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Shanghai – megacity and cultural melting pot

Nowhere else do past and future, art and commerce, tradition and modernity collide quite so spectacularly as in the southern Chinese metropolis. Some recommendations for the boomtown on the Huangpu River.

Counting around 15 million residents, Shanghai is one of China’s megacities. As one of the world's largest ports and a financial hub, this coastal city is a business haven. While this is the focus, Shanghai is bursting with culture as well.
On the East Bank of the city, there is an incredibly modern skyline that includes impressively colossal structures like the Oriental Pearl Tower and Shanghai Tower. There are more historic and traditional sites to be seen as well such as the Yu Garden, City God Temple of Shanghai or the Jade Buddha Temple.
The sheer size of this city means there is a huge number of attractions to see and fascinating things to do. From the museums like the Shanghai Museum to the highly anticipated Shanghai Disney Resort, there is always something unique to be explored. The best way to do this is by flying with Austrian Airlines via Vienna to Shanghai.

TOP TEN: What to do in Shanghai

  1. Take a walk along the Bund waterside promenade.
  2. Enjoy a Sundowner up on Sir Elly’s Terrace at the Peninsula Hotel, with its view of the skyline of Pudong.
  3. Grab a quick streetfood snack in Shouning Lu.
  4. Visit the Huxing-Ting tea house, which is located on the edge of the lovely Yu Garden. Queen Elizabeth II, Bill Clinton and Vladimir Putin have all had tea here.
  5. Spend an afternoon in the French Concession.
  6. Or an evening in Cool Docks, the new nightlife district on the bank of the Huangpu.
  7. Take a look into the city’s future at the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center.
  8. Have a drink at the Long Bar of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, a copy of the Long Bar of the legendary Shanghai Club, an exclusive gentleman’s club.
  9. Take a stroll through the market at Dongtai Lu.
  10. Spend a night at M1nt (, a nightclub high above the Bund, where visitors are welcomed by two sharks swimming in an aquarium, and the new, hedonistic Shanghai parties.


Worth knowing

  • Currency: Chinese yuan(CNY)
  • Language: Chinese, Mandarin
  • Capital: Beijing
  • Austrian flight destination: Beijing, Hong Kong

Timetable Shanghai

  • to PVG
  • from PVG

06:10 +1
travel duration: 10:50

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