Flight Bangkok - Vienna

No European vacation would be complete without a stop in the gorgeous Austrian city of Vienna. As the cultural and political hub of the country, the city is the perfect place to visit beautiful monuments and historical buildings. Thanks to Austria’s location and history, Vienna is the home of attractions that have cultural roots from surrounding countries as well as from Austrian tradition. This can been seen in the numerous and varied museums in the city including the Belvedere Palace and Museum and the Technisches Museum Wien to name only a few of the most beloved. You can also see incredibly beautiful and culturally significant buildings, such as the Vienna State Opera and St. Stephen’s Cathedral. And there are countless modern attractions to be visited too, like the United Nations headquarters and the Wiener Riesenrad Ferris wheel. Soak in the sophisticated mix of European cultures found in the city by flying with Austrian Airlines via Bangkok to Vienna.


Austrian Airlines offers the perfect connections between all of Austria’s regional airports and the rest of the world. And at our home airport it takes no more than 25 minutes to change planes.

Top Questions

How long does the flight take from Bangkok to Vienna?
How often flies Austrian Airlines from Bangkok to Vienna?
Austrian Airlines flies from Bangkok to Vienna up to three times a week.
How big/heavy is the carry-on baggage allowed to be?
Your carry-on baggage should not be bigger than 55 x 40 x 23 cm and not heavier than 8 kg. A foldable suit bag not bigger than 57 x 54 x 15 cm is accepted as carry-on baggage. Additionally, you may bring one more personal object like a purse or a notebook bag not bigger than 40 x 30 x 10 cm into the cabin.
How can I check-in online with Austrian Airlines?
You can use the web check-in online via Austrian.com or the Austrian Airlines App. You need your last name in combination with the booking code, an e-ticket number or a frequent flyer program number.

Where to eat in Vienna

Where to eat in Vienna
Bar Puff
Matthias Euler-Rolle was the youngest radio host in Austria and grew to fame through the channel Ö3. Today he is programme director of the soul radio station Superfly.fm. And owner of a bar. At the end of November 2012 he opened his own bar called Puff in the Girardigasse in the sixth Viennese district. Everything happened quietly, almost secretly. It's a cool joint, used to be known under the name Girardi Club where easy girls welcomed their guests. Today this is different. The bar was designed by the Viennese Walking-Chair design studio and you sit under light objects made of PET bottles and sip cocktails that do not know frippery and affectations. The bar has the first Gimlet machine in the city which stands directly on the counter.
Das Palmenhaus
Schnitzel XXXL

What to see in Vienna

What to see in Vienna
If you haven't been to the theatre in Vienna you've missed something. The most elegant is located at the ring road, directly opposite to the City Hall. The Burgtheater has a long tradition, yet it is known as one of the most modern stages in the German-speaking world. The repertoire includes international classics and contemporary works, much of it from the rich tradition of Austrian plays. On the small stage, the Kasino, it even gets a bit more zeitgeisty and progressive: Young, courageous directors and playwrights have a platform that is no less professional than Mother Burg. Although some in the theatre city like to pretend that theatre is a pleasure for high society only, it's not at all the case: The audience is a colourful mix, and an unofficial dress code is at place - if at all - in the boxes. Tip: Going to the cinema is probably more expensive than a visit to the Burgtheater, since one hour before the start the remaining tickets are sold for half the price. Works most of the time.
Museum District

Where to shop in Vienna

Where to shop in Vienna
Shanti Yoga Store
Of course, this is not all about yoga mats, yoga bags and cushions. It's interesting for all who look for relaxation everywhere, enjoying cool and comfortable fashion. This doesn't have to be hidden in your gym bag, but can be worn on the streets, too. The manager Birgit Kohl sells beautiful pieces by labels from the American scene, for example colourful shirts with brilliantly coloured Buddha and Chakra appliqués by Lily Lotus. Her advice is great, and you can touch, try and compare everything.
Mano Design
Disaster Clothing

Where to stay in Vienna

Where to stay in Vienna
Hotel Sacher
Sharon Stone, John Malkovich and similar bigwigs have spent the night here. No wonder: The Sacher continues to be one of the most elegant hotels in Vienna. Its namesake is the dark-black, world famous Sacher tort. Lady Anna Sacher, who took over the traditional house in 1880, is just as legendary as the cake. She knew how to enjoy herself, loved thick cigars, indulgent luxury and small dogs. The suites aren`t exactly cheap, yet the hotel offers the best service, a lot of style and much space. The rooms are named after operas, singers or famous hotel guests.
Hollmann Beletage