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How big/heavy is the carry-on baggage allowed to be?
How can I check-in online with Austrian Airlines?
You can use the web check-in online via or the Austrian Airlines App. You need your last name in combination with the booking code, an e-ticket number or a frequent flyer program number.
How can I make a seat reservation?
You can make a seat reservation during the booking process or up to 48 hours before the planned departure time under “My Bookings”. You may also contact the Austrian Airlines Service Center and selected travel agencies.
How can I reverse a ticket?
Whether your ticket can be rebooked or reimbursed is dependent on the tariff you booked and its tariff provisions. You will get more information during tariff selection in your online booking and on your booking confirmation. You can reverse your ticket by phone with our Guest Service Team: Mo-Su: + 43 5 1766 1001 (in Austria) 08:00-20:00, or by using the contact form. Cancelling your ticket online is not possible.

Where to eat in Milan

Where to eat in Milan
Il Luogo
It may not be the Cracco, but the offering from Aimo and Nadia Moroni is definitely not your average restaurant. A great tip for those that don't want to overdo it. Contrary to the furnishings, modern art dominates the walls and establishes a great colour balance in an otherwise white ambience. Whilst her husband Aimo scours Italy the perfect wheat to be used in the fantastic pasta varieties on offer here, Nadia conjures up a premium-quality menu with a hearty Italian aroma. In need of an example? The couple recommend the spaghetti from Senator Capelli Durum Wheat with green onions and spicy peppersauce. Sounds tasty? It sure is! And organic to boot!
La Belle Aurore

Where to stay in Milan

Where to stay in Milan
Hotel Gray
True to it's name? Not at the Gray, which is not gray at all, but actually white like the bar or black like the restaurant a floor above. And everything that lies in-between is ivory, brown, red and violet. They only colour that does not appear in the Grey, is grey. Is your head swimming yet? No wonder: the pink swing awakes exactly this association. But we can guarantee that you won't be short-changed here: for your money you will be treated to daring design which is truly fascinating. All 21 rooms are individually styled and the jacuzzi, Turkish bath and fitness centre all contribute to a perfect overnight stay in this wonderful designer hotel. The location here is superb. Only a contrabass away from the Milano Scala and right in the middle of the lively shopping quarter: what more could you ask for? Double rooms are available from 252 euro per night.
Antares Hotel
Hotel Malpensa

Where to shop in Milan

Where to shop in Milan
Excelsior Milano
Take your time when you get to Excelsior in Milan! The new concept store in the Galleria del Corso used to be a cinema. Now it has seven levels, and again there's lot to watch but especially to shop! All floors are superclean and straight. With flashing hightech screens everywhere and lots of space: 40,000 square metres designed by the French star architect Jean Nouvel. Our recommendation: begin at the top - and you will stay on top of things! Also because of the shoes and accessories. But first, throw yourself onto the leather sofa - for inspecting the comfort. And in the meantime you can already pick your favourite model from the glass cabinets - in terms of shoes, of course. And then you can move downstairs, into the third floor, meeting Valentino, Chloé or Jacobs. And the gents another level down! Rag & Bone or Vince are even further down, on the first floor! Hungry from climbing all those stairs? Then go straight ahead into the gourmet shop in the basement or the bistro on the mezzanine! Shopping break!
Coppola Atelier
Il Salvagente

What to see in Milan

What to see in Milan
Museo del Cinema
It was the beginning of the end: The black eye make-up, the exaggerated spectacle and the jittery images. The Milan film museum takes you back to the origins of the moving picture and offers nostalgics all they need to know about the camera technology used in the era of Chaplin. As projectors were invented, digital beta, bluescreens and scenes of armageddon recreated on computers were totally unimaginable. Back then, people were shocked by stunts, that would evoke a simple shrug of the shoulders in today's world of film. The film museum follows the progression of cinema throughout the decades, and showcases the exponents of the Lumiére amongst stage settings, posters, documents and gimmicks from the world of film. And for those that summon a real passion for the film of yesteryear can visit the small cinema in the museum and watch a classic in full length.
Nights at the Mus