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Fly with Austrian to Marrakech, the „Red City“ at the feet of the Atlas Mountains. The city was founded in 1070 and mostly built with the local reddish sandstone. The ancient city walls that encircle the medina, the old town, are a good example for that red predominance. Today the city is the epitome of oriental „joie de vivre“. It was primarily trade that made Marrakech rich and famous, because several caravan routes from inner and western Africa crossed at this place. Local Berber tribes contributed further with their arts and crafts to the fame of Marrakech. Try to find accommodation in one of the riads in the medina. They are houses built around a magnificent central courtyard, often with beautiful gardens and fountains, but from the outside they just show a wall with a door. You never know which beauty lies behind the doors of the medina, but many are restored and used as hotels, so you can find out for yourself. Most tourist attractions are in walking distance, but everything starts on the Djemaa el Fna (“the assembly of trespassers”), a huge central space where public entertainment once included executions. Today it is a space full of snake charmers, dancers, musicians, storytellers, acrobats and hundreds of food stalls with a thousand different dishes. One specialty here is mechoui, a lamb roasted in an underground oven. The landmark to see is the Koutoubia Mosque with a massive minaret from the 12th century. The traditional markets, the souks, are north of the Djemaa el Fna. Here you can get lost between thousands of stalls selling everything and where your haggling skills will be thoroughly tested. For a breather and some quiet time you can visit one of the beautiful gardens of Marrakech. They range from the 12th century Menara gardens to the 20th century Majorelle gardens featuring an Art Deco Villa in its centre that is painted in a brilliant blue. You can also relax on one of the rooftop terraces with a shisha and a fresh peppermint tea while enjoying the exotic atmosphere of Marrakech.

Middle East

Austrian Airlines operates a large number of flights to the key economic centres in the Middle East: Tel Aviv, Tehran, Amman, Cairo.


Worth knowing

  • Currency: Moroccan dirham(MAD)
  • Language: French
  • Capital: Rabat
  • Austrian flight destination: Marrakech

Timetable Marrakech

  • to RAK
  • from RAK

travel duration: 4:10

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myAustrian Services

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