered the truth in wine. Maybe he simply doesn't speak any English. Maybe he doesn't care about his customers. Whatever the case, the old man behind the counter of the Ricerca Alimentari seldomly speaks and when he does, it's only in Italian. Nonetheless, he knows what he is doing. He is Bacchus, he is Dionysos, he has a command of the grape like none other and he serves everything from Ageno to Zubebi, from Argentina to Hungary, from 1932 to 2009, from bone-dry to Südhang Spätlese. One thing is sure - this man has an immense wine knowledge collected over the decades, along with wines that have aged for just as long. There's also a fantastic selection of fine cheese and ham to boot. Would you like to know exactly? How about Parmigiano Reggiano? Or Prosciutto iberico Pata Negra Bellota? In summary: Everything here fits wonderfully well together - The wine, the cheese, the old man behind the counter. You can't help but ask yourself - is he serious about it, or does he just do it for the tourists?
La Belle Aurore

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