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Many travelers fly with Austrian Airlines to visit Stockholm, the Swedish capital, because of its natural beauty. Once called the "Venice of the North", the city is located on 14 islands. The water is so clean, you can both swim and fish right in the heart of town. Stockholm also offers boat tours, live music and shrimp buffets. Stockholm has an array of parks and fascinating museums, a rich cultural life and many excellent restaurants. Set sail on a journey you will never forget with a cruise to the archipelago. Party on the ship with dancing in the discos and enjoy dining and live entertainment as you cruise the archipelago isles. Families, young couples, singles and party-goers all enjoy the activities aboard ship. Stockholm has a bit of everything for people of all ages and can be enjoyment for the whole family.

Western Europe

Whether you are on a business trip or a city tour – the extensive Austrian network means Europe’s key centres and most interesting cities are at your fingertips.

Worth knowing

  • Stockholm Arlanda (ARN): The airport is located 43 km (27 miles) north of Stockholm.
  • Address: Swedavia Arlanda Airport, 190 45 Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden
  • Telephone: +46 1 0109 1000
  • Airport Stockholm

What to see in Stockholm

What to see in Stockholm
A look at the Vasa tells us that the sinking of the Titanic was not the first catastrophe of its kind. Both ships were brought down by technocratic arrogance and a misguided sense of prestige. The luxury liner Titanic made it further than the Vasa which never even left the harbour! Another canon here, another statue there - there was no attention paid as to how much weight the 17th century ship would be able to bear - bloop, bloop, bloop. Instead of sailing taller and faster than any other ship before, the Vasa was doomed to sink to the seabed in the harbour. The former war ship was only recovered in 1961.   It is a good thing that it was lifted because today, in all its glory, it bears witness to the megalomania of the time and is on view at the Vasa Museum. A definite moral lesson to be learnt!
Allmänna Gallery

Where to shop in Stockholm

Where to shop in Stockholm
You think you know it all? Let us recommend Lovestory to you. You will soon know even more. Even prudish people are now aware of the existence of eatable underwear, but have you tried condom royal, the king of all condoms. Or heard of penis-pasta? Variety is key. At Lovestory, you will find lots of fun things, but nothing tatty. If you are the literary type, there is plenty of reading material for you. If you are more practical, then take home some massage oil. The days when you had to secretly sneak into shops like these with your collar up to hide your face are long over. Today, you can walk in with your head held high and you are bound to leave with a smile on your face. A word of advice: it may pay off taking your other half with you - so you don't freak him out when you show up at home dressed in latex!
Monkey Bizz

Where to stay in Stockholm

Where to stay in Stockholm
Hotel Hellsten
Hotel Hellsten delivers a healthy mix of things from around the world, 19th century style meets flat screens, furniture from Asia meets Greek bathrooms, a Colonial-style meets bourgeois rooms in traditional Swedish style. Sounds strange, but it is not. The Hellsten has managed to design its interiors in such a way that this breach of styles is not even noticeable.   The advantage is you get the best of all worlds. Excellent service is the icing on the cake. The result is a warm Boutique Hotel that makes for an exciting stay, which can be nicely rounded off with a visit to the mini-gym and sauna. Double rooms from ?238.
Clarion Hotel
Grand Hotel

Where to eat in Stockholm

Where to eat in Stockholm
Marten Trotzig
From outside it reminds of an English pub. But inside the last doubts are eradicated: the Marten Trotzig amidst the historic city is Stockholm in its purest form. Heavy, dark and wooden furniture convey the feeling of ease, the menu is characteristic for the country and garnished with Sweden's most favourite mascot: roasted elk filet with cranberry sabayone and French sauté beans. If you prefer to see Rudolph at his sleigh, you can choose the salmon filet with crayfish and leaf spinach on root vegetable creme.   And you should cast at least one glance at the séparée in the basement. Here up to 22 persons can play knight and damsel at dim candle light and feast on meatballs, elk carpaccio or roast beef steak. As long as the balls stay on the plate, the guests may spend some more time and enjoy the setting in the style of the 17th century.

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