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You can fly with Austrian Airlines to London! Visit the historical city and pay a visit to the majestic Buckingham palace and view the notorious changing of the palace guards. London is one of the cultural capitals of the world with a whole host of tourist attractions such as the magnificent British library, home to the famous Magna Carta or the British Museum where the glorious Rosetta stone resides. Take a ride on one of the famous red London buses or black taxis to get to where you need to be around the sprawling city center. But don't miss out on a visit to the imposing houses of parliament or the immense tower clock Big Ben. If you are hungry make sure to order the traditional dish of fish "n" chips which is usually available from most restaurants in the capital.

Western Europe

Whether you are on a business trip or a city tour – the extensive Austrian network means Europe’s key centres and most interesting cities are at your fingertips.

Worth knowing

United Kingdom
  • Currency: Pound sterling (GBP)
  • Language: English
  • Capital: London
  • Austrian flight destination: London (Heathrow), Manchester
  • London Heathrow Airport (LHR): The airport is located 24 km (15 miles) west of central London.
  • Address: Heathrow Airport Ltd., The Compass Centre, Nelson Road, Hounslow, Middlesex, TW6 2GW
  • Telephone: +44-844 335 18 01
  • Airport London

What to see in London

What to see in London
Brick Lane
Multi-cultural flair in London: If you want to see something else than Empire, you should visit Brick Lane.  The street has always belonged to newcomers from other countries: In the past to the Huguenots, then to the German Jews, then to the Irish and eventually to the people from Bangladesh, the latter still dominating the street scene with their curry restaurants. You can taste this colourful mix.   All the restaurants offer delicious and rather cheap food, but if you want wine with your food you should bring your own: Some restaurants don't have licences for alcohol, but tolerate if you bring your own. If this is too complicated for you, you can increase your alcohol levels at one of the Brick Lane nightclubs. The famous clubs 93 Feet East and The Vibe Bar offer good drinks and round-the-clock dancing.   But also the artists and designers have discovered Brick Lane, so boutiques are mushrooming in the lively quarter. You can buy the hottest vintage fashion here. Also included in the programme: markets, festivals and the best graffiti in town. You will for sure not get bored in Banglatown!
Buckingham Palace

Where to eat in London

Where to eat in London
Three reasons to go for Tapas: First, if you eat fewer of them, you also pay less. If you can do without the extra olives and the extra bread, you won't burden your budget too much. Second, you don't have a bad conscience as far as your weight is concerned.  As the servings are small, your weight won't change.   Third, tapas just look nice; almost like the food you get on airplanes, but served on plates instead of plastic. At the Barrafina you can test the counter: One serving of bread with olive oil at two pounds, chorizo for six pounds, and don't miss out on the spinach tortilla for seven pounds.   But if you now feel like rounding off the meal with Spanish cheese, and if you want the damned olives anyway and the champagne, too, because it just doesn't make a difference anyway now, you will end up exhausting your budget and put on weight at that. But the restaurant still looks very chic.
Fish Club

Where to stay in London

Where to stay in London
Hotel Baglioni
If you check into an Italian hotel in London you are probably a fan of opulence. You prefer coffee to tea? Your butler serves you espresso at your room. You prefer Jacuzzi to bathtub? The bubbles await you at your suite. You prefer someone else going shopping for you? Your Personal Shopper advises you in style matters. If you check into the Baglioni you are pampered right away. The parquet floor is dark, the chairs are made of leather, the linen of silk and the washbasin comes from Morocco.   You can relax in front of the cosy open fireplace, have a soothing massage at the spa or enjoy culinary specialties at the restaurant. You prefer wine to beer? The Brunello offers you a choice of 500 exquisite wines. You prefer a la carte to bar meal? We can assure you that the fish will come with cocktail tomatoes instead of chips. That much luxury has its price, of course. The price for a night in the double room starts from approx. 290 Euros.
Hazlitt's Hotel
The Soho Hotel

Where to shop in London

Where to shop in London
Other Criteria
We recommend the Other Criteria to all those that get hysterical when hearing the word "limited edition": The store is a bonanza for limits, something in between gallery plus fashion or design store plus photos. You'll find works by Damien Hirst and Phillip Allen on the walls, and T-shirts with prints by Ghada Amer or Tracey Emin on the coat hooks. And what can't be printed on a T-shirt or hung on a wall you'll find in between two book covers: You can also buy books on art.   Many items are unique and autographed which pushes up prices quite a bit. Vases by Eduardo Sarabia cost more than 7,000 pounds and are too fragile as a souvenir. But you can wear the bracelet by Damien Hirst for 17,000 pounds on your wrist - it won't cause excess luggage when you are departing. Bath towels by Peter Doig or Jeff Koons for 60 pounds are somewhat cheaper. True art connoisseurs won't do without them on the beach.   One thing for sure: You need to pop in here soon again because new limited editions, new unique items and other autographs are waiting to make your collection complete.
Camden Markets
Absolute Vintage

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