Stay in Milan

Stay in Milan
Bulgari Hotel
We all know Bulgari as a Jeweller. Those who await the sparkling of Swarovski crystals will be sorely disappointed: At the very most, it's the jewelled armbands of the illustrious guests that are sparkling. Aside from jewels, this hotel is in a luxury class of its own. The cupboards alone are big enough to cater for a small family. The bathrooms feature a bath carved from granite stone and the wireless multi-function telephone is the jewel in the crown. Elegant teak wood is matched with solid oaks and of course a generous range of Bulgari bathroom products are made available.   The biggest jewel of the hotel has to be the Spa, which fulfills even the finest demands. And for those that really must leave the hotel doors, the search is only a platinum card away: the golden quarter is right at your doorstep, with designer stores such as Dolce, Prada and Armani at your doorstep. But don't rush out - there's always a massage to be enjoyed! If there's no time for a shopping tour, let the exculsive shopping service take care of it for you. Double rooms from 530 euros per night.
Enterprise Hotel
Townhouse 31

Sights in Milan

Sights in Milan
Campari Museum
Pieplant, gentian, bitter orange and herbs. These ingredients might not knock our socks off in isolation, but taken together they become Aperol. Its big brother, the Campari is said to include 80 ingredients, all of them top secret of course. This knowledge and much more about the in-house beverages can be explored in the Campari Museum with adjoined shop, north of Milan.   In former times, the brick building used to be the production site of the red bitter. After a reconstruction supervised by architect Mario Botta from Ticino there have now been permanent and temporary exhibitions on the history of the Campari marketing on 400 square metres for a couple of years. For example on a 32 metre long video installation, or dozens of posters, advertisements and promotional films (some of them childishly naïve).    They point out that Campari has always put emphasis on inventive and artistically sophisticated realisations of their campaigns. Pop art artist Ugo Nespolo or director Federico Fellini have helped. The exhibits are ordered chronologically and thematically for a better understanding - and techies use the touch screens to surf through the multimedia archive.  
San Siro Stadion

Eat in Milan

Eat in Milan
Too many cooks spoil the broth, as the saying goes. This strangely doesn't ring true at L' Elephante, even though the mishmash of styles should hurt the eyes. Not by far! There is no stool that matches the next and cous cous is a bit out of place next to bruschetta, but it is exactly this open approach to the world and style that makes this venue so unique.   Minimalistic deco with tunes from the 80's, Africa meets Barbarella and zucchini meets corriander. And it sets the scene: the clientele are colourfully mixed. Manolos and Doc Martens, along with feather boas can all be seen in a single view. The barkeeper even mixes everything together in the one glass. What results will either knock you out or could well be the best aperitif in the city. You can't say exactly. But it is definitely exciting!
La Belle Aurore
Il Luogo

Shopping in Milan

Shopping in Milan
The GoldenQuarter
To get lost on the golden path in Milan is no difficult task. Well, not literally, but you may be swept away in the golden quarter, which is bordered by the Piazza della Scala, the Via Montenapoleone, the Via Sant Andrea and the Via della Spiga. Everything inside this illustrious quarter has been turned into gold. Fashion gems from Dolce, Armani, Prada, Kenzo, Valentino and Louis Vuitton, just to name a few, are all here to be found! This is the definitive mecca for shoppers, designers and fashionistas. What you don't see here is junk. The flea-market of the vanities has a price range from the pain barrier to private insolvency. Which means that the golden credit card is your best bet to survival here. Those who can't afford to take part in the festivities here should nonetheless take a stoll through and press their nose against the display windows and marvel at the exquisite items inside. For those that are lucky, you might just catch the end of summer sales. A pair of shoes from Roestti may still cost a fortune, but it won't hurt so much.
Excelsior Milano

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