United Arab Emirates

Libya is officially known as the “Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya". You can fly with Austrian Airlines to Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and receive excellent discounts. Austrian Airlines offers several budget flights and discount tickets to this North African country. Libyan Arab Jamahiriya is situated in North Africa and is the 17th largest country in the world. If you visit Libyan Arab Jamahiriya will be bale to explore the deserts and even participate in a desert safari. The main religion in Libya is Islam. When you visit Libyan Arab Jamahiriya you can explore the cities and enjoy the sights and sounds of this unique North African country. You can also try some Libyan cuisine which is something like Sahara cuisine. Drinking alcohol is prohibited throughout the entire country, however, you will still be able to enjoy your visit to this country and enjoy its delicious dishes.


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United Arab Emirates
  • Currency: Emirati dirham(AED)
  • Language: Arabic
  • Capital: Abu Dhabi
  • Austrian flight destination: Dubai

Stay in United Arab Emirates

Stay in United Arab Emirates
Royal Palace
The Royal Mirage Dubai is one of the oldest luxury hotels in Dubai, if this can be claimed of a twelve year old facility. The resort ranks among the best in Dubai and has been renovated constantly.   It consists of three hotels: The Palace, The Arabian Court and The Residence. Especially among luxury spoiled vacationers, The Palace is very popular. While many of Dubai's landmarks impress with exuberant gigantism, The Palace radiates a luxurious elegance of bygone days with entwined arches, cupolas and elaborate flower beds.   The hotel is surrounded by a 65-ha large garden and is located in a calm bay without water movements. The rooms have a beautiful sea view. The gently lit hotel is especially beautiful at night, when couples go for walks on the romantic, white private beach and round off the evening with a drink on the hotel roof.
XVA Art Hotel
Jebel Ali

Shopping in United Arab Emirates

Shopping in United Arab Emirates
The Walk
The Jumeirah Beach Residences, in short JBR, opened in August 2008 and along with them the 1,7-kilometre long shopping street The Walk. In 330 shops, restaurants and cafés the residents of the luxury residence complex and friends of consumption from all over the world can bring their money to the retailers. The offer is tempting. The European fashion label Zadig et Voltaire and the American department store Saks Fifth Avenue are only two famous names which have opened their stores in the noble area.   And also at night a stroll is really worth it. Not only because the street provides for a beautiful atmosphere due its location near the water. Also because there's always quite some action taking place. Big events like the Dubai Shopping Festival, the festivities on the occasion of the Emirate UAE National Day or the Dubai Jazz Festival are celebrated here on a grand scale.
Boulevard Dubai
Ibn Battuta Mall

Sights in United Arab Emirates

Sights in United Arab Emirates
Dubai Museum
Crossing an immense gate made of teak wood and rushing down the circular staircase. And then you're inside, in the subterranean Dubai Museum, a little bit outside the city situated in an old fort. A must for those interested in art: because there was a life before the oil boom. Since 1995, this life is descriptively presented, also appropriate for children. The costs: 3 Dirham, that is around 60 Cent for adults.   During the five-minute film which shows the change from 1930 until today, you feel like you were in a different life. And you don't feel any different in the Souk of the 1960ies. Passing excavations and handicraft, you visit the Arabic house next, afterwards the pearl diver and finally the madrassa. On the way through the museum you continuously see working people through opened doors. Somehow the re-enactments and lifelike figures help to understand the culture to a greater extent. Mission accomplished.
Heritage Village
Hindi Lane

Eat in United Arab Emirates

Eat in United Arab Emirates
The Edge
The Edge is celebrated as the newcomer of the year. Although it is hidden in a warehouse in the International Financial Centre, a visit is certainly worth it.   As soon as one is greeted by the friendly, beige-dressed waiters, the world is all right again. The lounge with lighted Onyx-Bar and cool leather seats get you into the right mood for the eating area. There is no menu. Chef Juraj Kalna cooks what he wants. The result is a gastronomic feast in light six or eight courses, especially gourmet fans take the eat-ad-nauseam version. Highlights are King Island salmon, home-smoked and as tartar, or goose liver with sweet stewed fruit. There is also Wagyu beef which has been massaged with sake for months. The exclusive beef melts on the tongue positively. No wonder after ten hours of roasting.
Pai Thai
China Sea

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