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You can fly with Austrian Airlines to London! Visit the historical city and pay a visit to the majestic Buckingham palace and view the notorious changing of the palace guards. London is one of the cultural capitals of the world with a whole host of tourist attractions such as the magnificent British library, home to the famous Magna Carta or the British Museum where the glorious Rosetta stone resides. Take a ride on one of the famous red London buses or black taxis to get to where you need to be around the sprawling city center. But don't miss out on a visit to the imposing houses of parliament or the immense tower clock Big Ben. If you are hungry make sure to order the traditional dish of fish "n" chips which is usually available from most restaurants in the capital.

Western Europe

Whether you are on a business trip or a city tour – the extensive Austrian network means Europe’s key centres and most interesting cities are at your fingertips.

Worth knowing

United Kingdom
  • Currency: Pound sterling(GBP)
  • Language: English
  • Capital: London
  • Austrian flight destination: London (Heathrow), Manchester
  • London Heathrow Airport (LHR): The airport is located 24 km (15 miles) west of central London.
  • Address: Heathrow Airport Ltd., The Compass Centre, Nelson Road, Hounslow, Middlesex, TW6 2GW
  • Telephone: +44-844 335 18 01
  • Airport London

What to see in London

What to see in London
Having a blast in November: This month marks the most famous fireworks in London when everyone celebrates Bonfire Night. We recommend you join in with thousands of Londoners and marvel at this unique event, for instance in Blackheath, why not? And when the sky explodes into the most beautiful colours, you should not forget three things: beer, sausages and a gaping mouth. The first you get everywhere on the site, the latter comes by itself. And an approving "oh!" has never been wrong anyway. The occasion has tradition: The fireworks celebrate the 405th anniversary of the gunpowder plot when British Catholics attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament and the King at that. However, the explosives were found in the cellar, the plot was prevented but pyromania remained. Today, the blasters can do their job quite legally. The celebration is threatened with extinction though as those who splash thousands of pounds in minutes every year ask themselves whether it's really worth it in times of crises. But resourceful Londoners are trying to prevent this and appeal for money. They even sell VIP places for the colourful event on E-Bay. If you win you get a seat of honour with excellent view - and you're allowed to marvel at the making of the fireworks, before it explodes.
Marble Hill Park

Where to shop in London

Where to shop in London
Does that sound familiar: You are invited to a party but don't know how to dress? Eventually you end up wearing jeans at the opera ball or dressed up in a suit at a punk's party, desperately holding on to your glass because you stand out once again. There's the solution: The Unconditional always fits - or doesn't fit at all but that's a matter of taste. And that's how it works: Take sportswear, lady's fashion and business look, stir vigorously, sprinkle with some fine fabrics and uneven cuts and the result is a crazy blend just business enough for a meeting, casual enough for a walk and ladylike enough for a club visit. It's more difficult with men though as the style "sandal boots with short tracksuit trousers" is simply too eccentric. But Brad Pitt and David Beckham love it, and if they do?
My Sugarland

Where to eat in London

Where to eat in London
For your orientation: Samarkand is located to the right of the Caspian Sea, to the left of China and right in the middle of the Silk Road.  The surroundings of the city are teeming with "stans", namely Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tadzhikistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan - and Uzbekistan, the country to which the city of Samarkand belongs. If you are looking for the right "end" in London, you should in any case pop in the brand-new Samarqand, the branch of a recently opened Russian restaurant chain highly acclaimed by critics. Why? Because it is different: not quite Chinese and noodles, not quite Russian and heavy, but somewhere in between, on the Silk Road to be exact. If you are hungry and not keen on experiments, rely on the old friends: There is lamb and Borscht - you can't do anything wrong with it. And if you still haven't found the right pasta, we recommend ravioli - same name for it from Europe to Korea and same taste, too. Uzbekistan calls them Samsa and at the Samarqand Samsa is served with mint, lamb and tsatsiki. Just one more word to how the restaurant works: Business is up front, Karaoke in the backroom. If you combine both, you have earned yourself a water pipe in the lounge.

Where to stay in London

Where to stay in London
The Stafford
A lot was going on under the roof of the London Stafford Kempinski Hotel in the past 100 years. The Carriage House in St. James for example used to put up the hot bleeds during those times when they weren't used by their owners - mostly aristocrats from the neighbourhood. The barn doors are still the same, and so are the names of the famous race horses. These are now assigned to the different rooms on the first level of The Stafford London by Kempinski Hotel which resemble famous scholars. The ship timbers that can be found in each room have done their duty in the 18th century on sailing vessels. What was going on in the secret subterranean James' palace of the wine cellar is unrecorded. What we know, however, is that the Carriage House has twelve rooms and suites for their guests. 67 more rooms are located in the main building of the luxury hotel. Then there's also Stafford Mews which used to be mews and, in turn, brings us back to the horses. It now has 26 junior and master suites with separate entrance, and houses the new restaurant of the Stafford - The Lyttelton.
Hazlitt's Hotel

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