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You can fly with Austrian Airlines to London! Visit the historical city and pay a visit to the majestic Buckingham palace and view the notorious changing of the palace guards. London is one of the cultural capitals of the world with a whole host of tourist attractions such as the magnificent British library, home to the famous Magna Carta or the British Museum where the glorious Rosetta stone resides. Take a ride on one of the famous red London buses or black taxis to get to where you need to be around the sprawling city center. But don't miss out on a visit to the imposing houses of parliament or the immense tower clock Big Ben. If you are hungry make sure to order the traditional dish of fish "n" chips which is usually available from most restaurants in the capital.

Western Europe

Whether you are on a business trip or a city tour – the extensive Austrian network means Europe’s key centres and most interesting cities are at your fingertips.

Worth knowing

Worth knowing

Great Britain
  • Currency: Pound sterling(GBP)
  • Language: English
  • Capital: London
  • Austrian flight destination: London (Heathrow)

Airbus 321-111

Airbus 321-111 side view Airbus 321-111 seats
Type of aircraftShort- & medium-haul passenger aircraft
ManufacturerAirbus Industrie, France
Names - Austrian Airlines paintingSalzkammergut, Pinzgau, Südtirol
Number of aircraft3
Seating capacity200 C/Y (variable)
Min. Legroom30"=76.2cm
Wing span34,1 m
Length44,5 m
Height11,8 m
Max. cruising speed980 km/ h
Max. cruising altitude11.900 m
Type of engineCFM International
Max. thrust2 x 30,000 lbs
Fuel capacity19,000 kg
Max. range fully payload2,360 km
Max. payload21,100 kg
Max. take-off-weight83,000 kg
Max. landing weight75,000 kg


Flight number from to dep. arr. operating days travel duration validity Plane
  • Mo
  • Tu
  • We
  • Th
  • Fr
  • Sa
  • Su
OS 451 VIE LHR 06:40 08:15
02:35 30.10.2016 - 14.01.2017 321 Book
OS 455 VIE LHR 17:15 18:40
02:25 30.10.2016 - 30.12.2016 321 Book
OS 457 VIE LHR 20:05 21:25
02:20 30.10.2016 - 23.12.2016 321 Book

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EAT in London

Eat in London

For your orientation: Samarkand is located to the right of the Caspian Sea, to the left of China and right in the middle of the Silk Road.  The surroundings of the city are teeming with "stans", namely Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tadzhikistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan - and Uzbekistan, the country to which the city of Samarkand belongs.   If you are looking for the right "end" in London, you should in any case pop in the brand-new Samarqand, the branch of a recently opened Russian restaurant chain highly acclaimed by critics. Why? Because it is different: not quite Chinese and noodles, not quite Russian and heavy, but somewhere in between, on the Silk Road to be exact. If you are hungry and not keen on experiments, rely on the old friends: There is lamb and Borscht - you can't do anything wrong with it.   And if you still haven't found the right pasta, we recommend ravioli - same name for it from Europe to Korea and same taste, too. Uzbekistan calls them Samsa and at the Samarqand Samsa is served with mint, lamb and tsatsiki. Just one more word to how the restaurant works: Business is up front, Karaoke in the backroom. If you combine both, you have earned yourself a water pipe in the lounge.

The Gun

The problem with pubs is meals because beyond ale and beer you won't find anything suitable for your stomach. At "The Gun" you get both. You get fish sandwich and cosy leather sofas, Lord Nelson ambience and grilled ox tongue, macaroni with cheese and blue cheese from the Auvergne. The only question that remains is: Do you feel like fine dining or pubquiz? Would you rather have a view of the Thames or tea in the salon?   The Gun offers everything to any taste: Sunday lunches for families, Adnams Bitter and Aspall's Cider for students or sailor's paintings and swords on the wall for the seasoned guests. While the Gun has style, it is also loyal to its reputation as a pub. And it is  the best restaurant on the docks at that.


Three reasons to go for Tapas: First, if you eat fewer of them, you also pay less. If you can do without the extra olives and the extra bread, you won't burden your budget too much. Second, you don't have a bad conscience as far as your weight is concerned.  As the servings are small, your weight won't change.   Third, tapas just look nice; almost like the food you get on airplanes, but served on plates instead of plastic. At the Barrafina you can test the counter: One serving of bread with olive oil at two pounds, chorizo for six pounds, and don't miss out on the spinach tortilla for seven pounds.   But if you now feel like rounding off the meal with Spanish cheese, and if you want the damned olives anyway and the champagne, too, because it just doesn't make a difference anyway now, you will end up exhausting your budget and put on weight at that. But the restaurant still looks very chic.

SIGHTS in London

Sights in London

Standing in the centre of London doesn't mean you've connected with your own centre. The only remedy against the ongoing traffic noise and the never-ending hunts for fashion labels is fuelling your energy flow with water. Day Spa Hydrohealing has the right elixir against the hustle and bustle outside, cradling the inner peace in bottles.   Once you leave this place, you will feel deeply relaxed even in the longest tourist queue. And that's how it works: enter, close the door, leave the noise behind, and relax. And you need to be truly relaxed to face the acupuncture and colon irrigation treatments waiting for you. First, they prick you with needles, and then they put a hose into somewhere else?but all in a very exclusive atmosphere, of course. To round off this tortures, your skin is put into a glass to create a vacuum, the process being called cupping therapy. But if you have survived all this, you can relax during foot and face massages - to the benefit of the immune system. If you don't belong to the brave ones, you can still have yourself wrapped in foil to improve your body shape line or minimise cellulites with diverse anti-something treatments. While the bikini waxing is painful again, it adds the final touch though before you are sent back onto the street again: deeply relaxed and one with yourself.

Marble Hill Park

Once the private playground of ladies and lords, Marble Hill Park is open to the public now. With a fantastic view of the Thames, the park is not the largest but the most beautiful park in London. On the hill you still find the villa of the Countess of Suffolk, but a sport event has become the real highlight here: Ultimate Frisbee. Do you remember the time when Frisbee was a mere pastime between sunbathing and plunging into the water? That's over now: Today, the flying disk is thrown professionally, in a team, with shirts, on a court and the like. If you want to take a look at the new trend sport, you should pass by on Sundays. From 11:30, a corner of Marble Hill Park hosts Ultimate Frisbee contests.   The rules are simple: There is a pitch, the goals are called end zone, and the teams are made up of seven players each. If you throw the disc, you are not allowed to run; if you run, you are allowed to catch and whenever the Frisbee is on the ground, it's time for the opponent to go for it. It can't be long before the sport becomes an Olympic discipline. Ultimate Frisbee is still very new, but if you want to be part of it right from the beginning you should come by and have a couple of beers with the fans.

Buckingham Palace

Life at Buckingham Palace is life in a glasshouse. But you don't have to refer to the Yellow Press if you want to take a look behind the scenes. Quite officially, you are allowed to visit nine of the 775 opulent rooms - but only when the Queen is not at home.   A flag on the roof shows you whether she is or not. If you see the red-gold-blue Royal Standard, you can forget about a visit. But if the Union Jack is on, you can step inside. Inside precious paintings by Rubens and Rembrandt as well as valuable antiques wait for you. Outside, you can see the gardens with its varied species - and you can watch the famous Changing of the Guard every second day at 11:30.   If you've always wanted to see the march of the fur caps you should join the tourist crowds. But the question remains open whether they can guard Buckingham Palace as well as they can present their rifles. Every year mentally confused persons, protestors against nuclear power or tourists on their wrong track get behind the walls, after all, to take a stroll. But despite all these security gaps the guards are still THE attraction of the Empire.

STAY in London

Stay in London

If you are notoriously sleepless, here's the solution: By offering that much Feng Shui, the Metropolitan Hotel will heal your Qi and make your energy flow again. After such a good night's sleep you will feel as fresh as a daisy in the morning and you might even see some from your large windows - many of them offering a view of Hyde Park.   The stylish toiletries by COMO will add to your freshness and you will feel fit for early morning exercises. Hyde Park's jogging map will come in handy here. Or the yoga kit available at your room. Ready for breakfast? At the White Room, a kind of glass pyramid, they offer you English Breakfast or a healthier alternative plus fruit juices, coffee or tea. If you want to plan a perfect day, ask the staff for advice. The hotel has an IT Butler, a Personal Shopper and a Personal Trainer, all of them ready to devote themselves to your needs.   Then there is time for an experiment: At the Nobu they will serve you a blend of Japanese and Peruvian food, i.e. Sashimi with Jalapenos, but what sounds weird tastes delicious. And as a crowning final have a cocktail at the stylish Met Bar as afterwards you will be ready for the Egyptian linen at your room - another gentle Feng Shui-type temptation. Double room from approx. 390 Euros per night.

No. 11 London

What's the Private Members Club all about? Come on in and find out. The No.11 is not only a luxurious boutique hotel but also a private club. That, of course, leads to questions. Private, after all, can mean a lot: Escape from a nagging wife or sherry in front of the fireplace, or both.   If you are curious now you won't be disappointed at the entrance: While the red heavy velvet curtains and the matching wallpapers are suspicious in the beginning, you will soon find out that visitors who register here will not be offered pole-dancing but limitless admission to the spa and gym. The club also stages wine tastings regularly here, or you can just hang out the noble way - so it's sherry in front of the fireside anyway and none of the notorious establishments. That would be strange anyway as rooms cost more than the usual hourly hotel.   Exquisite fabrics, noble canopy beds and luxury toiletries add up to create an unparalleled all-out Victorian atmosphere. Ancient English charm reigns supreme here everywhere: You get the noble variants of sausage, bacon and eggs in the morning, Earl Grey at the salon in the afternoon and a sandwich at the bar in the evening. But they will offer the private variant as well: If you feel like it you can also book a Private Dining. Double rooms from approx. 200 Euros per night.

Hazlitt?s Hotel

Since 1718 nothing much has changed at the Hazlitt's: The beds are still of carved oak, the paintings and mirrors are gold-framed, the carpets and curtains are heavy. Only chamber pots and washbowls are missing to complete the scene but that's exactly where the picture changes.   There are bathrooms at the Hazlitt's nowadays, and most of the candles have been replaced by electric bulbs. The hotel was named after Napoleon's biographer William Hazlitt, who would still feel at home here in this ancient treasure trove. While the flat-screens, DVD players and internet accesses would confuse him, he would still enjoy the library with a choice of autographed books - and there is no spa! Hazlitt would also be in best company here: Authors, publishers and artists very much appreciate the charm of the hotel and get together for a sherry or a chat near the bar's open fireplace.   Even bestselling author J.K. Rowling was so enthused she didn't want to leave her room at all. No wonder: If you sleep in such a history-steeped ambience, you will for sure experience some magic moments. Double room from 251 Euros per night.

SHOPPING in London

Shopping in London

Does that sound familiar: You are invited to a party but don't know how to dress? Eventually you end up wearing jeans at the opera ball or dressed up in a suit at a punk's party, desperately holding on to your glass because you stand out once again. There's the solution: The Unconditional always fits - or doesn't fit at all but that's a matter of taste.   And that's how it works: Take sportswear, lady's fashion and business look, stir vigorously, sprinkle with some fine fabrics and uneven cuts and the result is a crazy blend just business enough for a meeting, casual enough for a walk and ladylike enough for a club visit. It's more difficult with men though as the style "sandal boots with short tracksuit trousers" is simply too eccentric. But Brad Pitt and David Beckham love it, and if they do?

Camden Markets

What you will need: a lot of time and a large shopping bag. Because, as the name suggests, the Camden Markets are several markets, all at one site at the Camden district. And if you really want to know: the Camden Markets is the largest marketplace in Great Britain, with more than 100,000 visitors each weekend.   If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle, you can also pass by on weekdays and study what's offered in a more relaxed atmosphere. You will find anything from didgeridoos to bananas, inside in the market hall or open-air, and sometimes at the bazaar. Clothes, shoes, antiques, or souvenirs: It is not possible to list everything you can buy here. But, to name just one example, you will even find a Goth Guide here, showing gloomy visitors the way to the befitting tattoo and record stores or the perfect black coat.   If you are more inclined to the bright sides of life, you will also find the right stuff: petticoats for fans of yesteryear, cyber wear for the people of tomorrow, Doc Martens for the sure-footed and sexy underwear for a self-assured appearance in the bedroom. You name it - the Camden Markets will fulfil any special wish you have.

Absolute Vintage

The reference point for English shoe sizes: 5 equals size 38. If you want to test this we suggest you pop in the Absolute Vintage as its name holds what it promises: You will find any, truly any shoes of yesteryear.   From fashion's point of view, yesteryear means really old but the notion also applies to decades when bright yellow stilettos were seen as often on the streets as Margaret Thatcher on TV. Or when belts where narrow and silver-coloured but shoes wide and high. Or when boots were tasselled, for sure. From the fifties to the eighties you find anything here that was expensive then and is en vogue again: Top-Gun shades for watery eyes or shoes by Chanel, the latter of timeless beauty anyway.   If you throw another eighties party and you weren't able to afford the Gucci purse then, we suggest you make a detour to  the Absolute Vintage. And if you think that the stuff in your wardrobe will be out the next day anyway, you are wrong - and also wrong at this place. Simply wait for the next revival!