With Austrian to Asia – Where tradition and technology collide

Discover Asia in all its diversity with Austrian Airlines. If you are seeking pure pleasure and the best beaches in the world, got to Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. Unique landscapes and rare animals can be found on the island. On the southern tip of India is the island Sri Lanka with its capital Colombo, a harbour city very near to the Equator. In Hong Kong you can see the clash between modern times and thousand year old traditions. Between the glittering skyscrapers there are Chinese traditions like the dragon boat race once a year. Bangkok in Thailand is similarly lively and a great place to reach the beach resorts on the coast. Austrian Airlines will fly you there!

Be sure to fly with Austrian Airlines to Bangkok and experience a modern city that is buzzing with activity and nightlife. Make sure to visit the city's most famous landmark: the Grand Palace. This immense building was built in 1782 and was the home of the Thai king for 150 [...]
Beijing, also known as China's modern day capital of Beijing, has been designated by Encyclopedia Britannica as "one of the world's greatest cities." Come fly with Austrian Airlines to visit this northern Chinese city and learn about its culture, heritage, and its thousands of [...]
Nowhere else do past and future, art and commerce, tradition and modernity collide quite so spectacularly as in the southern Chinese metropolis. Some recommendations for the boomtown on the Huangpu River.