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The city of Shiraz is often called „The Garden of Iran“, and they take their gardens quite seriously in Shiraz. The tradition is so old that our word paradise derived from the old Persian word for „walled garden“. The visitor can choose between many delightful examples in Shiraz. Bagh-e Eram, actually meaning „Garden of Paradise“, Bagh-e Naranjestan, „Garden of Oranges“ and the smallest garden in town, Bagh-e Jahan Nama, the oldest garden of Shiraz and many more want to be discovered and appreciated. A point of pilgrimage is the tomb of the medieval poet Hafiz, who is highly acclaimed even today. Every Iranian knows his poetry by heart. The equally famous poet Saadi is also buried in Shiraz, one of the reasons that Shiraz is also called the cultural capital of Iran. In the centre of the city you can visit the citadel of Arg of Karim Khan. Tucked away in the district of Gowad-e-Arab?n is the Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque, also known as the Pink Mosque, which has a dazzling display of coloured glass and tiles. About an hour away from Shiraz you can visit the ruins of Persepolis. The ruins of the former city of the Persian Kings, which Alexander the Great had ordered to be burned, are still extremely impressive. Enjoy your time in Shiraz, the city of gardens, flowers, poetry and nightingales!

Middle East

Austrian Airlines operates a large number of flights to the key economic centres in the Middle East: Tel Aviv, Tehran, Amman, Cairo.

Worth knowing

  • Currency: Iranian rial (IRR)
  • Language: Persian, (Farsi)
  • Capital: Tehran
  • Austrian flight destination: Tehran, Shiraz
  • Shiraz

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