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Milan is a city in northern Italy and capital of the region of Lombardy. Thanks to its rich history, even before the Roman times, and the central location in Europe there are numerous sights to see. Influenced by the Italian, French, Austrian, German and Spanish, there is a great range of culture including figurative art, design, literature, music and performing arts and especially fashion. Along with New York City, Paris and London, Milan is one of the top fashion capitals in the world. If you are interested in fashion you should fly with Austrian Airlines to Milan and visit the Milan Fashion Week which is hosted here twice a year. On the other hand don not miss the famous theatre and opera house La Scala or you absolutely have to visit the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie with "The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci.

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Worth knowing

Worth knowing

  • Currency: Euro(EUR)
  • Language: Italian
  • Capital: Rome
  • Austrian flight destination: Bologna, Florence, Milan, Rome, Venice
  • Milan Malpensa (MXP): The airport is located 45 km (29 miles) northwest of Milan.
  • Address: 21010 Ferno, Province of Varese, Italy
  • Telephone: +39 02 23 23 23
  • Airport Milan You will be directed to a possibly non-accessible site. Take care. Be careful.

Where to eat in Milan

Where to eat in Milan
La Belle Aurore
Authentic Italy! As you walk in the door you will realise that you have stepped into the homely realm of a traditional Italian family. Mama is there, donning her red glasses from the 80's. The sister masters the kitchen, whilst the brother serves the guests and the Don manages the bar. It is all so familiar, that visitors quickly suspec that it is all a show. Maybe. Maybe not. The fact is, La Belle Aurore has been the meeting point for students, intellectuals and authors for over 15 years. And if they don't know, then who? They all come because of the great food on offer, but saty because of the art nouveau atmosphere and enjoy a dry martini whilst reading the newspaper. Although the restaurant is relatively unknown in tourist circles, it is well-known amongst locals. Long waiting times are to be expected - but it is well worth it!
Ristorante Giacomo Arengario
Sans Egal

What to see in Milan

What to see in Milan
The designers were in a state of despair: All the hotels were already styled. The people in the city as well. What was left to do? Take the day off and go home? Then they came up with the brilliant idea: Add the designer's touch to the cemeteries! Out came the sketchbook and voila! The Grim Reaper was given a new look! The black cloak was so out anyway! The Cimiterio Monumentale is no longer just a tale from the crypt, but a masterpiece of symbolism and realism. Visitor's jaws will drop when confronted with decorated tombs that would otherwise only be found in Egypt, crypts in pyramid forms, giant angels with spread wings and eternal expressions of anguish that so vivid that they are startling. Carlo Maciachini was responsible for establishing the cemetery in 1863 as he recognised the beauty in death. Luca Beltrami, Adolfo Wildt, Francesco Messina and other artists also had the same morbid motives and gave their very best to tastefully style eternal rest. A must see, not just for goths.
Campari Museum
Fashion Café

Where to shop in Milan

Where to shop in Milan
10 Corso Como
Let's retrospect: Carla Sozzani opens her Galleria Carla Sozzani at  Corso Como 10 in the inner yard of a former factory building in Milan. Back then you wouldn't have been able to find a photo gallery in the city, as photos were not regarded as art. Sozzani wanted to change this. More than twenty years later the busy Milanese is still communicating the art that's near and dear to her. Her Corso Como 10 has by now grown immensely. Helmut Newton, Annie Leibovitz and Bruce Weber have already been here with their photographs. Nowadays the gallery owner is working beside a design and fashion store, takes her lunch at the restaurant next door and grabs an espresso from the café right beside it. Corso Como 10 is a multifunctional space for networking, enjoyment and shopping: art, books, designer pieces, perfumes and lots of glitter. That might make you sleepy, but don't worry: one of the three 3Rooms apartments at Corso Como can accommodate you for a night or two.
Coppola Atelier

Where to stay in Milan

Where to stay in Milan
Hotel Straf
Overnight stay in a holding cell? Not quite? The scratched concrete walls and the dark rooms are part of the design concept of the stylish Hotel Straf. Vincenzo De Cotiis was responsible for the work of art that is Hotel Straf, and if he doesn`t know what the in-crowd of Milan need, then who does? The rooms on offer here can be a bit oppressive for some guests. However, the imminent panic-attack can be surpressed in one of the many wellbeing rooms available. Claustrophobics can relax in a massage chair or in the chromotherapy chambers. For those that can`t stand it anymore can workout in the 24-hour gym, which is frequented by fashion mavens. Apropros fashion, here you are only a Gucci-dress from the golden district away. So for a break from the slate, you can grab yourself a small black number from Dolce. A must-sleep for fashionistas!
Antares Hotel
Enterprise Hotel

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