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Welcome to Vilnius in Lithuania. You Austrian flight will bring to this beautiful, but lesser known European cities that is not yet drowned in mass tourism. The entire historic Old Town has been declared UNESCO World Heritage in 1994. Here you find buildings dating from the late medieval period to Art nouveau style houses. Often enough the younger houses are built over much older basements, where today you can find bars and restaurants. Get an overview and climb up the tower of Gediminas castle. Here Vilnius was first conceived as a hillfort by Grand Duke Gediminas. From up here you can see the whole city lying beneath you and that it can be easily explored by walking. Directly beneath you is the Cathedral St. Stanislaus that looks very much like a Greek Temple, while the bell tower is standing by its own on the basis of an old city wall tower. Behind the cathedral is the reconstructed palace of the Grand Dukes from the early baroque period. A pedestrian area goes all the way through the Old Town to the Town Hall square. You will pass by many restaurants, bars and cafes, as well as little shops selling arts and crafts. Try to explore the little side alleys, where you will always find some architectural gem or a little church around the next corner. You will also pass by the University, the oldest in the Baltics. The last remaining city gate of the medieval wall is the Aušros vartai, the Gate of Dawn. It has a religious significance for the locals, who can be seen praying at the gate. Cross the river Vilna into the city district of Uzupis (meaning “the place behind the river”), an artist quarter that has declared itself a free republic and has the right to be lazy written in its constitution. Here the nightlife can get quite intense, so be prepared and have a good meal. The hearty stews and meat-centric specialties of Lithuania can give you the foundation for a long night out. Have fun in Vilnius, but don’t miss your Austrian flight home.

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Worth knowing

  • Currency: Euro(EUR)
  • Language: Lithuanian
  • Capital: Vilnius
  • Austrian flight destination: Vilnius

Timetable Vilnius

  • to VNO
  • from VNO

travel duration: 1:45

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